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Christmas Ornament 2009, sent and received


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I know that most of you have probably gotten MomM's gift already. I was reminded that I needed to start this post, so here it is. :)


Yes, I got my ornament yesterday. :)


THANKYOUHAT.gif so much, MomM. :) It is so nice. :) I love all the work all of you do making these ornaments. :)







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I got mine a couple of days ago. My first thought was "How pretty". My second thought was "Show-off!". That is the thought order that I am admitting to, and I am sticking with it! ;)


Seriously, thanks for the great ornament. Christmas really is coming.



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Opps, I just remembered, there is a thread to post when you send your ornament out. :)


So, just to let you all know, mine went out yesterday afternoon, so by next week most of you if not all of you should get them. :)


Remember to post when you send your ornaments. :)




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Things just haven't been the normal around here and I've fallen behind on getting pictures in, but, I'll get them in just as soon as I am able. :)


I only have one other than the ones I've made, so will get it in soon. :)




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I got Snapshotmiki today and loved them showed them to the kids and they said how cute.


OK me and all the kids made it to the mailbox and mailed ours out today. they had fun first time they have done something like this.


they love getting the ornaments they have decided that they get to take turns and open the rest that come in.



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Thanks, Snapshot. :) I got mine, love them. :)


Have been trying to get the pictures taken and put in here. I had problems with downloading my pictures to the computer yesterday so had to wait until Oldpine got home to help me. That is the first time I've ever had problems.


Will get the pictures in as soon as I can. :)




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Ok, I think I have them so I can get them in here. :)



This is a picture of what MomM sent and what Snapshot sent.



This is what I sent. I don't think any of them turned out to be the same, so that is why I took the picture of so many. :) I had three pictures at least and several colors to use. :)




By the way, when working with hot glue, be sure to be very very careful. :)





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MomM and Snowmom--Glad you like your sheep! I have not gotten anyones ornaments yet as I have been working long days and the Post Office is closed today. I will be there in the morning with bells on!

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I got up early this morning just to finish making mine (yes..I finally figured out where I had stashed my goodies last weekend!) The first thing I did was hot glue myself to about half of them. (The folks who get those really are getting a part of me ~ DNA samples!!:D) .

I was so excited when I got the last of them done and ready to ship out, and then Br'er said "That's fine, Hun, but the Post Office is closed today..." :blink::sad-smiley-012:

He has assured me he'll drop them off tomorrow. I will tell you that no two of mine are identical either, so don't get excited when Snowmon posts pictures. Your's will be "Original". :24:

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