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Christmas Ornament 2009, sent and received


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This morning I received an ornament from SK and from Leah and Hippie Dad. I love them all! I really wish I had thought of a way to sign mine. Shirley- you and the kids did a great job! and Leah and HD or DH -yours look great but should have come with directions for the clueless like me! :blush: Gene finally told me how to hang them. They are all really cute! thank you all!

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I'm glad they are getting there, I had the devil of a time getting someone to remember to take them out of the backseat to mail them. :D

We have a picture of the whole bunch I can post after a few more people get theirs.

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By the way, when working with hot glue, be sure to be very very careful. :)



Snowmom, I'm with you on the hot glue fun. Ouch!!

I have received all the ornaments in your photos here. Thanks and kudos to snowmom, MomM and snapshotmiki. What fun it is to get these creative gifts from you.

I sent mine today. Whew!~ Now I just sit back and wait for more fun. Thank you guys. Cathy

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Here's the picture. HippieDad made the ribbon candy ones, the dolls were mine.

We figured if people didn't like them they could just use them to hang up clothes.


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Oldpine is at work so I am home today.


I have gotten SK's and Leah and HippiDad's ornaments but, haven't taken a picture of them yet. :)


We were gone all day one day and yesterday, I just didn't get anything done. :(


I'll try to get pictures in soon. :)


Love them all. :)




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it is indeed in one piece and is wonderful i have it and all the others sitting on my coffee table awaiting black friday so i can put up my tree while listening to the stores commercials trying to get me into their mad houses to shop :)

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Oh MY!! My Mailbox was full today!


Thank you Becca-anne, Leah & HippieDad, PSCathy and Indy-gal!!


What treasures. They are all so well done and unique. I'm having so much fun opening the packages and seeing what wonderful creations are hidden within! The kids are enthralled. They want to copy every decoration we get and share them with thier friends!

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I can't remember what I said I've received so I will start over again. I've received MomM, snapshot, Snowmom, SK, and leah & Hippie dad's ornaments. They are all so very lovely and have provided us such a welcome treat. It's so much nicer than just getting bills all the time.


My daughter is thrilled to open them all and has already wanted to get the tree out to hang them up. We're waiting another week to get the tree out so we just have them all out on the table so we can look at them and smile. You all have done such lovely work, I only hope mine will measure up.


Somehow I seem to have gotten the date mixed up but will have mine in the mail tomorrow when I head to town. I hope that is okay with everyone. I have been so scatterbrained lately, I hope they will be worth the wait.

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today was a good day 3 came in becca-anne, indy-gal, and pscathy and they are all great rusticokie i am with you and hoping that my simple ones are ok and measure up for you all as i keep getting these nice ones in the fear increases that mine are not as good as they should be

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I love the Mother Theresa quote on MomM "We can do no great thing, just small things with great love". It is actually NO small thing, this joy we all feel upon opening the creative gifts from each other. I cherish each one, and celebrate our creativity. I guess some of us (me!) will always struggle with being "good enough", but heck, our gifts are our GIFTS, given to us by our Creator. I so appreciate receiving your gifts :> thank you ! pscathy

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Rustic-Oakie. Pauline... DID YOU NOT HEAR ME??? :tapfoot: How can you're gifts not be 'good enough' when they are such treasures!! I'm enchanted by each and every one of these sweet bobbles that come in my mail. They mean far more to me then any ol' store bought bit of glitz. More then you might ever realise. So, don't you dare run yourselves down over what you have created!! :angry: It's brought each of us such pleasure! Ya got that?!??





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