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Christmas Ornament 2009, sent and received


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Thought I would come in and let you know I did get my ornament from Shirley too, but, haven't gotten a picture of it yet. I love it, it is so cute. :)


Also, have a thhappythanksgiving2.gif everyone. :)





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I want to thank everyone for the Chistmas Ornaments. Handmade things have so much more charm and personality than mass-produced things, and these are LOADED with charm and personality. Just like there is nothing quite like live music, there is nothing like hand-made crafts. I have a bunch of the ornaments hanging behind my computer, and sometimes I just turn around and smile at them, as they each seem to carry a little piece of the maker's spirit with them.


The way you all were able to use simple materials and come up with something unique every time is very special. That impresses me much more than if someone had started with expensive material. As someone who rebels against a consumer society that devours mass-produced goods, these ornaments are very special to me, and i will treasure them.


Thanks, and blessings on you all.


Hippie Dad


since everyone does inspirational quotes, here's a good one:


"The world will never know peace until the Power Of Love overcomes the Love Of Power" --Jimi Hendrix



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I am so glad they arrived. We have been out of town all week and got back a couple of hours ago. I just wanted to pop in and say yes I have been getting my ornaments I don't remember whose was whose but I got the sack, the pins from Leah and Hippie Dad, the magnet, the wooden onament, the CD ornament, the canning lids from Ol'momma, the sheep. I know there were more but my brain is on strike right now.


Thanks to all that participated this year. I enjoy this every year. My tree is covered in homemade ornaments and I love it.

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I wanted to let you know that I did get another Christmas Ornament, this one was from Jerry, (Nytehunter). It is so neat, I love it too. :)


Here is the picture of Sharon's Ornament. :)





Here is the picture of Jerry's Ornament.





Thank you all again so much. I love all of them. :)









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HELLO2.jpg again, :)


I just read the quote that Hippy Dad put in and it is sooooooooooooooo true. Thank you so much Hippy Dad, for the quote and for being here and agan for the ornament.


I thought I had more made, but, when I started counting, I was almost short. :( Sorry I didn't get the 2nd one to you and Leah.


Our tree is NOT up yet, as that part of the house still has a lot of totes and such in it. I am in hopes to get some of them taken downstairs before long so I can get the tree up.




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Nythunter, I'm holding you responcible!! It's YOUR fault! You sent that darling snowflake, and now my off-spring are busily making Christmas Decorations with perler beads. The darn things are all over my kitchen floor from the 3 year old loosing control of them... :24:

(Seriously, thanks for the inspiration. They are having a great time.)

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Nytehunter's Perler bead snowflake came today :)

But I think that's the end of them :(


Ol'momma, if the kids want more bead inspiration, check out my blog for September and October.

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Nytehunter's Perler bead snowflake came today :)

But I think that's the end of them :(


Ol'momma, if the kids want more bead inspiration, check out my blog for September and October.


No! No! NO! They are quite inspired enough, thank you. I can't find my kitchen table!!



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