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Romans 8:4


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Heavenly Father,


As I went to find where I had left off with this study, I realized that my last study, started out being on verses 3 and 4, but that I had only done 3.


I feel so scattered lately. I'm not having a pity party, but there are just alot of instances lately where I give my best, and it still falls short. I don't know what is going on anymore because there used to be a time, when I'd give my best, and it would be more than adequate. Not anymore, it seems...or not as often, it appears. I keep feeling like I can't do much right, and that 'confession' is quickly followed voice in my heart that says, "of course you can't...but *I* can...".


On top of that, I'm just coming out of a major hit. I feel like a punching bag sometimes. I know that I'm not the only one that is experiencing these increasing spiritual hits, but Father, they are devestating. They hurt more than I've hurt in a while, and I believe that if it wasn't for You allowing all these things, which means Your hand is over it all, then I'd have given up long ago. I keep wanting to take my toys and go home, but I keep finding myself taking one more step, somehow trusting You with a strength I don't posess myself, and as I write this out, it kinda blows me away. It's You, just as it's always You. Your grace, Your love, Your strength, Your vindication, Your faithfulness, Your everything. I'm just about firmly convinced that the more You press out the *I* in me, that there's finally room for You, to do Your perfect will in and through my life. I feel like a bystander at times, watching this all unfold and many times I can't believe You're accomplishing what You are, in me.


I guess You take me at my word when my heart is honest before You and I say, "I'm willing, Father...I'll go, Father...I'll let You, Father...". At times I wonder why the heck I run my mouth like that because this journey is at times harsh and painful, but then I remember all that Christ suffered on my behalf, and if He was willing to go through all that to pay for all Your childrens sins, then surely I can suffer a little discomfort and suffering in my own life, that is only being allowed to glorify You and all that You are.


I'm sure this prayer isn't making much sense to other people who are reading it Father, but I know what I'm talking about...I just don't feel confident in trying to explain it in the written word. So Father, I'm dependent on You, to take these words, and to have Your Spirit bring the clarity needed, the understanding needed cause I can do nothing, except be willing.


So Father, after this last devestating hit that had me once again plastered to the floor, gasping for air, I'm willing to trust You with my life. I'm willing to let You accomplish Your perfect will for me, even though it makes me nervous and at times scares me...the draw of my heart to Yours is bigger, stronger, more powerful, because I love You and I trust You.


Oh, for the record Father, even though I'm still recovering in Your 'spiritual hospital' from the last blow I took, I want You to know, that You have successfully birthed Romans 6 and 7 in my heart. I need You now to complete this birthing, and teach me the answer that You gave to Paul.


That's where we're at Father.


I love You, I need You and I want You in my life.



In Jesus Name,




The rvbv writes, "Verse 4: That the righteous result of the Law [which the Law sought in vain] might be fulfilled in us - Now let us say at once that a righteous state of living, while it is to be brought about in the Christian, is not what God primarily seeks; but rather "that we should be holy and without blame before Him IN LOVE." This will begin to be developed in Romans, but more thoroughly in other epistles. Nevertheless, our first occupation must be with the truth as set forth in God's order. The Law commanded a wholly righteous walk toward God and toward our neighbor. But David said:


"I have seen an end of all perfection; Thy commandment is exceedingly broad."


Throughout the Psalms, and all the Old Testament Saints' experiences, we find that there is under the Law, an almost constant striving and groaning after a righteous state, - seen, but not experienced, because the Law consisted of outer enactments, to be fulfilled by man. The Law furnished no power. Now in Romans 8:4 we have three things: first, this righteous state or result; second, the fact that it was not fulfilled by us - we have no more power in ourselves than had the Old Testament saints: but it is fulfilled in us - it is the passive voice: be fulfilled. Third, it is fulfilled in us as we consent to reject the flesh and choose to walk according to the Spirit. In the Spirit lies all the power. With us, the responsibility of choice - a blessed, solemn one!"


Watchman Nee comments on several words in the 4th verse:


"fulfilled": Not consciously kept by us through our outward endeavoring but spontaneously and unconsciously fulfilled in us by the inward working of the Spirit of Life. The Spirit of life is the Spirit of Christ, and Christ corresponds with the law of God. This Spirit within us spontaneously fulfills all the righteous requirements of the law through us when we walk according to Him.


"walk": The Greek word denotes the general walk in our living. The requirements that we must fulfill in order that the law of the Spirit of life (which has already been installed in us) may work are: 1. to walk according to the spirit (v. 4); 2. to mind the things of the Spirit - to set the mind on the spirit (vv. 5-6); 3. to put to death by the Spirit the practices of the body (v. 13); 4. to be led by the Spirit as sons of God (v. 14); 5. to cry to the Father in the spirit of sonship (v. 15); 6. to witness that we are the children of God (v. 16); and 7. to grown for the full sonship, the redemption of our body (v. 23).


"spirit": It is difficult to discern the word apirit used in this chapter, in Gal. 5, and in other places in the New Testament, unless it is clearly designated to denote God's Holy Spirit or our regenerated human spirit, as in v. 9 and v. 16 of this chapter. According to the usage in the new Testament, the word spirit as used in this verse, denotes our regenerated human spirit indwelt by and mingled with the Spirit, who is the consummation of the Triune God (v. 9). This corresponds with 1 Cor. 6?17, "He who is joined to the Lord [who is the Spirit - 2 Cor. 3:17, 1 Cor. 15:45] is one spirit" - one mingled spirit."


Heavenly Father,


The study today is a short one, which might just be a good idea for me today.


Thank You for helping me get it done...although it is slow going, it seems to unfold in Your Word, exactly where I'm at, at that moment.


Your ways are not my ways, and Your thoughts are not mine. They truly are much higher and all I can say is I love You.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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Yanno, I did this study earlier this morning, before I read the following...


I had driven up to Michigan last Thursday to help an older friend of mine who needed some help around her farm. She's not taking care of herself, so I spent 3 days cooking a tremendous amount of food for her to freeze for easy access after I left, I taught her alot of recipes that were nutritious and fast to make, and I busted my hiney painting a new room she had built, working from 8am till 10-11pm at night. I could hardly walk, I was in alot of pain but I felt more joy in my heart and exhilaration at giving of my talents and abilities, than I had felt in a long, long time.


I drove 12 hours home after picking up my bucks from Necie and got in at 3am. I woke up later that morning to an email from my friend that I had helped and she was attacking and accusing me of various things. What I had done, that I probably shouldn't have done, was call another close friend of ours, who was going up to visit my friend in 4 weeks, to share the observations I was making, to clue her in so that she would be in a good position to reinforce the things I had done while there, and to further help our mutual friend, who we both cared about. This 3rd person, in turn, presented the conversations I had had with her, in a light that was gossipy and malicious, which was no where near what i had done. I had talked with her with love in my heart, care for our mutual friend and eagerness to help her any way I could.


So, after thinking I had honored the Lord serving this friend, I ended up being hated and ostracized...the friendship was cut off, and my heart was broken because I didn't mean to hurt her, so I told the Lord I was done. I was done trying to help others cause obviously I screwed this up and my heart couldn't handle the hurt. I was done reaching out, I was done done done done done. I told Him I would continue to develop my own personal relationship with Him within the confines of my life and my home, and that was it...I was done. I found myself in that position in Romans 7, where Paul related "I do what I don't wanna do, and i don't do what I wanna do, what a wretched man am I", cause that's exactly how I felt. I tried so hard to help and somehow that had gotten all screwed up and it appeared that all I had touched and tried to do for my friend was just poison in her eyes.


Over the last few days the Lord has been trying to talk to me but the hurt in my heart runs deep. I was hurt cause He knows my heart and He knows that it was pure in all I did for my friend and I've felt like He didn't protect me. For 2 days I could do absolutely nothing here, I couldn't cook, I couldn't clean, I could barely milk the goat and feed the rest of the animals, and over and over again, all I could say was, "I'm done".


The Father reminded me of my bold statement a few weeks ago when I had said to Him privately in prayer, and publically in prayer, "If You want me to do a work for You in a certain area, then You're going to hafta birth Romans 6, 7 and 8 in my heart".


Well...He's birthed Romans 6 and 7...I know with a depth, that has cost me alot, Romans 7 and the 'what a wretched man (woman) am I'. He hasn't birthed Romans 8 yet, but I've told Him unless He does, I'm still done.


Anyway, it's been a week or so since I've had the time to read David Wilkerson's blogs. I love that man so much...he has such a heart for the Father. Well, this afternoon as I went over to his site, I began to scroll down to see the topics he had covered while I had been away.


This was the first blog I read and I think it's the only blog that I need to read today. It was written on Tuesday, when I was flat on my back, broken and in a puddle of tears over this situation with my friend:


"Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Stop trying to figure out how and why you got hurt. Your situation is not unique at all. Whether you were right or wrong means absolutely nothing at this point. All that matters is your willingness to move on in God and trust his mysterious workings in your life.


“…Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ’s sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy” (1 Peter 4:12, 13).


Most likely you did what you had to do. You moved in the will of God, honestly following your heart, willing to give of yourself. Love was your motivation. You did not abort the will of God, someone else did. If that were not true, you would not be the one who is hurting so. You are hurt because you tried to be honest.


You can’t understand why things blew up in your face, when God seemed to be leading all along. Your heart asks, “Why did God allow me to get into this in the first place if he knew it would never work out right?” Even Judas was called by the Lord; he was destined to be a man of God. He was handpicked by the Savior and was used of God. But Judas aborted God’s plan and broke the heart of Jesus! What started out as a plan of God ended in disaster because Judas chose to go his own way.


Lay off all your guilt trips. Stop condemning yourself. Stop trying to figure out what you did wrong. It is what you are thinking right now that really counts with God. You did not make a mistake; more than likely, you simply gave too much. Like Paul, you have to say, “The more I loved, the less I was loved” (see 2 Corinthians 12:15). "


I just wanna cry.

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so I told the Lord I was done. I was done trying to help others cause obviously I screwed this up and my heart couldn't handle the hurt. I was done reaching out, I was done done done done done.


Aww, Darlene, I'm sorry that you were hurt so, but...this statement is not true and will never be true. I know it and you know it, but especially *HE* knows it. You're heart is too big and your hands are to giving for this to EVER be true. His plan and His will shall be done, and while we don't always understand it, we must say 'I may not understand why, but let's go on'.



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His plan and His will shall be done, and while we don't always understand it, we must say 'I may not understand why, but let's go on'.


Yep, that's very true.


At that moment though, I felt that way with every fiber of my being. God's faithfulness is true, and today, I find myself peeking out from the cave I ran into because I hear His voice calling, and I say, "Oh geez, I don't know if I wanna do this because there's too much potential for things like this...BUT, if You want me to, then You are going to hafta do it because I trust You..."

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