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One doc's view on swine flu and the vaccine


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This program is airing two great programs on swine flu vaccines.






The truth about Swine Flu. Brannon's guest is Dr. Mayer Eisenstein who is a medical doctor and an attorney and has cared for over 75,000 patients in his more than 33 years in medicine. Dr. Mayer also holds a masters degree in Public Health. What is in the Swine Flu vaccine that can be deadly? Is Swine Flu really a mixture of three illnesses and where did this strain come from? What can every child and adult take to protect their health against the Swine Flu? What is in many of these vaccines that are dangerous? Who is behind these vaccines and what is their motive? Do vaccines work? Dr. Mayer has been a guest on numerous national television programs including "Hannity and Colmes" on on Mandatory Immunizations. His website is homefirst.com. What is Dr. Russell Blaylock, who is a board certified neurosurgeon saying about the Swine Flu vaccine?

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