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Romans 8:14-15


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My mama called me last night to let me know that I had a huge typo in my last Romans study. I usually don't proof them...I just write them spontaneously and hit enter lol. I'll try to be more careful...


Heavenly Father,


I don't know what to write in today's prayer this morning. I'm feeling a little blue and I keep wanting to just get up and go immerse myself in one project or another to distract myself and to feel like I'm accomplishing something, and yet, as I type that, I realize that the most important thing I can immerse myself in, is You and Your Word. That is where the power is, the answer is, the everything is, so this morning, I just pray Father that You would pour out Your annointing over this study, and that Your Spirit would move in a powerful way, in each of our lives.


For Your glory, Your honor and because I love and need You.


In Jesus Name I pray,



14. For as many as are led by [the] Spirit of God, these are sons of God.


15. For ye received not a spirit of bondage again unto fear; but ye received a Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.


Watchman Nee comments on a few words in verse 14, stating:


"led by": "The leading by the Spirit is not outward but inward, and is composed of the law of the Spirit of life (v. 2), the Spirit (vv. 9-13), and life (vv. 6-11). This verse speaks of our being led by the Spirit rather than of the Spirit's leading us, indicating that although the Spirit is ready to lead us, we must take the initiative to be led by Him. This means that we must take Him as our life and everything and that we must put to death everything of the old creation in us. We do not need to seek after the Spirit's leading, since it is already present within us, dwelling in our regenerated spirit. If we live under this leading, we will walk and behave in a way that proves that we are God's sons."


"Spirit of God": "The leading here is not merely an action of the Spirit. It is the Triune God Himself becoming the leading in our spirit. If we would care for Him as a person who indwells us, we will spontaneously be led by Him."


"sons of God": "The central thought of the book of Romans is that God's salvation makes sinners His sons, who have His life and nature so that they can express Him, that they may become members of Christ to constitute the Body of Christ for His expression. Hence, sonship is stressed in this chapter (vv. 15, 23). Sons here indicates a more advanced stage of growth in the divine life than does children in v. 16, yet not as advanced as heirs in v. 17. Children refers to the initial stage of sonship, the stage of regeneration in the human spirit. Sons are the children of God who are in the stage of the transformation of their souls. They not only have been regenerated in their spirit and are growing in the divine life, but they also are living and walking by being led by the Spirit. Heirs are the sons of God who, through the transfiguration of their body in the stage of glorification, will be fully matured in every part of their being. Hence, they will be qualified as the legal heirs to claim the divine inheritance (vv. 17, 23)."


In verse 15, Watchman Nee comments on a few words:


"spirit of sonship": "Our regenerated human spirit, mingled with the Spirit of the Son of God. Sonship in this spirit includes the life, the position, the living, the enjoyment, the birthright, the inheritance, and the manifestation of a son. Such an all-inclusive sonship is now in our spirit."


"Abba": An Aramaic word that means father. After being regenerated, we are no longer merely God's creatures; we are His children. Because we have now been born of God and are related to Him in life, it is very normal and sweet for us to call Him "Father"."


The rvbv writes, "Let us look first at the words "sons of God"; and second at what is meant by being "led by the Spirit"; third, let us see that our being thus in the Spirit's sphere and control is the proof of the reality of our sonship.


1. "Sons" means "adult-sons," sons come of age. The term, when referring to saints, is applied in Paul's epistles both to Christ (Rom. 1:3, 4, 9); and to those associated with Him since His resurrection (Gal. 4:4-7); therefore to His own saints, sealed by the Spirit - those sons whom God is "bringing unto glory."


2. Being "led by the Spirit" does not refer here to service, nor to "guidance" in particular paths. It refers to that general control by the blessed Spirit of those born of the Spirit, living by the Spirit, in the Spirit. He is the sphere and mode of their being, and is their seal unto the day of redemption.


3. That our being thus in the Spirit's sphere and control is the proof of the reality of our sonship, is evident from what has been said; but let us avoid the thought that assurance of our sonship is based on our perfect obedience to the Spirit. Nothing is based upon 'us'. If one of God's true saints disobeys, it is the office of that same Spirit to convict him of his sin, interceding in Him "according to God" (Rom. 8:27), while Christ intercedes for him above (I John 2:1).


Israel received a spirit of bondage when they were placed under the Law. And how sad that perhaps the most of Christians regard themselves as under the Law and so under bondage. In this they are like the world, which fears Christ as (they think) a hard taskmaster. Now the result of a spirit of bondage was fear. When Israel walked in the wilderness with Jehovah dwelling in darkness in the holy of holies in the tabernacle, they were taught to fear. For Jehovah was teaching a sinful people His holiness and separateness from them, and how to draw near Him only by sacrifices.


But when Christ came, all was different. He came not noticing or marking sin. Quickly the common people became glad. Proud religion called Him "a friend of publicans and sinners" - and He was. We have no words to express the limitless graciousness of God manifested in the flesh - in Christ.


But how much beyond even those favored to see "the days of the Son of Man" on earth is the position of those in Christ Risen: sin put away forever, released from the Old Adam life and responsibilities, and now the Spirit sent witnesses in our hearts - the very Spirit of God's Son. A spirit of fear and bondage is as out of place now as if one caught up with Christ in the Rapture were afraid to face God, in whose Son he is!


Ye received a spirit of adult-sonship, whereby we cry Abba, Father! (We have sought in vain for some simple English expression to set forth the Greek word so poorly rendered "adoption." This word is huio-thesia: from, huios, "son come of age"; and thesia, a placing, or setting a person or thing in its place. In earthly affairs, "adoption" is the term applied to the selection as child and heir of one not born of us; and the execution of legal papers making such child our own, inheriting legal rights, etc.


But God's children are begotten and born of God, and are called tekna, "born-ones," of God. Thus are they directly related to God, "partakers of the Divine nature" (II Pet. 1:4). All God's children, whether in Old Testament days or today, are thus born. But the word huios means, a child come of age: no longer "as a servant" (Gal. 4:7). And huiothesia means God's recognizing them in that position! This will be consummated fully at the coming of Christ, when our bodies, redeemed, and fashioned anew, shall be conformed to Christ's glorious body.


Meanwhile, because we are already adult sons (huioi), God has given us a spirit of adult-sonship! No Jew called God "Father," or "Abba"; but "Jehovah." (Indeed, fearfulness, even prevented, generally, the use by the Jews of God's memorial-name - Jehovah - for that nation: they called Him Adonai - "Lord." And the English translations of the Old Testament, except the ARV do the same thing, - only printing Jehovah as "LORD" - in capitals! But this is no translation; and is legal fearfulness._


"Because ye are adult-sons (huioi) God sent forth the Spirit of His Son into our hearts, crying, Abba, Father" (Gal 4:6,7).


Even as to the strong Roman law concerning "adoption" of those not born in the family, (and Paul is writing to Romans) the following is instructive:


"The process of legal adoption by which the chosen heir became entitled not only to the reversion of the property but to the civil status, to the burdens as well as the rights of the adopter - made him become, as it were, his other self, one with him...We have but a faint conception of the force with which such an illustration would speak to one familiar with the Roman practice, how it would serve to impress upon him the assurance that the adopted son of God becomes, in a peculiar and intimate sense, one with the heavenly Father." (Merivale, quoted by Vincent.).").




Heavenly Father,


My heart is at peace since doing this study. I love Your Word and I love You. May Your Spirit continue to guide us throughout this day and as we close our eyes at the end of the day, may our hearts be at peace in Your love for us, which in turn, makes us love You more.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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