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Very Ovewhelmed!!

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Right now I'm feeling very overwhelmed. I finished the flu kit and felt good, but I think about what I need to do and I get sick at my stomach. I'm pretty new to all this and I've been putting a few things back here and there, but probably enough for a week or two at best. I only have like 9 gallons of water(did buy 2- 7 gal containers and 3 gallons bottled today) . I'm trying to do a BOB...man I never knew getting food and stuff together could be so hard. And I think I don't have enough of anything for long term storage, BOB, meds, water, first aid, etc. and so I went to Walmart and store today between the two I spent over $300 that I didn't have, charged it, and I sit here crying because I feel like how do you do it all. I've read some of your posts and I know you have to do things slow, but what if something happens and I'm not ready. I don't even know what I'm preparing for! Maybe I'm spending all this time, money, and emotions for nothing. Sometimes I think God took carof the jews in the desert all those years and He can take care of us without me fretting yet I feel the need in my soul to do this and that I don't have much time and I'm scared. I'm not married and have no children. It's only me and my father who's 86. He's very active actually. But he thinks I'm crazy, so I have to do this myself for both of us. Am I crazy, what are we preparing for??? I don't know I'm just so overwhelmed right now, I'm sorry.

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Welcome!! :D


I know you are overwhelmed about everything, but hang it there. There are wonderful ladies and gents on this board. They will offer you great advice about anything you want to know.


I started out like you. With out much of anything and wondering where in the world to start. I started out slow, wondering if I was getting the right items and spending my money in the right places. For me it has been almost 2 years since I started this journey. I had accumulated so much stuff over the past 2 years. Recently my father passed and I blew money like there was no tomorrow. Now I have 2 storage units filled with assorted items. Furniture, gadgets, nik naks, memorbilia, garden stuff, clothing etc... I could go on and on. Well now I have to split everything up as the H (the husband) and I are separated and getting divorced. So my situation is, I blew a lot of money on a lot of stuff and now I'm basically back to square one. If I can't keep everything that I bought, so be it. The number one prep to have is knowledge and no one, can take that away from you.


The good thing is you are starting somewhere. That is better than the majority of the people out there. Take one day at a time and don't get overwhelmed. You can do this. Start with the BOB for you and your father. There are lots of links and information about putting these kits together. After you get the BOB's together. Start getting a little extra food each week. Get a few extra medical supplies too. In time it will all add up. Start a notebook with information that you print out. Example - making detergent and doing laundry by hand. I have a few notebooks with medical information, recipes, and tidbits of information I think I might need in the future. Read books about topics you are interested in, be it gardening, sewing, chickens, whatever. Learn a new skill, something you can use now and in the future.


Good luck Katz!! Hope this helps you.


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Hello Katz25, welcome on board. To let you in on a secret, even people that have been prepping a long time, can sometimes feel overwhelmed.

So no worries there.


You are on the right path. Thinking about what might happen, what you may need in that case and what you have.

Not bad to start with really.

Your father is of an age where he lived during the great depression. Maybe it made him not wanting to think about that ever again.


If you want to, we could chop all the info in small chuncks and go over them bit by bit. Without you revealing where you live and what you exactly have if you don't want to. There are lists here about items and supplies that are recommended. We probably all adapted them to our own situations and tastes.

So if you want a bit of help at looking at your situation and needs, feel free to say so.

You might be surprised that supplies to many of us matter a great deal but skills matter equally. That and a mindset.


If you worry that perhaps you spend money of supplies that you may not need... Food you can always eat even when the sky doesn't fall down :)

The emotions are part of the process and perhaps we/I can be of help there.

Deep breath, when it's all new it can seem very scary. But I honestly believe I am giving my family a better chance at life by prepping for us.

So even when you are not married and without children, YOU matter and deserve a good chance to wheather all storms that life may throw at you.


Big hugs


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Am I crazy, what are we preparing for??? I don't know I'm just so overwhelmed right now, I'm sorry.


Katz, you are not crazy though you could easily drive yourself so with trying to prepare all at once. If you haven't done so already, please read the New Preppers thread above before you do anything else. It's not that it's such a wonderful post or that it's even the only idea for prepping but it might give you a feeling of confidence if you just sit down and look at what you already have instead of what you don't have. Remember, prepping is more than just food in the pantry. It is an attitude, a way of looking at life that is totally different than the carefree existance that most of America has been living the last few decades. Changing your attitude doesn't take a whole lot of money but does take a whole lot of thought and will power. You seem to have already been working on that part so you have a great start.


A good next step is to take prepping first to the very basics of survival. That is, basic survival where YOU are or where you believe you might end up. That would be the very basic food, water, and shelter. It might be as simple as knowing where the nearest sustainable water supply might be and have the knowledge and means to make it safe to drink. It might be knowing the edible plants or animals in your area and having the ability to harvest them, or maybe it will mean gardens or sprouts you can grow and the seed stored to do so. It might be just a tent and a place to go to in mind and the route mapped. Knowledge doesn't cost much and remember that you can always take knowledge with you when you won't always be able to carry along your physical preps. Even a good survival book would be helpful. Don't let it overwhelm you. Don't let the wealth of information on Mrs. S scare you. Reduce your thoughts to the basics, the basics for YOU, in YOUR situation, and tackle them first.


As far as what we are prepping for? I believe that might be different for each of us but in general, what we'd all been getting ready for has already started to hit a lot of us. For sure the financial situation has. Is there more coming? Probably, I believe it surely will, but the preps are pretty much all the same no matter what we want to prep for. You don't HAVE to know what you are prepping for to start getting your life on a different tract and you don't HAVE to be married or have kids to do so. Lots of single people are prepping today.


Take a deep breath, step back a couple of steps and think this through before you do anything else. You might just find you are a whole lot more prepared than you at first thought.


And Katz,,,,welcome to Mrs. S. :D There are a lot of really super people here who will help you. We are all in this together. :grouphug:



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Take a deep breath. Hold it to a count of five, and let it all out. Let some of your worry out with it. Repeat as needed.


Now sit down and think.


If you have no place to go to that's better than where you are, you're looking at more of a get home bag than a bug out bag. Thinking of it this way can greatly focus your mind and reduce your expenses. Look at where you're likely to have to get home from. Consider that your summer needs will be different from your winter needs. Depending on where you are, you might be in a season of mild weather that will last a few months, so you don't need either extreme summer or extreme winter components for this get-home bag.


Stop using your credit card for trips to Wal-Mart. Trust me on this. A skyrocketing interest rate can leave you in a bind that will be a nightmare--and a nightmare to get out of.


Inventory your house. You'll feel better. See all those sheets? Those are emergency bandages. See all those frou-frou baskets? Those are fish traps. See that stack of flower pots? Starter equipment for your green-food supply. See those decorative candles? Emergency light. Closet packed full of clothes? You have emergency mattress-stuffers and water filters.


Walk around your block. A pine tree? Emergency vitamin C. Vacant lot choked with weeds? Get a book and identify those greens! Somebody with a garden? You've found a tutor!


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Hi Katz25! :wave:




Dry your tears. Everything will be okay. What are you prepping for, you ask? Actually, I think we must prep for the "danger" you feel may hit your house and lifestyle. What is it you fear?


I started building my food, medicine, and paper stash in the late 1990's. Because of the concern of the Y2K unknown. I sat and thought about what I needed to take care of my family. I was homeschooling at the time so I took that into account. Thankfully everything went fine. My DH made fun of me. I simply did things without drawing attention to myself. :whistling: And continued to do so....


A few years later, our world turned upside down. I quit working with my father in the family business. I had made good money. Long story short, we were in a bind. We literally lived off our preps while I continued to homeschool. Those preps helped keep food in our bodies and what money we did have coming in was used to pay bills.


I am unable to prep to the extent I did years ago but I am currently thinking about needing to stay home during this horrible flu season. I know how awful it is to feel so sick and have to go shopping for something.


I think many people do this and THAT JUST SPREADS THOSE NASTY GERMS! :yuk:


Try making lists for short term "self-quarantines". What do you need to be comfortable on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? Can you mail your payments or do you need to hand deliver some? Do you have flu medicine, cold medicine, and/or medicine for nausea and diarrhea? What about toilet paper, soap,chicken noodle soup, juices? If you have pets, do you have extra pet food and supplies?


I find that if I look at a small picture I can gradually expand to a larger picture. It's too hard to do the big picture at the beginning! :kissy:


You will be fine. You have already begun where some people I know haven't even thought about!!


You go, Girlfriend!!!!! :cele:





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I'v only just started as well - this January, so I understand how overwhelmed you feel.


I found brainstorming it all very helpful, I realised pretty soon, that my parents and grandparents had taught me a lot I had just forgotten.


I found putting the preps into little steps is much easier to handle, then you can work on each step at a time, it soon all adds up to the big picture and is far less stressful and overwhelming.


It's like anything new, it is hard when you begin but gets easier as you get into the swing of things.


With help from board members, I now have a master buyers lists, in order of shops I will buy them in, and have a good priority list in my head as well.


If you dont have much of a budget then try the local thrift/charity shops, dumpsters/skips, garage sales, (we have boot sales here which are brilliant), fates, fairs. Gaining knowledge is free.


Good luck with your preps, Im sure you wont need it though. You'v made the most important step of starting. So onwards and upwards, each day and each step your moving further towards your goal.



PS: Im in the Uk, and we are way behind the USA for this.

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Excellent advice so far...


Debt isn't an answer, if it's going to cause even more stress. As others have said, you already have more than you know, even if it's knowledge.


Dad should have been a young man (9-12) during the depression. Ask him about his experiences, what he remembers, how his family coped. Even if he grew up in relative comfort, he had friends in a tight spot. Find out as much as you can about that. It's *knowledge*, plus it may build some bridges, and get him thinking.


Are you in the city, suburbs, country, isolated? Do you work outside the home, or stay with Dad? Where's your source of food, water, money? What skills would you need to survive if you were alone with Dad? What medications for Dad are absolutely critical?


You don't have to publicly answer these questions, just think about them. (Don't want to make you more vulnerable!!)


Action is great, but only if it's a measured, well-thought-out response to concrete *needs*.



And when you feel that panic rising, come post to us. We've BEEN THERE... and we'll talk you down from the scary places, make you laugh, help you to think more clearly.



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Hey, you woke up before you got knocked in the head and maybe you can dodge the blow. Just being aware is a major first step.


Don't panic.


Don't put anything else on credit. Debt is an enemy to survival. So your first thing to do is get that paid off.


While you are doing that, take inventory of what you have. Can you sell unimportant things and use it to buy stuff you need to survive?


Next, make a plan. Think about what kinds of disasters may befall you. In my area, flood or wildfire are the greatest threats. Either may require me to "bug out" temporarily and the house may not be here if I can come back. OTOH there are things I can do to lessen the danger. I also have our BOBs packed and ready to go.


Most disasters have things in common. You need food, clothing, shelter, water. You need light and a way to cook your food and possibly a method of heating the house. So look at your situation and ask how you would accomplish each of those things. Perhaps you have a wood stove. Perhaps you can make a stove using the instructions in Pioneer Living. Perhaps you can make a hobo stove out of an empty coffee or #10 can. I've done that and it worked.


For lights, you can use candles from garage sales. You might even find a working lamp or lantern. You may find extra clothes to put in your BOBs at garage sales. I ebay'd for extra clothes and packed them in the BOBs. (Bought new undies and sox.) Goodwill is a great source too. You do not need everything on everybody's list! Think "overnight bag" and get that packed and that will cover most of what you may need.


Start now thinking outside the box. When you fix your coffee in the morning ask yourself how you could do it without electricity. Plan not to buy anything else to do it. I have taken an old plastic bowl and burned holes in the bottom, lined it with a coffee filter, put it over a cup and poured boiling water thru. The water can be heated in a saucepan or kettle on a free hobo stove burning twists of newspaper or junk mail or pieces of cardboard.


Remember a survivor knows how to make do. Prepping is important, but you need to know how to do with what you have, whether it is a ton of wheat berries or the acorns off your oak tree.

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Don't worry about posting your concerns....or even panic. :) We cannot even count how many people have done just that over the years. Nearly every one of us has had a season of being overwhelmed. Yes but....is the time now so short that you don't have the time like we did? Mebbe it's short and mebbe it's not. You still can't do any more than you can do....so set that aside. And YES, many of us are also knowing that God will be doing the multiplying of "loaves&fishes" during any era of history. But we are to be wise too.


LLet me give you the links to two threads. MOther mentioned hers which has been very popular and encouraging. http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?sh...t=0&start=0


I did a Scenario recently to bring out good tips on how to advise new preppers; what are the priorities; how can you get up to speed quickly. That may have some tips you'd find helpful. Prioritization is key when we don't have alot of money to throw at the problem. So getting the knowledge [which is money-free but time-expensive/intensive] is important. http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?sh...t=0&start=0


Another member posted recently about "New Prepper Concerns" and it can be found here: http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?sh...=36501&st=0



There are many threads like this. Realize that for each of you that has the courage to admit fear/confusion and ask us for help/support, there are many more who will never post. katz25, you might not know that you are representing those that have not spoken out. Your post may help others so I'm so glad you spoke up. :grouphug:


Another thing I always advise new preppers when they begin to get that deer-in-the-headlights look [ :hug3: yes hon, you have it ] is to end each session of MrsS with a stop at the Humor Me forum. A great laugh will set your heart a little easier and you'll be ready to dig in and get busy. :laughkick: <------meet my favorite guy! BALANCE is vital. Feed yourself with beauty and humor and prayer and laughter despite of the dire news today. BECAUSE OF the dire news we hear daily. Or else, why shall we live? Shall we not do more than bare survival? Shall we not be thankful and appreciate EACH day and be excited to turn on the hot water for a shower? Let the marvel of what is around us in our modern society fill us with awe and thanksgiving.


I made a habit of thanking God for my nice warm bed. Then, for 6 months, I gave up that very bed to someone who needed it. I just got it back. And I am thankful all over again. This too, I believe, is good prepping.



MtRider [very VERY excited and thankful for being restored to computer use again after a month in....isolation. Ack! :happy0203: ]





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welcomewagon.gif Katz25


Glad to have you aboard!

As others have already posted, the feeling of being overwhelmed when one first starts prepping is normal.


Food is always my personal #1 item. I was trained in it, and worked in it my entire life.

What should you be prepping for? Pick one thing to start.


In my case, it's windstorms. The wind blows, knocks down trees and the electric goes out.

So how do I cook food, keep warm, keep the freezer from defrosting, keep the folks amused.


Check out the Feminine Protection thread in Humor (my favorite.)


If you have 2 cans of chili where there was only 1 before, you are better off than you were.

If you have added a package of bandaids and some antibiotic ointment where there was only a pair of tweezers, you're better off.

Check out the dollar stores in your area for cheap preps. For example, the Vick's Vaporub knockoffs are very good, and you can get almost 4 for the price of 1 name brand.

edit: well heck, I just noticed you already posted you went to the dollar store. Oh well.

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Welcome! There are some wonderful suggestions here already, just take it step by step, remember to breathe, and have faith. You will get to where you want to be, it just takes time.


How do you eat an elephant?


One bite at a time.


By the way, DO NOT GO INTO DEBT! Staying debt-free is a crucial part of being prepared. There are some wonderful resources out there that can help you with this. One of my favorites is the forum at: www.simpleliving.net also check out the Tightwad Gazette from your library.


Good Luck and remember to relax!



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Hi Katz25! It hasn't been but a few months ago I was feeling the same way you are, but take a deep breath, get your thoughts together and make your plan! Reading everything you can on this site will help you define your needs and plans of action. It helped me more than I can say-the info and people here are fabulous! I agree with the other posters about the credit cards- don't do it!! Pay off that debt and then slowly go after the things you need. Shopping the buy one get one, BOGO, items at the grocery has helped me get my food stocked. You will find that you have more than you thought when you begin to look around you. Keep you chin up! :)

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Katz, I am so glad you joined Mrs S! This is a terrific place to land when you are worried, confused and scared. These ladies are right, break it down. They deal with everything! The guys are terrific and helpful along with some of the women being very experienced in firearms of today, and some other weaponry for your defense if you choose to involve yourself in the 2nd Amendment forum.


I started out about a year and a half ago, I have a single check a month, but I have that check, thank the Lord, and I had to work on my budgeting, but each month I have been able to build up my outdoors equipment one or a few items at a time. I am starting to build up the food, but I am terrible about munching on the granola bars all month, so I realized I have to buy alot more!


I thought through my storage capabilities that are entirely within my small apartment. There is no storage or garage or room outside to grow food. I do not even have a vehicle at this time. I had to think of what calamaties or chaos can result from the various threats.


I also realized that in letting my body get way out of shape and that I needed to get more stamina, lift some light weights and do stuff that would strengthen me again and to work at getting off of certain meds and find alternatives that are much healthier and reduce the middle aged unhealthy lifestyle if I ever wanted to be able to do a long walk out or even a short BOB to the woods outside and away from the town here if it became a dicey situation to try and stay in place due to people fleeing from NYC or other major cities within a days drive or less, thinking they could take what they wanted here. So, physically that is now being addressed.


Nutrition and learning to cook with what you get, stocking what you will eat, making a Get Home Bag or a BOB for you both, and when things happen right at first, have easy to eat stuff for a few days, the shock factor and the amount of effort emotionally and mentally that you would put out in a scenario, winter storm, lights out, things like that, make it easier to cope.


Some of the folks here really love their canning so that they can control what goes into their diets. There are lots of threads on dehydrating food and the food safety is very important for you to learn. Don't do the questionable stuff. Get used to the safest methods and we have experts here who will help you.


Like many have already said, just do a few things, take stock of your skills, learn to do things by hand, like laundry and get that stuff so you have it.


There are certainly things going on every day now that make us nervous, and we can easily be overwhelmed, but pray for peace of mind, get a notebook and start making some lists you can break down to budget in. Talk to your dad. I am single, and my son is grown and on his own and of a different mind about things than I am, but he is willing to help me with the big stuff, gifting things to me, and this helps my preps and daily happiness.


One of the biggest thing is organizing and clearing out the clutter if you haven't done that in a while. I think better now that I did it and it has gotten easier, although thats currently alot of my efforts right now. It sure needed to be done and I know I am not alone in that. There is more to do.


Organize your GHB and your BOBs so they are easy to grab and make sure you have your important papers too. Or copies.


Do you have any pets? If so, what would you have to do to transport them or feed them, along with you and how to doctor them if they get cut or injured in a disaster?


Don't need to tell your friends or other relatives, and get your Dad talking about the Depression and how it was, what they did to make do.


I was afraid I wouldn't have enough food, but I placed a good order, some of which I am using daily anyway, and I began to get an idea of how long this stuff can last me. I have creeks and a river and a zillion acres of wilderness and terribly cold winters here with snow. I only rent...... so I do have to think about walking out for the big things that could happen, but I also know that my awareness of my surroundings and my neighbors and while I walk around town are things I can sharpen on a daily basis. Crime and robbery are on the rise, even in sleepy hamlets like where I live. Most of my neighbors are not the type I would prefer as neighbors and that goes for the generous seeming newest neighbor I realize, the more I have talked to him. I see all sorts of red flags with this guy. So, I am diminishing my interactions with him. Funny thing is, he totally gave himself away talking about himself. He can easily become an out of control sort and I want as little to do as possible now with him.


there is a book called the Gift of Fear, and I recommend it. It will teach you many things about people. Especially the predator types. One can run into them anywhere.


So, break it down, add a bit at a time, get a good first aid and flu kit set up, make some lists, including your strengths and skills.

Then break down the lists again and give yourself time for emergencies as you prep, stuff happens. Two weeks stay in place supplies and your GHB/BOBs are a good start. Remember to improvise. Think about your climate, seasonally. If you live in a wintry place, Johnny cat cat litter is great stuff for icy steps and such. Do you have an alternative way to heat your home or one room if necessary, an alternative way to cook, lighting, enough TP or old Tshirts to cut up for wipe rags when the TP runs out, enough plastic bags to bag up waste and a place to keep it safely away from animals scavenging outside? Alot of this is little stuff.


BOB's, two weeks, a month, 3 months and so forth. As you do this, you will learn new methods as you go along. If you live in the country, can you have chickens for eggs and meat? Can you garden when the weather is good? Or can you rig up an indoor growing shelf system for salad greens ? Vitamins, herbs, medicines. Simple first aid and then more elaborate stuff you may need if its a long emergency in the future. Can you get your doctor to fill prescriptions for 3 months if you need it. Proper storage for any sensitive meds like insulin... keeping it cold and safe from breakage....


If there is a place you can BOB to, how do you get there, how long will it take by vehicle or if you had to walk or ride a bike. How to transport your BOB stuff..... can you store things there ( like a cabin)?


Take stock of what you already have, and make the lists, this includes skills or innovative ways of doing things with what you have.


Don't let things overwhelm you, take a break emotionally. It's easy to see various threads on this site and get totally stymied and afraid. Stick to the ones you can emotionally handle, and do remember to enjoy something every day in your life. De-stressing is just as important a prep as all the other stuff!


Take care, and certainly ask questions! Theres a ton of experience and help here! So glad you joined us~

It depends on the situations too, what one can prep for. This is different in every region one might live, seasonally as well.

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One mistake I made when I first started preping is thinking I needed freeze dried foods, high tech gear, and that I had to have it all in one shopping trip or surely the world would end before I could get prepped. Take a deep breath and see what you can do. Try going to the dollar store for stocking up. You can get most of what you need there, and not spend an arm and a leg. Get a 25 lb bag of beans and rice and you will have a decent stock for at least a month and between that and the dollar store you've spent less than $150 . Things are getting worse, but you know I thought it would get really bad all in one bang, and it hasn't. It's a slow decline and I think its going to keep that way for awhile. No worries.

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I just started prepping last year. We started out with bobs and then I went from there. I even tried going back to school for a nursing degree, but had a bad experience and decided it wasn't for me. So now I have extra debt to pay for the classes I took and it was overwelming for a while. I just sort of panicked and shut down for a time. Everyone is right you start out slow with what you can and work on it from there. I was just telling DH the other day that we are not nearly as prepared as I would like to be. He said we are better off then 95% of the population just because we are aware of what is going on. As well as the preps I have accumulated over time. Like others have said as well we don't know how long we have before things will truly go south. Just take one day at a time. I tend to think about things more now before I act on them. I really want my debt paid off before I am going to buy things like a $1000 generator and the like. Small things like kerosine heater and stove is doable. Good luck with your preps.

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Right now I'm feeling very overwhelmed. I finished the flu kit and felt good, but I think about what I need to do and I get sick at my stomach. I'm pretty new to all this and I've been putting a few things back here and there, but probably enough for a week or two at best.

Like others have said before me, we all understand feeling overwhelmed... we've been there before, ourselves.


I'd like to offer a few thoughts for you to ponder though... feeling overwhelmed, feeling fearful, feeling hopeless is not part of it.


so I went to Walmart and store today between the two I spent over $300 that I didn't have, charged it, and I sit here crying because I feel like how do you do it all.

We all need to remember to be very careful about going into debt. I think you already know that, and perhaps your experience of making a decision to buy supplies on your credit card, only to be left feeling inadequate still, is something to remember... to ward against doing again.


I've read some of your posts and I know you have to do things slow, but what if something happens and I'm not ready. I don't even know what I'm preparing for! Maybe I'm spending all this time, money, and emotions for nothing.

I would like to suggest that you get your eyes off of you, and onto the One who opened your eyes to the wisdom of prepping. You may not know what you're prepping for... I don't think that any of us know specifically, in detail, the exact threats we will face in the next hour, day, or year. We just know general threats, and that life is fragile at best and there is wisdom in putting away, to help carry ourselves through those rough times.


I'd be willing to bet my last dollar that the most experienced prepper here, would say in all honesty, and after all the years of prepping, that after all they've accumulated, that there still is something or some things, they can think of, that they don't have, that they will need in rough times. No one person has it all, and I'm a firm believer that we need to quit totally relying on our preps alone. I believe that even with all the preps in the world, they won't be enough... and I believe that those who did the best they can (even if it isn't as much as the next person), will make it through the rough days ahead because they have their sites NOT on their preps, but on the One who is able to do all things.


So, yes, this is all very serious. I think it's important that we approach our prepping with wisdom, I think that we need to do the best we can. I have gotten to the point where I pray over everything... what preps to continue to get, how should I allot this money or that money... there never seems to ever be enough money, but my trust is not in the actual cash (it's like water flowing through my fingers), but my trust is in the leading and guidance from the Lord who knows what is in my future, and Who is best able to guide me in what I should pay and what I should gather into my stores.


It's too skerry to contemplate this all alone... it would overwhelm the most stout of heart, but we need to remember that we do not walk into these days alone... He's blessed us with like-minded people, such as those at MrsS and other places, and ultimately, His eye is upon you and me and all of us. He knows how your heart is feeling hopeless... He knows the fears that try to take over your mind... they sure are not coming from Him. They are coming from the enemy who wants to destroy your hope, who wants to paralyze you to the point where you're not worth 2 cents, and that ticks me off. Sometimes I still get afraid, and I have to struggle to remember that this is not coming from the Lord myself.


Sometimes I think God took carof the jews in the desert all those years and He can take care of us without me fretting yet I feel the need in my soul to do this and that I don't have much time and I'm scared.

I think you're partially on the right track here. Yes, God took care of His people many times over the years, but He also warned and cautioned and told His people how to prepare. This gut feeling you have to prepare is a godly thing... it's wise and mirrors the gut feeling we've all had for a long time. But, you have a choice to make. Are you going to trust Him or not? Are you going to trust that He will guide and open doors you never could have opened up alone, or are you going to take this burden out of His hands and put them back on your shoulders alone? Are you going to listen to the enemy who wants to paralyze you with fear or are you going to put your hope and trust into the hands of the One who has loved you before you were ever even born? We all have this choice to make... I've had my back up against the wall a few times and have had to make the same decision myself... am I going to trust Him or not? I will trust Him because to not trust Him really petrifies me. And over time, that choice I've made to trust has been proven right over and over again.


I know I sound like I'm preaching here and that is not what I want to do. It's just that our futures are way too big and too overwhelming for any of us to handle and all I can do is share what I've learned and been taught myself. The Lord led you to this site that is filled with many people in the same boat as you. There is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that you can absorb that will help you in the days ahead. It's just that for me, I refuse to step into my tomorrows without Him. I believe He uses our site to help teach each of us the tools we need to make wise decisions to take care of ourselves and those we love.


I'm not married and have no children. It's only me and my father who's 86. He's very active actually. But he thinks I'm crazy, so I have to do this myself for both of us. Am I crazy, what are we preparing for??? I don't know I'm just so overwhelmed right now, I'm sorry.

I was prepping long before prepping became 'fashionable'. I lived for many years being obedient to the burden that was on my heart, in the face of much scorn from those I loved. I learned that I don't answer to them, I answer to Him and that it was important that I follow His leading and not theirs.


These days, I don't look so crazy anymore. Those who used to scoff at me, now are the ones coming to me asking for advice and guidance to prep themselves. So, pray for your dad... God is the only one that can change a heart, and stay true to the burden He's laid on your heart to prepare.



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((((Katz))))) Honey....We become overwhelmed when we think we have to do it all on our own, forgetting that the Lord is in control. He will provide where we are lacking.


We are called to do our part whatever we can reasonably do. He can multiply and provide what we don't have .


Just do a little at a time, pray & trust.



God Bless you

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I wanted to chime in because before I was married, I was in the same situation almost as you: I was prepping for my grandmother and I (and a cat and dog) Every time I would mention prepping, she'd basically cover her ears and do the LA LA LA thing. You'd think having lived through WWII in the thick of things, she'd be more into it; but I suppose maybe that's why she wanted nothing to do with it.


What I did then, and what I do now, is prep as much as I can via couponing. I get a lot of my health and beauty preps for free or nearly free this way. If you search via your grocery stores, and coupon blogs, I'm sure you'll find some that list deals near you. I can't say again how much this has always helped me!


All the folks above have already said it above, don't go into debt to prep. There's lots of creative ways to end up with things you need: Craigslst, Freecycle, yard sales, etc. Always keep your eyes open for sales when you do go shopping. In the Spring I scored a bunch of allergy, cold & flu meds for cheap - around $1 a box, and this was without coupons! the store had a bin of mark downs with them in it (and none expired for another year!)


Now I'm married, and my husband indulges me in the prepping, but sometimes I know he thinks I'm crazy. I do a lot myself, getting things ready, learning how to fix things, bake from scratch, etc. That's alright, because my prepping has saved the day the last few months when we've been scraping to get by with his paycheck being cut down. That's what I was prepping for in my mind, the times when we are short money, the times when the weather is bad, or we're sick, etc. Now it also preps me for things other than that, sure, but I'd like to think the worst it could get is just losing a job.


What I can suggest is ground yourself. When you start to feel overwhelmed, walk away from thinking about prepping for the day if you can. Do something mindless, read a silly book, etc. I'll stay away from here for a few days every couple of weeks just to stop my being overwhelmed (I have so much to learn!) It usually helps me.


Remember, every step you make preps you more than sheeple. Even if it's just reading this board every day, you're already doing something!

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I think alot of the prepping mindset is reaching a point where you can get beyond the accumulation phase and into the 'and after that' parts.


what I mean is- if you have enough food for 2 years and TSHTF for 3 years, do you have a plan for that?


if you have enough bullets for 1,000 zombies and 1,001 show up at your door, what then?


learn all you can- learning is free.


think about every scenario- not just the initial event (job loss, sickness, volcanic eruption, alien invasion) but what to do AFTERWARDS


of course we all need to have enough to keep our families fed, warm, healthy and safe for as long as WE are able to afford to- and while the knowledge and acceptance of the FACT that no one is prepared for every single thing that could go wrong for EVER is terrifying at times, and sometimes makes you want to throw up your arms in despair (or just throw up...) here's the thing-


just learning, thinking, planning- as long as they encompass things you can eat, do, provide, improvise, adapt AFTER your stocks are depleted give you security.


if you've moved beyond "when we need food, we go to the store" into "we have enough food in the house to live for 6 months" and then to "I can grow food" and all the way to "I know what weeds are edible and can make a pretty good squirrel stew" you are good to go.


most importantly- do not let this awareness and feeling of impending doom overwhelm you- USE it to seriously do all you can, but acknowledge that the most important thing to do when feeling this way is to love, cherish and enjoy your family and friends-


all those people you're trying to keep safe

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Right now I'm feeling very overwhelmed. I finished the flu kit and felt good, but I think about what I need to do and I get sick at my stomach. I'm pretty new to all this and I've been putting a few things back here and there, but probably enough for a week or two at best. I only have like 9 gallons of water(did buy 2- 7 gal containers and 3 gallons bottled today) . I'm trying to do a BOB...man I never knew getting food and stuff together could be so hard. And I think I don't have enough of anything for long term storage, BOB, meds, water, first aid, etc. and so I went to Walmart and store today between the two I spent over $300 that I didn't have, charged it, and I sit here crying because I feel like how do you do it all. I've read some of your posts and I know you have to do things slow, but what if something happens and I'm not ready. I don't even know what I'm preparing for! Maybe I'm spending all this time, money, and emotions for nothing. Sometimes I think God took carof the jews in the desert all those years and He can take care of us without me fretting yet I feel the need in my soul to do this and that I don't have much time and I'm scared. I'm not married and have no children. It's only me and my father who's 86. He's very active actually. But he thinks I'm crazy, so I have to do this myself for both of us. Am I crazy, what are we preparing for??? I don't know I'm just so overwhelmed right now, I'm sorry.


Hi Katz,


I'm new here, too and can definitely relate to what you are going through. I am married but my husband is NOT on board with prepping. In addition to that, the clinic I worked in closed down and I have been out of work for months now. So, what I do is everytime I buy groceries, I'll pick up a few preps. I would love to buy bulk grains and a grinder and lots of other things but right now that isn't possible. Yesterday, for example, I bought flour, yeast, and a couple of bread pans at Wal-Mart so I can start baking my own bread. I also bought matches and wax paper. Next time, I will concentrate maybe on canned meat or something else that will store well long term. A little at a time will add up quickly.


And as far as feeling the need in your soul to prep, LISTEN to that...it is God's way of letting you know to prepare. Don't worry that no one else agrees with you; just do what YOU KNOW is right. Do it quietly and persistently and you will get where you need to be.


Somewhere (maybe on this site), a statement was made that "When Noah built the ark, it wasn't raining"! It's possible that he felt a little crazy too, but he obeyed God and kept on building. And we know how that turned out! I'm sure his family was glad that he did listen to God! That phrase has really stuck with me and keeps me prepping; one or two small items at a time, true, but constantly moving forward.


May the peace of God be with you now and in the days ahead. And, definitely stick with this site; there's not only tons of info on prepping and other things, but lots of heartfelt encouragement and support.



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Hi everyone...I am so grateful for all of your responses. I purposely stayed off the computer yesterday and today to the dr. and when I got on I was so surprised and felt very thankful for all of you. Thank you all so much for responding to my plea.


I still feel a little bit like before, but not as bad. I stayed off the computer because I knew I would just search or buy something else, so I needed a break from my obsession. I think that's what I've become obsessed. But today is better.


All of your advice is wonderful, I was sitting here crying as I was reading the posts knowing other people feel or have felt the same way. All of the wonderful advice and suggestions are great! And I am taking notes and may just print them all out to re-read.


You know sometimes you feel so alone because you can't tell people and if you do they look at you like your crazy and some remark. I just feel like this is what I need to do and will continue. Even though I haven't figured out what I'm preparing for, I just feel the need.


I live in a small town in West Texas on about 18 acres, not in the country just a few blocks from city limits actually, but still out a little. We have 10 pecan trees around the house and 4 water wells on the property. I've been trying to figure out how to get water from a water well since we're total electric. So if electricity is off, everything is off. I have the advantage that I was raised by parents who were in the depression so they showed me how to can and plant a garden, raise chickens, (never had to kill an animal and don't know if I could, terrible animal lover, even just run the skunks and possums off !! LOL!) etc. Lost my mom 4 yrs ago and my dad is facing some health problems now, but like I said he works from sun up to sun down. But I'm afriad if something happens to him and I'm left here I won't know what to do or if I can stay. Although I will stay until they probably have to drag me off the land, I love it so much. As far as debt problem, I'm facing that now. I was never in debt and only used my cards and paid them off until my mom died..that brought up a whole other series of problems, which I ended up getting myself in a lot of debt that I'm still trying to pay off. So I don't want this to make that problem worse, I'm working hard on that. Anyway I'm sorry I'm rambling on.


Thank you all for your help, I will be asking lots of questions I'm sure. Thank your for understanding and caring. I feel like I've found a second family!!

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