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Hi, everyone!


I've been reading about using dry ice to store grain. Some sites say to put a few inches of grain in the bottom of the bucket, add dry ice, and then fill with grain. My question is this; can you eat the grain that the dry ice has actually touched? It's not toxic? And, also, what other foods could be stored long term using this method?


I'm new to prepping and I have LOTS to learn.

Thanks in advance; I really love this site!



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Dry ice is not poisonous. It is frozen carbon dioxide. You put it in your grain bucket to displace the oxygen. It flows downward, so you can put it on a paper plate on top of your grain-filled bucket, let the bucket fill with "steam" and put the lid on.


My problem with dry ice is that when I get it here, it has so much frost on it! The buckets I put it in all developed mold.



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