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This is twilap"s daughter


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for the past few months I have been reading posts from Mrs.S to my mom as she has been very ill and undergoing radiation and chemo therapy. Any prayers that you can offer up for her would be greatly appreciated... she loves this place and the very special people here. She has always called it home. thank you raelynn.

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I've been wondering about her, as she hasn't popped in lately. We miss her. Give her a BIG (gentle) hug.


And a :bighug2: for you, too.

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:grouphug: for Twilap...please tell her I'm so sorry to hear she's been ill. I will keep her in my prayers. I second Necie's hug for you...I know your mother must be so grateful to have a wonderful daughter like you to care for and comfort her during this difficult time!
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Please give my warmest wishes and healing thoughts to Twilap.

All the best to her family as well under these difficult circumstances.


Big hugs.

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Thank You all for your Prayers. They have really cheered my Mom up so much. She's had her last chemo treatment and the doctors say her prognosis looks fairly good. She misses you all and sends her love to each and everyone of you.




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Hey Sweetie.. Keeping you in my prayers... Tell your Mama that I have missed her around here. I am sure you are helping to take good care of her but don't forget to take care of yourself too.. Big hugs to both of you!

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