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where do you live?

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I don't want addresses or anything close to that, but when you say "jobs are lost here" or "kids are at poverty level" but you don't say in general where - maybe just your state and east or west of your state it doesn't give an accurate picture of where things are happening. I live in western Washington so the article about TGIF was of interest to me. We don't eat out all that much but had been to one of their restaurants several years ago. Our small town has a lot of empty stores at this time and see no one wanting to lease space and/or the whole building.

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I live in the Los Angeles area. More and more empty store fronts creeping in but my immediate area is holding up ok in housing. Central part of the state is hard hit because of no water means no farming and no jobs.

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Thanks everyone. As you can guess, the western Wash. location is wet today - hooray! crabgrass - hmmmm - here in the northwest somewhere - want to compare crabgrass events???? :rolleyes:

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I live in Roanoke

I live on our farm in the country .

We just built our new retirement home

I am from the country

Lived on a small farm in another part of Va. way back in the hills in the Hollower when I was a little girl

We moved to Roanoke when I was in the second grade

the place we moved to was country; but now is a lot bigger

the house I lived in is now torn down and replaced by a new county fire station

and the place isn't as small anymore.

I love Country and country things.'

hugs sheila

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Oh thanks for the reminder. Just to chime in...I'm outside Milwaukee WI Zone 5b.

It would be nice if it gave some useful reference info like that under our avatar maybe?

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a little town in the northeastern Adirondack State Park, upstate NY. Surrounded by six million wild acres for the most part. Fall is coming on fast now. Friend of mines nephew managed to get his corn in yesterday.

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It would be nice if it gave some useful reference info like that under our avatar maybe?


Vigilant20, some of us do chose to include location under the avatar...in various degrees of specificity. Colorado Rockies is all the closer I'll get but it does help on some of the regional news information.



Lessee CGA, I'd guess somewhere in Texas, right. ;)


MtRider [...from WAY up there, closer to the moon/stars and the sun.....and the lightening!!! ;) ]

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I'm in S.Ontario in the rurals of the Honeymoon City....(Niagara Falls)

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Upstate NY. (meaning..quite a ways from New York City. lol) Approxomitly half-way between Syracuse and Albany.

1900 feet above sea level. (might not sound like much... but pretty much guarentees that we get sn*w any time they forecast it !

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NE Indiana here. Half an hour from Michigan or Ohio. Economy is not good here, either Pansy. :( Lots of people layed off and on unemployment. Extention after extention and now being cut off and no jobs in sight. People losing their homes right and left. When you drive around, there are alot of houses for sale. You can tell the ones people are trying to sell before they lose them and the ones that have been lost. I'm a bartender in a small local lake restaurant/tavern...see alot more people that seem to have just kinda gave up. They know they can't pay their mortgage and behind in all their bills....so they drink. :( It's very sad.

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