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where do you live?

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northern indiana 30 minutes from the welcome to Michigan sign.

I live in NE IN about the smae distance from Michigan line. I live about 10 min from I69. Maybe we have seen each other & didn't know it.



grammafram I'm 1 hour west of you.



Grammafarm, I bet we're nearly neighbors. :) I'm over by Stroh.


Gofish, you're prolly not too far from Cat. :)


We REEEEEEEEEEALLY need to do a mid-west get together sometime. :) Would be a ball.

I'm in Dekalb Co on the East side of I69. I have family in Stroh area (actually live at Big Turkey Lake) & I grew up in Noble Co so am very familiar with that area. Dh & I used to fish in Mongo & eat at Fish of Stroh! Does sound like it might be fun to meet others in our area. This is fun to see where everyone is from.

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Psst...Granny Clampet....You are dating yourself. Some of these youngsters will be scratching their heads......



MtRider [....oh? How do I remember what she refers to?? Yeah, I'm OLDE! LOL ]

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We live in eastern AL on the border of GA. Near Auburn, AL. :wave: In Kutzu country.



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everywhere--dh is a traveling welder/pipefitter so we are always in different places--currently in northern wyoming


we have our retreat in central louisiana and are currently considering a retreat in the eastern texas panhandle (where we both grew up)--

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We live in eastern AL on the border of GA. Near Auburn, AL. :wave: In Kutzu country.





Hi Cleanheart, just seeing this, sorry for the delay answering. :)


We moved from Alexander City three and a half years ago, so I'm sure you know exactly where that is.


Now we are in Shelby County , more central Alabama. And we have plenty of Kudzu around here too! ;)

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I live on what is left of the cotton farm I was raised on. Just south of the durned Dallas/ Ft. Worth Metromess. DD just graduated from college finally with teaching certification and can't find a school. Too many folks that didn't teach are trying to enter the field now I reckon. Small houses are selling well, 1200 to 1500 sq ft, larger homes are sittin empty. Neighbor is a builder and says that there is an incentive for new home buyers to buy the smaller homes, GF lives in a small home and her neighbor hood is growing, two new homes just the last month across the street from her. Looks to be mostly young marrieds and older singles there.


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