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where do you live?

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I live in central Georgia about 30 minutes from Robins Air Force Base. I grew up in the country. Grandfather farmer, dad farmer till he had to go to the Army then he had to go to work after he got back from Germany years ago. Always had a small farm. We now have raise goats (18 acres or so) I love, love the country. DH is military so we have to stay close to the base and he travels alot so I do most of the feeding of the animals he helps with the medication and what I can't do. Born and raised in Georgia all my life. Traveled outside of the country only twice. As they say some places are nice to visit but home is where the heart is.

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As my avatar mentions, "the Wilds of Suburban MD". If you drew a line between DC and Baltimore, found the exact middle, and then a smidge west-- that's me. I work just outside the Beltway.


Employment here hasn't been hit as bad, but that's due to DC beeing a company town-- Company being the federal gummint. But Mom's trying to get a new job-- she's a nurse, and the hospital she's currently at is in bad shape. This is mostly due to really bad management decisions in the past couple of years, but also due to having a high population of illegal aliens and others (gang members) who can't or won't pay (and refuse to talk to social workers for various reasons) but they have to treat anyway, and then the economy going into the tanks. A lot of good doctors have left the hospital, and they haven't been replaced.


Winter's been coming in early around here-- we had our first frost last night, when our average is Mid-November. It's been very chilly around here lately, though it's suposed to get back to "normal" later this week . . .

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I am in Western Washington, about 35 miles north of Seattle. I am about 5 miles away from the sound, so if we get desperate, I can always fish, and we have hoards of berry bushes around so in the fall we can pick pounds of berries....and I live in an are called 7 lakes and combined with our rainfall average water really isn't a problem as long as you have a filter of some sort.

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In the mountains of SW Virginia, not too far from NC and TN. About 25 miles to the nearest town of any size. What are you folks calling a "large city"?


Large city? Nearest one to us is half a million.

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I'm in S.Ontario in the rurals of the Honeymoon City....(Niagara Falls)


I'm in N. Ontario Motherhen where it's considerably colder especially this year. My youngest daughter lives right around the corner from you in Hamilton :wave:


Motherhen and Gramma Lois - we're neighbours :wub: I live in Central Ontario.


Well Howdy Neighbor - Looks like we've pretty much got Ontario covered from top to bottom. Small world eh? Good to know there are like-minded people in the neighborhood :grouphug: Blessings.

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