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Romans 8:22


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Heavenly Father,


The last couple of days You have been burdening my heart with some things...


The first day I was in one of my little attitude problems, which I don't like being in. And then yesterday, You began to lay some things on my heart, and while I don't know where You're going with it, I know it's important, so I'm asking You to complete and fulfill the work You desire to do in my life, that it might bring the proper glory that You, as my Heavenly Father, own and deserve.


May Your mercy and grace flow abundantly over Your children this day. The turmoil, threats and stresses continue to mount and there will come a time in each of our lives where we will buckle under it all UNLESS You fill us with Your power, Your grace, Your mercy, Your love, Your faithfulness, Your truth, Your everything. I really believe Father that You are squeezing out of Your children any "me me me/I I I" that we may have in us. In all honesty, that's a little scary and it wouldn't be uncommon for some/many to balk at that but I believe Your heart understands our fears, and that You, because You alone are God, know exactly how to work, with holy precision and perfection, Your perfect will in each of Your childrens lives...


While many of us know how to prepare pretty good with physical things...the spiritual things are in Your Hands. I believe that in the end, it will be the spiritual things that we'll need the most, so I'm just asking Father, publically, for myself, for my family and for all Your children, that You would do the work that each of us needs, inside us...and as I write that out, I already know, because You are a faithful God, that this has already been done, that this is within the center of Your will for each of our lives, so may Your Spirit move in a mighty way in each heart Father...bending their will to Yours...covering them with Your peace that they will know this is You.


When I look at my own life and how far I need to go, I feel this urgency to ask, and be truly willing, which is not always easy. I'm seeing often, on a deeper level, how I'm hanging on to 'this or that', but Your grace truly is sufficient because I find myself at the same time, being willing to let go easier and quicker, which is a new thing for me.


Anyway, I may sound like I'm talking in circles, but I know You know my heart (even better than I do), and I know that You know what I'm trying to say. Not only do You know, but You are pleased.


I love You, my Holy, Heavenly Father.


In Jesus Name I pray,



22. For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.


The rvbv writes: We know - Always this is the expression of Christian knowledge. This earth's poets, philosophers, scientists, face to face with death with a capital D, - in every crushed ocean shell, in every rotten log, in the very minor keys in which the voices of beasts and birds are pitched, seem never even to get a glimpse of the bondage of corruption in which all creation is groaning; but talk in sprightly ways of "progress", of "evolution"! How far from understanding the creation around them are human beings all, - except Spirit-taught Christians! "Their own poets" write thus, = of a "groaning creation":


"The year's at the spring,

And day's at the morn;

Morning's at seven;

The hill-side's dew-pearled;

The lark's on the wing;

The snail's on the thorn;

God's in His heaven -

All's well with the world!"


To think of writing "All's well", in a world where all are dying! Christians, and only Christians see the present creation with new vision, as the work of their dear Father. As Wade Robinson's hymn says,


"Heaven above is softer blue,

Earth around is sweeter green!

Something lives in every hue

Christless eyes have never seen:


Birds with gladder songs o'erflow,

Flowers with deeper beauties shine,

Since I know, as now I know,

I am His, and He is mine."


Groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now - Ever since Adam's sin, the curse lies on all the earth. The earth and the creatures are away from God. All is estranged, consequently "groaning" and "travailing" are everywhere. (But travailing, through painful, looks toward a birth!).


Until now - No "evolution," "progress," - but the opposite, - until Christ shall come with the "lliberty of the glory."



Heavenly Father,


This is just a short study this morning...there are things I need to address quickly this morning, but I wanted to do this study first. I wanted to start my day with You, in Your Word.


I love You Father, I need You desperately. May Your perfect will be done in my, and all our lives...for Your glory. Just know Father though, that I say that because of what i feel in my heart...love for You.


In Jesus Name,

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