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flu mist makes a person shed the virus for 21 days?


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Have any of you heard this? That if someone gets the FluMist vaccine, which includes the live virus (as I’ve read), that they can literally shed the virus and spread it around for like 3 weeks/21 days! EVEN IF THEY FEEL FINE.


So a person gets the vaccine, feels fine, gets out, mingles wtih the masses, do this and that, and makes a H1N1 trail everywhere they go...


Talk about a faster way to hit epidemic proportions. :shakinghead:


OK, is there any truth to this scenario that I've heard about?

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If you get the live vax, you are supposed to avoid immune-compromised people for 21 days. Of course, those folks are going to go around having a sign on saying they are immune-compromised.


My daughter is not going in any public place till this is over. She'll have to sit in the truck till I run in and back out, and I'll not be going anyplace except the feed store, the FFL dealer (gotta pick up my new rifle), and the salvage store. The feed store is the only place I'll need to go more than once till the season is over. That'll be around March or April, I'm thinking. Usually I make my last run of the yr just before Thanksgiving and then don't go till Feb/Mar. I'll be starting a bit early this year.

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