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Disturbing dreams

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I've had a week of very disturbing dreams, and they are repeating themselves with minor differences. I don't know what to think.


The first was the longest and most vivid. I was visiting at my old family home. I had my younger son, my husband, and my other boy (might as well call him a son too) with me because I'd been uneasy. My aunt was explaining how much calmer I'd be if I put my trust in her lord, and my guys were upsetting me by getting impatient with this advice. One of the guys hears there's trouble at the Turkey Creek Nuclear Power plant (a couple hundred miles from there, and actually pretty close to being on my route home, but in the dream right there). My uneasiness spiked, and I tried to convince my aunt and cousins to gather their dependents to leave. I quoted Israel's message to Soviet Jews when the borders first opened: "Leave your money in the bank, leave the pictures on the walls. Take up your children and your parents, and come now!" She said no, when Jesus wants her, he'll find her here. I pleaded with my cousins to gather their children and leave, but no. The earth shook. A narrow pillar of fire shot up into the western sky. I started to look for my shoes in a huge pile of them, and remembered I had another pair in the car. I told my guys to drop their fishing lines and come. They came. I had the young ones lie down in back, to put the bulk of the trunk and all between their heads and whatever that column was giving off. The column didn't mushroom. It remained a column of fire, with black threads. We hit highway 98 and raced east, toward home. Got stopped just inside Alabama for speeding, but I pointed at the column, which from here was sheathed in dust like a stationary tornado, and told the cop to get his parents and his kids and run. He told me to go. I went. We dithered about taking the tunnel under Mobile Bay, but took it anyway. Then got on I-10, then stopped at my mother's house to talk her into coming. That was all drama and frustration, but we had run out of gas and couldn't simply take hers because the gas station lines were half a mile long now and she might later decide to go...The guys took her gas from her car, then picked her up and put her in the refueled car. I grabbed her medicine and her cat, and we fled on toward home. Only, halfway from there to here, the earth shook again, and I realized we were passing Turkey Creek and it was going to go and I woke up. This dream has repeated twice that I know of, and pieces of it are splintering into other dreams.


The second dream was a sort of herding-cats dream. I was outside, at something like a poorly maintained roadside picnic area, trying to interview fifteen people in an orderly fashion. They kept wandering off. I followed the one they'd designated as their leader, pleading with her to let me help them by getting this information. She preached at me instead. The ground was very uneven, so I had to keep watching where I put my feet in order to avoid spraining my bad ankle, while she just strode along in a looping, aimless fashion. Eventually I took off my shoes because they didn't fit, and that let me keep up with her better. Finally I got her to stand still, and looking up at her (she's quite tall) I noticed first that she was wearing awful purple-blue lipstick, freshly applied, that was not her habit, and that she was wearing heavy, too-pale foundation that made her look like a corpse. She was wearing a Mao-suit. Then I realized she was sneering at me, and only putting a little effort into pretending not to. Then I realized she was my first ex-MIL, who taught me a great deal about prepping. I remembered she had been a greeat beauty in her day. Then I realized she was dead, walking and talking but dead. I recoiled and she laughed at me. She said, "You don't realize it's too late until it's really way too late."


The third dream is just fragments. The wind was brown, so I couldn't see far, and as thick as water so I couldn't walk fast or hear far. Things were in the wind. I had to know what they were. We had to know what to defend against. When I found out what was there (a sinister black silk top hat, a large tinfoil convertible tumbling end over end, a barking snappish scotty dog, other things) I couldn't hold them in my memory. I was frustrated, and furious at myself. The ground shook, and I knew I was out of time, and I hadn't done what I had to do.

Now, writing this, I realize the things in the wind were like giant Monopoly pieces.


Is anyone good at sorting out dream-symbols?



Edit: I just asked my husband about the Turkey Creek facility. He says there is no such facility and he doesn't know where Turkey Creek itself might be. Turkey Point has a nuclear power plant way far south of me. The plant we pass on the way home from my mother's is the Farley plant on the Chattahoochee River. I know these things, but haven't taken note of them since I had the dream. It's its own reality.

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Yes, these are disturbing dreams. Have you asked the Lord for an interpertation? Ask him to give you peace. If there is fear, we know that God is not a God of fear, but of a sound peaceful mind.


I will be praying for you and for your dreams. :pray:


cleanheart :hug3:

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I think they were telling you important things, Ambergris. I am paying heed and trying to do my best to prep, and I know I am surrounded by swine flu now and not much hope of any vaccine for it arriving in time to do us any good. It is also much colder this fall than last so the knitting goods are coming out and new hats on the loom. ( Andrea is very kindly sending me extra yarn she wants used up and between myself and a friend , we will put it to good use! ) thats a nice thing to contemplate in the face of these rather scary dreams at least!

As for even tougher things, like terror related attacks, thats what some of your dreams remind me of, and even though they can be just nightmarish to think of, your dreams were pretty lucid really as far as I can tell and thats different than a typical nightmare. It does make me consider them more seriously.


Just looking around at peoples faces in the market the other day, so many are so grim now. I will pay heed to serious messages, whatever form they may take and I believe your dreams are serious messages. Thankyou for sharing them. :hug3:

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Arby that is very insightful of you. There is a lot of wisdom and common since in your post. You are so right abot peoples faces in the market. Seems many are worried and concerned aot life.



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A lot of things are going downhill pretty fast.


I don't know if this is a message I've taken on too much, or that I need to take firmer control.


I'm sure I'm missing the point.

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The company that owns the Turkey Point facility is based in Turkey Creek, TN, according to a quick search. You prob picked that up from your job.


I think the dreams are your frustration at the lack of cooperation from your loved ones as you are disparately trying to prep for the threats that you perceive as important and possibly imminent.

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I've muddled this over a bit and will share my thoughts. Based on the details you've shared, here's what I think. :)


It seems (to me) that while you are concerned about the saving your loved ones 'physically' from the impending dangers of life....


They (your loved ones) are concerned about saving you 'spiritually' from the impending dangers of life...


It's really a great parallel when you think of it, and a very important lesson for us all. I am put in mind of a scripture,


For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and is himself destroyed or lost? Luke 29:5


This same scripture is found in two of the other gospel accounts. For those of us who have ultimately put our trust in the Lord, we have to continue to remind ourselves, that while we may NEVER be completely 100% prepared for this life, we can be completely, 100% prepared for the next life. And for me, the things eternal take precedence over the things that are temporary.


So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 2Cor 4:18

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