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please pray for my husband-cancer again

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I would really appreciate your prayers for my husband and me as we face the most devastating news. His cancer is back and with a vengance. The doc says chemo is our option because it is so widespread. It originated as colon cancer in 2000 and he had surgery and all was well for 6 years. Then Dec. 2006 it shows up in his lung. Surgery and chemo then. It returned this spring, surgery and radiation. And now this, not just one spot but many in both lungs and a spot on the spine. We are praying for a miracle, our hearts are broken. He is 55 years old. Sorry to be so rambly, I just can't get my mind around this. Please pray. Thanks. Beverly

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I will pray right now for your Father to wrap you up in his arms of love and give you peace that passes all understanding. I will pray for your husband also for strength and healing. Thank you for letting us know, so that we can pray, it is a mighty and powerful tool.




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I'm so very sorry- we understand a little bit of what you're going thru, and hate is not a strong enough word to describe what I feel that any family must go thru it.


you and your husband are in our thoughts.



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Dear Beverly and Family, You are all in my prayers during this most devestating and trying time. May the lord surround you all with angels and keep you safe in his loving arms. twi

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Am :pray: with everyone else that you get your miracle.


I too know what cancer is. My dad, brother and two sisters had it. None made it through. :(


Our DDIL had it and made it with lots of prayer and treatment as well as surgery.


Again, praying for your husband as well as you and your family.




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