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Romans 8:29-30


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Heavenly Father,


Well, this morning is not one of those mornings where I just don't have much to say. In fact, this morning, my heart is spilling over with ideas and suggestions to help some people that I see You leading me towards.


Part of me is surprised because I have never had an interest in this area before. And part of me is surprised as I see You Spirit drive me in this direction. I've been placed on temporary hold by others, my mind is racing, I have the most awesome ideas that this group of people will not only love, but desperately need, but You wanna know what?


I'm not worried.


I have Your peace, I have Your joy and even if this were to never materialize, I'm having a blast and I will always know that this idea, this drive, this everything, is directly from You.


So, Father, may Your perfect will be done. This sure ain't about me, and this will require commitment and work on my behalf but there is such ecstatic joy in serving the Most High God.


I love You.


In Jesus Name I pray,




29. For whom He foreknew He also foreordained conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the First-born among many brethren.


30. And whom He foreordained, them He also called; and whom He called, them He also justified; and whom He justified, them He also glorified.


Watchman Nee comments on a few words in the 29th verse:


"foreknew: "In vv. 29-30 all the steps of God's work are described using the past tense, indicating that in His eyes all the work has been completed. Because God is the God of eternity, there is no element of time with Him."


"foreordained/predestinated": "God has predestinated us not simply that we may be sanctified, spiritual, and victorious but that we may be fully conformed to the image of His Son. This is our destiny, determined by God in eternity past."


"conformed": "Conformation is the end result of transformation. It includes the changing of our inward essence and nature, and it also includes the changing of our outward form, that we may match the glorified image of Christ, the God-man. He is the prototype and we are the mass production. Both the inward and the outward changes in us, the product, are the result of the operation of the law of the Spirit of life (v. 2) in our being."


lol I like that statement, "He is the prototype and we are the mass production: lol.


"First-born": "Christ was the only begotten Son of God from eternity (John 1:18). When He was sent by God into the world, He was still the only begotten Son of God (1 John 4:9; John 1:14; 3:16). By His passing through death and entering into resurrection, His humanity was uplifted into His divinity. Thus, in His divinity with His humanity that passed through death and resurrection, He was born in resurrection as God's firstborn Son (Acts 13:33). At the same time, all His believers were raised together with Him in His resurrection (1 Peter 1:3) and were begotten together with Him as the many sons of God. Thus they became His many brothers to constitute His Body and be God's corporate expression in Him.


As the only begotten Son of God, Christ had divinity but not humanity, He was self-existing and ever-existing, as God is. His being the firstborn Son of God, having both divinity and humanity, began with His resurrection. With His firstborn Son as the base, pattern, element, and means, God is producing many sons, and the many sons who are produced are the many believers who believe into God's firstborn Son and are joined to Him as one. They are exatly like Him in life and nature, and, like Him, they have both humanity and divinity. They are His increase and expression in order that they may express the eternal Triune God for eternity. The church today is a miniature of this expression (Eph. 1:23), and the New Jerusalem in eternity will be the ultimate manifestation of this expression (Rev. 21:11). This book reveals that God's making sinners His sons is for this expression (12:5) and points to the ultimate manifestation of this expression (Eph. 3:19)."


"many": "The purpose of God's foreknowledge, predestination, and calling is to prepare and produce many brothers for His firstborn Son that, on the one hand, they, together with God's firstborn Son, may be the many sons of God with the divine life and nature for the expression of God, and that, on the other hand, they may be the many members who constitute the Bod of God's firstborn Son as the corporate expression of God in His firstborn Son, which is the fullness of God's firstborn Sin, that is, the fullness of God in His firstborn Son (Eph. 1:23, 3:19)."


The rvbv writes, "For whom He foreknew - This 'for' looks back at the word 'purpose', and opens out that great word before us.


And first we have, foreknew. This foreknowledge of God - what is it? In seeking its meaning we dare not turn to men's ideas, but to Scripture only. (It is important to observe that the apostle does not speak of a passive or naked foreknowledge, as if God only saw beforehand what some would be, and do, or believe. His foreknowledge is of persons, not of their state or conduct; it is not what, but 'whom' He foreknew" (Kelly)). In Amos 1:2 to 2:8, Jehovah gives in detail His exact knowledge of the sins and of the coming judgments of Syria, the Philistines, Tyre, Edom, Ammon, Moab; and then also of Israel. But to Israel He says, "You only have I known, of all the families of the earth." What did such language mean? That He had acquaintanceship with "the whole family which He brought up out of the land of Egypt." Of Israel again - especially the godly Remnant, He speaks: "God did not cast off His people which He foreknew. Now, even of Christ it is written in I Peter 1:20, "He was foreknown indeed before the foundations of the world." This is the same Greek word as in Romans 8:29. Now Christ was the Eternal Son of God, the Eternal Word. But, "The Word become flesh": that occurred when He came into the world. And a thus manifested, "He was foreknown," manifested; but a pre-acquaintanceship before His manifestation, - with Him as such! From which "foreknowledge," or pre-acquaintance, flowed the most intimate prophecies of Him, His lowly coming, His rejection, and the manner of His death. All this is wrapped up in this word foreknowledge!


He also foreordained - Foreknowledge is first - by the God that "calleth the things not being, being" (4:17, Gr.). Then, the marking out a destiny befitting such foreknown ones. The words "to be" need not be here: but we may read, foreordained conformed to the image of His Son. Here we come to words of plain meaning, but limitless reach! Christ the Son, for whom and by whom all things were made; Christ the Son, the appointed Heir of all things; Christ the Son - center of all the Divine counsels! Christ the Son, God's Son, the Son of His love! Conformed to His image, - nothing lacking, nothing short: like Christ - conformed to His image in glory, in love, in holiness, in beauty, in grace, in humility, in tenderness, in patience! Our very bodies at last alive unto God! For we know that this also shall be: "When Christ, our life shall be manifested, then shall ye also with Him be manifested in glory!" And thus to be with Christ, like Him forever and ever! Only God can show, and only simple faith respond to, grace such as this!


That He might be the First-born among many brethern - In Christ, like Christ, brethren there with the First-born! This is the highest place, shall we not say, that God could give creatures! God puts us there: and of Christ it is written, "He is not ashamed to all them brethern"; because we are "all of one" with Christ! (Heb. 2:11). "This, in fact, is the thought of grace, not to bless us only by Jesus, but to bless us with Him."


In the 30th verse, Watchman Nee comments on a couple of words:


"justified": "Justification is a bridge that brings sinners, who are redeemed by Christ, from the law's condemnation (3:19) into God's aceptance (5:1-2). In this acceptance God works to conform them to the image of His Son until He brings them into His glory (Heb. 2:10)."


"glorified": "Glorification is the step in God's complete salvation in which God will completely saturate our body of sin, which is of death and is mortal (7:24, 8:11, 6:6), with the glory of His life and nature according to the principle of His regenerating our spirit through the Spirit. In this way He will transfigure our body, conforming it to the resurrected, glorious body of His Son (Phil. 3:21). This is the ultimate step in God's complete salvation, wherein God obtains a full expression, which will ultimately be manifested in the New Jerusalem in the coming age."


The rvbv writes, "And whom He foreordained, them He also called - Since we are here considering God's unfolding of His purpose (of verse 28), we must regard 'called' from God's side, - who counts things not being, being. Further, calling is here that termination by God of the sphere and mode of life those should have whom He foreknew and foreordained. This "calling" belongs to Eternity past; as "calling," for example in II Thessalonians 2:14, and Galatians 1:6, belongs to experience in present time.


And whom He called, them He also justified - God does not here speak of that entering upon justification by faith - of which this Epistle is full. For only believing souls are accounted righteous, justified, as we well know. Yet in God's counsels are all His elect already before Him, accounted righteous - justified. This is wonderful truth: and its power to stay the soul will be see in the last part of this great Chapter!


And whom He justified, them He also glorified - This is the necessary end of this amazing series - glorified! Thus must these foreknown ones be ever, before God, since God foreknew them in hrist. None has yet been glorified in manifestation. Indeed, Christ Himself has not yet been "manifested"; although He has entered into His glory. And it is in this glorified Christ that God chose us long ago, - before the foundation of the world! God, who could thus connect us with Christ, can also say of us, I have glorified them! And so the saints go on to a glory already true of them by the word of their God!"


Heavenly Father,


Lately, I have been commenting to a few people about these changes I see in myself that I cannot attribute to anything on my part. I have a clear understanding of how limited I am to change anything in myself, and can say quite emphatically, that these changes I see are because of You alone.


So, in doing todays study, it meant alot to me, to see this confirmed in Your Word....'conformed to the image of Your Son'. Through the power of Your Holy Spirit, He is working these changes and it touches my heart to think that I'm a little more "Christ-like" than I was a year ago, 6 months ago. It touches my heart that my life brings a little more honor and glory to You, my Heavenly Father...it hurts my heart when I don't.


While this typewritten prayer will end here, I look forward to the ongoing conversation I'll have with You throughout this day.


I love You Father.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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