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Romans 8:31


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Heavenly Father,


I got a strange phone call very early this morning. A friend called and asked me what I had planned for the day. I told them that I was just busy with normal stuff, and they shared how You had been laying me very heavy on their heart and mind since last night, and that they had been praying for me...they were concerned because this burden to pray came out of now where and was very strong, and wanted to check in to see if I'm ok.


I know Father that many times Your Spirit moves us to pray for others when we don't know why...sometimes it's while someone is going through a very rough time, and sometimes the circumstances haven't even hit. I don't know why You have burdened this person out of the blue, to pray for me, but it's caught my attention and concerns me.


Please keep Your hand of protection over me and mine. Let my heart be sensitive to the leading of Your Spirit and if there is any harm that is laying in wait ahead, I pray Father that You would remove it.


I trust You.


In Jesus Name I pray,



31. What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?


The rvbv writes, "Concerning this great passage, Bengel says, "We can no farther go, think, wish." Olshausen emphasizes "the profound and colossal character of the thought:; and Brown says: "This whole passage, to verse 34 and even to the end of the chapter, strikes all thoughtful interpreters and readers as transcending almost everything in language."


Paul here arrives at the mountain height of Christian position! And that, so to speak, by way of experience. He does, indeed, in the word "us" bring all the saints with him. There was first our state of awful guilt - and Christ's work for us, and justification thereby. Then came the knowledge of indwelling sin, and the Spirit's work within us, and deliverance from sin's power thereby. Now he has arrived upon the immovable mountain-top of Divine sovereign election, and he sees God Himself for us! Not at all meaning, here, God merely on our side in our struggles, but God's uncaused unalterable attitude with respect to those in Christ. God is 'for' them: nothing in time or in eternity to come has anything whatever to do with matters here. Our weak hearts, prone to legality and unbelief, with great difficulty receive these mighty words: God is for us. Place the emphasis here where God places it - on this great word "for". God is for His elect. They have failed, but He is for them. They are ignorant, but He is for them. They have not yet brought forth much fruit, but He is for them. If our hearts once surrender to the stupendous fact that there are those whom God will eternally be for, that there is an electing act and attitude of God, in which He eternally commits Himself to His elect, - without conditions, without requirements; whose lives do not at all affect the fact that God is for them - then we shall be ready to magnify the God of all grace!


Verse 31: What then shall we say to these things? By "these things" Paul evidently indicates not only the whole process of our salvation by Christ, from Chapter Three onward, with that great deliverance by the help of the Holy Spirit set forth in this Eighth Chapter; but he also points most directly to what He has been telling us of the purpose of God: "Whom He foreknew, foreordained, called, justified, glorified!" Now it is a sad fact that many dear saints have said many poor, even lamentable things, to these things of Divine sovereign foreknowledge and election. Some, indeed, will not hear "these things," as Paul sets them forth. Let us not be of this company! What shall we say to these things? To doubt them is to deny them: for God asserts them - from foreknowledge to glorification. To question whether they apply to us is to question - not election, but the words "whosoever will," of the gospel invitation. You can let God be absolutely sovereign in election, and yet, if you find the door opened by this sovereign God, and "whosoever will" written over it by that same sovereign God, by all means enter! Set your seal to this, that God is true, by receiving His witness (John 3:33). Do not allow any "system of theology" to disturb you for one moment! What will you say to these things? Say, with Paul: God is for me: He spared not His own Son - for me! This question, What shall we say to these things? is a testing word, as well, as a triumphant word.


Concerning "these things," if we simply rejoice, with Paul, saying, "God is for me, who is against me?" it is well! But if we cannot rejoice in Divine, sovereign foreknowledge, foreordination, and calling, this also is the fruit of subtle unbelief and self-righteousness. "I know," said Spurgeon, "that God chose me before I was born; for He never would have chosen me afterwards!" Let us not be of the Little-faiths, or of the Faint-hearts; but let Mr. Greatheart himself, even Paul, set forth the case: If God be for us, who is against us? This "if" does not imply doubt, but amounts to 'since'. We are expected to have heard, understood, and believed all the previous marvels of our salvation written in this epistle. The conclusion is: GOD IS FOR US. The Creator of the universe, the Upholder of all things, the Redeemer God Himself, for us!


Therefore the challenge: who is against us? Paul knew, as none have ever known, the power and malignity of Satan and his hosts, the persecuting energy of the haters of the gospel, the relentless watchfulness of the Roman Empire - that had flung justice to the winds, and crucified Paul's Lord, and ever stood ready, upon occasion, to seize him. Yet he challenges all! It is not a question of logic, as the King James puts it: "Who can be against us?" But it is a direct challenge in the lists: to all and any in the whole possible universe: literally, If God for us - who against us?"

Heavenly Father,


Ok Father, in light of the things I discussed in my opening prayer, I just hafta take a stand and say that no matter what is going on around me that is causing people to pray for me out of the ordinary, none of it can touch me with my Heavenly Father's eye upon me, and without Your consent.


I do ask Father, for Your wisdom, Your guidance, Your protection because this battle realm rages although I cannot always see it.


As I close this prayer, the words to this song fill my heart:


Bless the Lord, o my soul

And all that is within me

Bless His Holy Name.


I love You.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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