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What Year Did you join MrsSurvival??


The Year you Joined MrsSurvival  

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  1. 1. What year did you join MrsSurvival (not counting lurking years)

    • 1998
    • 1999
    • 2000
    • 2001
    • 2002
    • 2003
    • 2004
    • 2005
    • 2006
    • 2007
    • 2008
    • 2009

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Like so many of you, I lurked for a year or two before signing up in May of 2007. I had lost my job, suddenly had time to read and post regularly, and already felt like I knew everybody here. The funny thing is, I remember recommending this site long before I was a member. :)


Maybe that is what sets MrsS apart from so many of the forums out there. At other sites, I often see people register, post a few times and disappear. We seem to be the kind to check things out before we jump in. But we hang around when we do. Even if we take breaks, we come back. This is home for us.





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Momo :lol: You're not an old fogey! But you are a loyal long standing part of MrsSurvival! :hug3:


Shari, I think there have been many of us who came looking for one thing and got a lot more than what we expected! :thumbs:


I've never seen so many votes on a poll, at least that I was aware of. Wonderful! A total of 61!! :o


And may I just take this opportunity to point out...I WAS RIGHT!! 2006 was a mighty fine year!! :bounce:

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**nudges Momo...**


So we're both in good company. Nothin' wrong with bein' an old fogey.


*SOMEONE'S* gotta keep the newbies in line!!!!! :happy0203:






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I put 2008 but truth be told I'm not sure if it was EARLY this year or late 08....whatever the time period, I SURE AM GLAD that I found MrsS....its my 'home'.

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I joined in 2008. I found Mrs. S through a long winding trail from other sites. I love reading and learning here!! Things are....calmer in this area of the web!! :24:


I want to say THANK YOU to the ones who keep this site going - I rarely post (I'm slowly getting better :blush: ) but I appreciate the people who do post and the things I learn when I read here.



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rofl @ Louis...1492, eh? lol


Like Cat, I found, and joined MrsS in January of 1999. The site had been started May of 1998. In July 1999 I was approached by the woman who had started this site and asked if I'd like to buy it.


It was love at first sight for me with MrsS and so I immediately said yes.


The rest is history.


motherearth is our oldest member here. She joined within a few days of the site being launched and never left.


That means I was here before both you and Cat! :o:o:o (While it was still Double-Ought's place)

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That means I was here before both you and Cat! :o:o:o (While it was still Double-Ought's place)



**Cat links arms with another "old fogey"...**











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Hello everyone! :wave: Gosh it has been a while since I have been able to visit MrsS. Sure missed you all. Well I wanted to add that I have been here almost since the beginning too. I am one of the older ones too. It says I joined in Sept 02, which is not so. I started lurking back in 98 and either joined @ the end of 98 or sometime in 99 , can't remember. Just remember in 99 asking for prayers b/c my Dad had passed on Sept. 1st of 98 and was so depressed and missing my Dad something awful for several months.


So I remember reading way back almost from the beginning, so most likely I joined in 99. Now I have several months of reading to go try to catch up on. Have a good night all! :pc_coffee:

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2006 was a VERY good year! Wonder what it was that caused so many of us to join that year? I actually found Mrs. S in 1999...because of the whole y2k thing. My computer actually did crash (not cuz of y2k) and I got lost out there in cyber space. I had been on a bunch of other testerone filled boards (rarely posted because they were pretty skeerry places) until someone on Frugal Squirrels posted a very nice comment about the mrs. S site...and I found my way home!

I feel like I've been here forever...but...omigosh!...some of you really have been here FOR...EVER!!!! :D


Double D! I've missed seeing your posts! Where've you been? And why aren't you here???

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2006 held the rumblings of economic troubles.


January 13 - The US Government reports that wholesale inflation in 2005 increased by highest amount since 1990.


General Motors was sinking.

January 26 - General Motors reports an $8.6 billion loss for 2005, its biggest loss since 1992.


There were bits of hope... (ironic groan)

February 16 - The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke testifies to the US Senate that Chinese ownership of US assets is not large enough to put the country at risk economically.


Food contamination was big news... *spinach*?? :o (No longer only meats.)

September 15 - Spinach contaminated with E. coli kills 2 and poisons over 100 others in 20 states of the United States.


Freak early snowstorm in the east...

October 12 – A freak snowstorm blows into Buffalo, New York leaving over 400,000 without power and killing 13.




Katrina and the other hurricanes came in 2005. Maybe that had an effect, too? :shrug:


I think people were waking up to the fact that runaway spending and credit card debt is NOT a good way to survive. It made sense to search out frugal and do-it-yourself survival-type info.

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As for me...and the why 2006?


That was the year we bought our homestead and I finally felt like I could start BEING a MrsSurvival. :D


We bought this place about 3 months before I joined and I had a million question....well maybe just about 5,000 or so!

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I too came in January of 1999. So there were several of us who came in around the same time. :) It was Double Ought's place yet. :)


I also remember my first post and of course not knowing where to post what I made a post that should have been in a different forum. :) I did a Kitchen post in the Sunporch forum. :) Oh well, I did get answers to it anyway. :) I was so new at the internet even as I think this was the first place I ever went on the internet and of course the first question. :)


I might forget some things, but, there are things I do remember. :):)




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I started getting concerned about 2005-2006 too, watching all the disasters and how badly they were handled and the current events with the terror related stuff going on and the expansion of those things in the Middle East and in Asia and the continued pursuit of nuke weapons by NKorea and Iran. Along with glimpses at the UN stuff, as I learned to research things further and gained more of an understanding again of what our Constitution means, and what our Founding Fathers understood to be Truth.

Add the attacks on Christianity and the liberal tudes that got worse with the 2008 elections........ I joined some yahoo groups, but found many of them just extreme survivalists stuff and very male oriented and the mindset was just brutal and you know they would be very short lived in a conflict going out in a blaze of glory, and HOW does that Keep Body and Soul together for a long term situation? I joined said groups back in 2006, 2007 and started to learn more.


I found MrsS in what, 2008? I know its pretty late, but at least I did get started, I thought. Or it was 2007.... Im not sure..... but so much of what we have feared is coming into being and I am learning this is a way of life, not a fad anymore. :D

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