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Hi, been lurking at Mrs. Survival for a while, this is my first post. Here is a bit about me and family- DH is a pastor of a smallish (100) country church. We moved here to this wonderful NW town 14 years ago to start the church- it has been the blessing of our lives. We have 3 grown children, dd is 26 and lives at home, she is develop. disabled. We have always homeschooled, and are watching what is going on in the world with awe. I have a prayer request, our assistant pastor is stepping down tomorrow, and we will greatly miss the help with the load of ministry- please pray for God to supply another laborer- it is hard to get people to move to a country town that has no Walmart, mall, etc- a country ministry is not for everyone- but we really need help. Thanks, all!- A bit more about us: we have dairy goats, a small orchard, 3 sheep, chickens, and I now have a spinning wheel! I am an overzealous food preservation nut, and gardener.

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Hi and welcome Romans Road! :welcome:


How wonderful that your first post is a prayer request! I'll certainly join you in this very important matter. I know you must be comforted to know that the Lord has just the right person in mind. :pray:



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WELCOME!!!....We are so glad that you have joined us. Living in an area like that would be a dream for me and I know that God has just the right person in mind who also would love it as well. I will pray with you as well that God will send just the right person and that He will make your load light.

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Will be :pray: for a new assistant pastor for your husband.


Yes, it is hard to get people to move to the country areas. They just don't know what they are missing though.


We live in the country, just got a Wall Mart in town 2 or 3 years ago and I wouldn't want to move to any place else. :) Love the country, even though we don't have any animals exceipt our house dog. :) Wild birds and such too of course. :)


Glad you joined.




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