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Romans 8:33


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Heavenly Father,


Yesterday I did the next installment in the Romans study. When I opened with prayer, I expressed how sorry I was feeling for letting a week go by between studies. Every time I turned around I was innundated with things around here and the days just flew. So yesterday, I was determined to start the day with the Romans study, and as I began to type it out, I began to realize that it handn't really been 'me' that delayed the study...it had been You.


As is usual and customary around here, there's something always going on spiritually. Whether it's another hit from the enemy or my heart being propelled to go deeper in my relationship with you, there's always obstacles along the way that catch me up. But as I began to do the study, the verses I was working on addressed with holy precision some of the things that I had been dealing with that week and I knew that You had appointed yesterday to be the day when You spoke to me from Your Word.


And as seems to happen frequently with this study, when I got about 95% of it done, my computer shut down and I lost everything. At first I was upset...I only lose my writings when I'm working on this bible study...how obvious is that? But then I began to realize that even though I was unable to post the study yesterday, I, myself, had done it, had learned and had been comforted by that. The supposed downside was that I would have to do the same study twice, which isn't a bad thing for me, because it's not always easy to absorb it all the first time.


So here I am again, 2nd time around on verse 33.


This morning Father, while I was driving my daughter to school, a very thick fog covered the land. It was very difficult to see any further than 20-30 feet (and less than that most times) and as I struggled to drive through it, I began to realize that my drive to school this morning mirrored my walk in faith with You.


As I pulled out onto the 4 lane highway to head to school, I could hardly see anything in either direction. I waited and did the best I could do and finally pulled out. As I began to increase the speed in my car, other cars and trucks suddenly appeared behind me, changing lanes because they were going much faster than I was. It took me by surprise to suddenly see these vehicles there but I needed to just focus on being careful and cautious, praying and trusting You.


It was strange to drive a journey that I drive at least two times each day, and not be able to see anything that is recognizable. It was strange to not be able to orient myself with wise driving skills like being alert and keeping an eye out at all times, because I couldn't see a thing. I could not default onto many things I normally do...all I could do is slow down, be careful, pray and trust my Father.


There came a point when the foggy mist broke and the rays of sunshine lighted everything up and gave once again, a clarity as to my surroundings. No sooner had I driven to that when the fog once again enveloped the car and I was encased and unable to see once again...


There were a few times when I could imagine how easy an accident could take place through no fault of my own, but it didn't because Your eye is upon me in all things, at all times.


The whole drive was an illustration of my walk in faith with You. Not being able to see and yet trusting You because not only are You alone God, but You're also my Heavenly Father and I trust You.


It's not easy carrying the responsibilities we have in life through the 'fogs' of faith. For me, it always boils down to one simple question...am I going to trust You or not? I don't know how You accomplished the answer to this question in my life because You know well how I can run my mouth about "but but but", but it always goes back to that one simple question, will I trust You or not and my answer is yes. That 'yes' isn't borne out of duty or fear, that 'yes' is a yes because I love You.


((((my Heavenly Father))))


In Jesus Name I pray,



33. Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? [it is] God that justifieth: who is he that condemneth?


The rvbv writes, "Note 1. It is God's elect whom this passage concerns. 2. God's elect not only believe, but are confident! For there can be no charge laid against them. 3. They boldly challenge any and every foe, concerning any possible charge against them before God! It is not that those triumphing are without fault themselves - they know that! But God is for them! They are His "elect," and we know from the next chapter that the purpose of God according to election is not of works: but on the contrary, "of Him that calleth" (Romans 9:11). As absolutely as righteousness is "not of works," so neither is election! Both have God Himself as the only Source! So, "the purpose of God according to election stands!"


It is God that justifieth: who is he that condemneth? - (Note that the last statement of verse 33 - "It is God that justifieth," is connected with the opening question of verse 34. The verse division is unfortunate, and beclouds the meaning. The second sentence of verse 34, Christ jesus is the one that died, etc., is entirely separate from and an advance upon, the preceding verses.) Here the emphasis is upon God. He is the Judge; and He has declared His elect, - those "of faith in Jesus," righteous. Now will any condemn? Shall any stand before God's High Court and condemn whom He has justified? Never! Satan may accuse us in our consciences; but the day of our condemnation was past forever - when Christ our Substitute "bore our sins in His own body on the tree!" When it is announced as toward all possible foes: "It is God that justifies," we feel in our hearts God taking our part!"



Heavenly Father,


I had a very interesting experience this morning, along side the fog/faith experience.


As I got closer to home, I was thinking about some things in my pasts...shortcomings, failings...in areas that are critically important to me. My heart began to atrophy as the pain of regret washed over it, and then, I remembered this verse that I had done yesterday, and lost when my computer crashed, and I stood on Your promise and statements above.


For too many years I bought the lies of the enemy in his condemnation and judgement until You birthed the truths, like above, into my heart and I believed.


Either Your grace is sufficient or it's not...that was my response to these lies. I know, because You've taught me, Your grace really IS sufficient.


Words this morning just feel woefully inadequate. I keep trying to share this intensity that I've been feeling in my heart for You and it just pales in comparison. But I know that You know my heart and it's comforting to know that You know how I really feel towards You.


See? Just reading that last sentence makes me dizzy lol...


I love You Father, so very, very much.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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