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Romans 8:34


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Heavenly Father,


This morning my thoughts and emotions have encompassed a wide gamut. Feeling a little low and then being met with some facts that only add to the burden put me in a place where I went from feeling a 'little' low to 'really' low.


It finally got to the point where I could barely think straight so I went and laid down and began to unload all the thoughts, needs, fears, concerns, burdens, etc that lay on my heart.


There were some things I didn't want to talk to You about. In fact, I had just remarked to a friend yesterday that I was aware that I didn't want to talk to You about a particular matter because I was afraid. I was afraid Your answer would devestate my heart because this particular thing is something that I'm very vulnerable about.


You didn't let me go very long holding that back from You because this morning, I just couldn't stand not talking to You about it because it felt painful to keep anything back from You, so I did. It's in Your hands and I have Your peace. No answers, which seems usual and customary for me anymore, but I always have Your peace.


You've dried my tears, You've put Your peace in my heart so I think I'm ready to do the next verse in this study.


You amaze me, and I know I'll never figure You out but You are the most precious and valued relationship I have.


((((Heavenly Father))))


In Jesus Name I pray,



34. Who is he that condemneth? Christ Jesus [God's own Son] is the one that died, - yea rather, that was raised from the dead, who is at the right hand of God, who is also making intercession for us!


Watchman Nee comments on a few words in the 34th verse:


"It is Christ Jesus/Christ Jesus is the One": "This verse states that Christ today is at the right hand of God, in the heavens; v. 10, however, states that He is now in us, in our spirit (2 Tim. 4:22). As the Spirit (2 Cor. 3:17), He is omnipresent, being both at the right hand of God and in our spirit, both in heaven and on earth."


"intercedes/intercession": "In this verse it is Christ who intercedes for us, yet in v. 26 it is the Spirit who intercedes for us. These are not two Intercessors but one, the Lord Spirit (2 Cor. 3:18). He is interceding for us at two ends. At one end it is the Spirit in us, probably initiating the intercession for us; at the other end it is the Lord Christ at the right hand of God, probably completing the intercession for us, which must be mainly that we will be conformed to His image and brought into His glory."


The rvbv writes: "Some would render the answer to the question of verse 33, "Who shall lay anything to the charge," etc., entirely in the question form: "Shall God that justifieth? Shall Christ that died?" We have not yielded to rendering it thus; for this question-form does not fit the bold challenge here: for this whole passage is governed by the great word: Who shall lay anything to the charge of God's elect? And further, verse 35, Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? God then, is seen "for us," as justifying; His own Son Christ Jesus as dying and as interceding for us. All of which commits God to us irreversibly! The Yea, rather, that was raised from the dead, follows the exact order of the development of the truth of Christ's work in this epistle: set forth as a mercy-seat, through faith in His blood in Chapter Three; God seen raising Him who was delivered on account of our trespasses in Chapter Four. There is no crucifix, no Romanism, here; no dead Christ, but One raised.


Nay, more, Christ Jesus is at the right hand of God, - We have here the first of seven historical statements in the Epistles that He is there, and not merely there in the place of honor and power, but occupied (as ever) for our benefit: who also is making intercession for us. In verse 22, the indwelling Spirit is making intercession for the saints; in verse 31, God is for us; in verse 34, Christ Jesus is making intercession for us. What a wonderful salvation this is, in which all three persons of the Trinity are constantly occupied in our behalf!


(Christ Jesus making intercession for us at the right hand of God in Heaven, is not properly Romans truth, but is brought in here simply to show His eternal commitment to our cause. We say this because the remnants of Romish unbelief lie in most or all of us. For instance, take the lines,


"O blessed feet of Jesus, weary with seeking me,

Kneel at the God's bar of judgment, and intercede for me!"


What a mixture and hodge-podge such words are! Christ is not "appeasing God" in Heaven. That was all done forever on the cross where our sins were put away. Our Lord as our High Priest in Heaven now leads our worship and praise, and looks after us in our infirmity. The bok of Hebrews opens out this. But it is that same book which says, "He, when He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of God" (10:12). The work on which faith rests has been done, and those who rely on Christ's work on the cross will find their needs taken care of by Christ in Heaven.)"



Heavenly Father,


As often happens, my heart feels full after doing a study to the point where I almost have nothing to say in closing. It's as if my heart and soul is content with the 'feeding' on Your Word.


Birth these truths in each of our hearts Father because our needs are great for You. And may, in Your perfect timing, we all become changed into the likeness of Your Son who did all that was needed to secure our relationship with You as our Heavenly Father.


I love You.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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