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After all my preps and storageand stocking up...

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I have run into two items recently that totally surprised me. One was toilet paper. Okay I wasn't completely out, but when I got down to one on the holder and one extra left, I went to go get another pack. I didn't have any more. I know I had plenty recently as my daughter was making a food packet for a family that has been doing without. I went and got a pack to add to it, as people sometimes forgets basics such as that with food packets. I realized I am out of paper towels too. I guess it was three weeks ago with the toilet paper and my grandkids have been over alot. I must have used way more than I thought I did. Since I am out of work, we have been living mostly off of my stores, so it shouldn't have been a surprise. What did surprise me was what I found I was out of yesterday. I was making some tea and my sugar bowl was empty. I went to the canister to refill it, and it was empty to. Then I went to the garage where the extra is suppose to be and there wasn't any. I was shocked. I thought I still had a couple of bags out there. I guess we must have used more of it than I thought when my daughter borrowed some to make jelly to can. I haven't managed any canning this year myself, so I hadn't noticed. Luckily my daugther had replaced hers, so she gave me a bag of sugar, but I think I better stock back up on that too.



I admit part of my problem is my food store is not organized. We are planning on reorganizing what I have in the next week. I have been using my stores since September and only supplementing with perishables and doing fine. I just need to know what I have left, as I didn't have a clear idea about what I had in the first place. We thought we were going to have to move, so we weren't worrying about what we used, just saving the money I would have spent on it until after we moved. Now it looks like we will get to stay here, so I want to gradually build that stuff back up. Hard to do when I have very limited income right now. I just can't believe I let myself run out of some basics like that. I found my tea is just as bad. Have plenty of herbal tea, but my regular tea is almost gone. I mostly drink that in the fall and winter, so I missed I was getting low.

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I've been thinking about this a bit more, I think what happens with me is this...I don't buy stuff like I use to.


I may buy a dozen packs of paper towels at one time....and then, I'm done....or so I think. Naturally, we start using things up and I should keep adding to the 'stocked up supply', but I think that's my deal.


Also, I don't think it helps a bit that I have many of my preps out of sight....therefore out of mind. <_<


Yup, once I buy 50 pound of cornstarch, I just forget about cornstarch. But I'm just about out now.


One of the things I like about prepping is that I don't have to think so much about what to buy all the time. But, it does get me in trouble everyone once in a while. :lol:

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we moved one year ago and I still don't know what I have and don't have. And yes I run out of things everyweek. I plan to make an inventory in Nov. and really stock up. I noticed two nights ago I was out of can milk I needed for my casserole. I have never been this disorganized in my life. And if you think I know what is in my freezer well that is another story. I have always stocked up in the fall,incase of snow and ice. Now I am trying so hard not to get the flu that I think I will go to the store at 11:00pm less people, and I can shop faster too.

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Yesterday it was Bread - the shop didnt deliver any and we didnt have any. Luckily for me I dont eat the stuff, had to ring brov for him to bring some home after work.


Embroidery silks/thread - I didnt realise how much I used them.


Press Studs/poppers - I cant have enough of those.


Sheets/bedding - need to get some more, the ones Im using Iv even cut in half and sewn back togther to give more use.


Sanitery wear is so very easy to forget.







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I just realized yesterday as I made a batch of Laundry Powder, that I now am out of the Washing Soda (which we had been buying from the pool supply section). I SHOULD have stocked up more while it was seasonal supplies at WalMart. Blasted.

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And tho I didn't run out, I'm surprised at how FAST I run thru a 25 lb bag of rolled oats!


I was just thinking this week, about how helpful it is to USE our preps, as we learn from it. I decided NOT to run to the store for butter, and stick to my SAMS CLUB schedule. I just make due without til then. And that got me thinking how helpful THAT is! When SHTF we are going to have to improvise, and to me, this is a confidence builder, and a big part of prepping.


I read an article recently about a guy who escaped the poverty and oppression of Cuba. He says no matter how much you stock, you will eventually run out. Be prepared! We'll need to improvise and adapt.


I also like paper towels, and at this point, consider them another indulgent luxury! I have run out and had to wait for the SAMS run. It gives me practise, and again, confidence.


Great thread! :D



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Deb, glad you don't have to move again!


On things you buy in bulk, put a note on the calender to remind yourself to check stores.


I've been experimenting with using lard instead of butter in baked goods and even stuff like mashed potatoes. Butter is something I may not be able to get easily and eventually I'll run out of the butter in the freezer.

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I thought I too had sugar enough to last awhile but nope! Need to get enough to get thru at least Christmas! I am trying to improvise as well. I am looking at what I do have & how I can interchange items. I have lots of oats & know that I can blenderize it into flour so I am going to try adding some to pancake batter, cookies, homemade bread. I think I will add small amounts to see how it will affect flavor & texture. I know that adding wh wh can make an item heavy so wonedering about oat flour. Anyone know? Also got a good deal on honey so am goping to sub it for sugar in some recipes. Might look for recipes that call for honey instead. I have a booklet I got yrs ago on honey now if I can find it!LOL!

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Well...one reason I run out of oats so fast, is that I use them in everything!! I dont do anything special, just throw a cup in...bread, cupcakes, pancakes. I think it makes wh-wh recipies lighter and I like the added kinda chewy texture.


I found a recipe somewhere: how to make faux chicken fried steak using oats! It's delicious and I"m not kidding!! (Ok, make an oat patty using an egg and GOOD poultry seasoning. Fry up. Cover with cream of mush soup, that has been diluted with milk. Suprisingly GOOD!)



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I'm trying to imagine this ...chicken fried (aka oatmeal) patty?? more details please?


Are the oats precooked? or just dry flakes?



Once or twice I've made Lentil Loaves and they turned out pretty good, meatloaf made out of lentils.


OK.....in the RAN OUT dept.....BANDAIDS....I have seven kids, need I say more?? :rolleyes:

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Well...one reason I run out of oats so fast, is that I use them in everything!! I dont do anything special, just throw a cup in...bread, cupcakes, pancakes. I think it makes wh-wh recipies lighter and I like the added kinda chewy texture.


I found a recipe somewhere: how to make faux chicken fried steak using oats! It's delicious and I"m not kidding!! (Ok, make an oat patty using an egg and GOOD poultry seasoning. Fry up. Cover with cream of mush soup, that has been diluted with milk. Suprisingly GOOD!)




Can't say as I've run out of anything critical lately but this has me intrigued. Please share or PM me as DH dern near beat me (Kidding of course :P ) over the amount of oats I've purchased in the last couple of months. ANYTHING to help me dig me out of my Oat Hole would be much appreciated, LOL!

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We LOVE "oaten pratties"! Mix oat flour with mashed potatoes and an egg, salt and enough water so you can form patties from the dough. Fry till crisp in lard. They are great with fried eggs or as a side dish.


Oats can be mixed with cooked lentils to make a patty and fried up like hamburgers. The oats and lentils make a complete protein.

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Well I'll NEVER find the recipe online again....


but the oats are just plain old rolled oats, not pre-cooked or anything.


Mix with egg...powdered egg is fine...and add poultry seasoning..I use Perfect Poultry Seasoning from SAMS CLUB.


That's it! Mix well, form a patty and fry in oil. Cook thru and let it get a bit crusty on the outside.


Put it on a plate, cover with a bit of thinned (with milk or water) mushroom soup and there you have it!! IT'S GOOD!! Honest!!!



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Paper plates. Whenever we have sickness in the house, I switch to disposables. Ran out a few weeks ago.


Couldn't FIND any campbells soup. I'm still sure I've got a flat or three around here somewhere, but nobody could find them, so we had to buy some.


Used way more of my flu stuff than expected, and thought we were out. Got home from store with replacements only to discover a stash I'd forgotten about.. a 6m supply of all my flu-prep stuff.


Realized I really, really, really need to start doing better with my inventory lists. It's not enough to know I have it, I need to know where it is, how old it is and exactly how much I have. Saying "Cough drops" isn't good enough, need Honey/lemon Cough Drops - 60 ct exp 10/2010/ in 6m flu prep - Bathroom SS (secret stash) X 2. Sort of shook me up to realize that even in a mild crisis like non-emergency flu, I was forgetting stuff that could have been pretty important and a better inventory would have saved several trips out to the stores, which thankfully were fully stocked and available.


need to do better!

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Creamy peanut butter. Lots of crunchy left, but we're near the end of the last jar of creamy. Last I knew there were 4 jars out there...

Guess which kind I use?

Turns out the pregnant lady was eating quite a few more peanut butter sandwiches in the middle of the night than I had suspected.


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Kleenex. All of us have allergies and I go through 9 boxes a month. I haven't been going to Walmart lately and I am just about out again. DH had to the flu so we ran out faster than I thought we would. I do have cloth hankies to use if we have nothing else, but I prefer paper since the hankies have to be washed and you never know if you'll have power when you most need it!



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the can openere in my go bag. forgot to put it in since i have mountain house mre's. first day of preschool the class didn't even have one to open the #10 can of fruit for breakfast! another parent went and brought one from home!!! first day of school issues.

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After reading the posts, I went to look. Lo and behold, I have been trying to stock up and found I had NO corn. The GKS love corn. The very first thing I did the next morning was get some canned and frozen from the store Albertsons had it on sale so I lucked out. When we used to grow corn, I would cut it off the cob, scrape the cob, freeze it, and add milk and butter when we ate it. Now we are looking for a place in the country so we can grow vegetables again. They sure do taste better. I am glad Thanksgiving is close. I want to get some sweet potatoes stocked up. I need to find a brand we like. Some of them seem soggy.

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Last night I discovered we have NO GATORADE. I just could not believe it. :busted:


I'm blaming the boys, they like it when they're working outside and Lord knows I've got a passel of them. Dh is loading up on some at the store today and I'm hiding it better!! :wink (2):

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Since my pantry has been torn apart for months now, I realized that I didn't have any vanilla. I made do with the cheap store brand, but got some really good stuff the other day....


Oh - and Zinc throat lozenges. DH has been sick and he said the other store generics were fine..guess what I'm buying today? The health food store zinc lozenges. :)

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........I have nothing to wear..... :nail:






;) ok....I have broken zippers in my most recent snowsuits. Both are perfectly fine except for the zippers...so I'm refusing to buy from Sears Workwear again if that's going to keep happening. One of the few things I pay $$$$ to get. [most everything else is thrift store]


So along comes this recent SUBZERO weather and snow and.....


I have nothing to wear...... that would be light-weight enough for my MS muscles but warm enough for the severe weather conditions. :motz_6:



I've cobbled together long johns, thick sweats, and runner's wind pants....but, it's not the same. I need to solve this problem ....



MtRider [...supposed to be the specialist in Winter Wear! :rolleyes: ]

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posted the wrong post in the wrong thread...sheeeesh!
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