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URGENT..please check out this thread


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Someone just found this article about 35 deaths in India. Dated today. These guys are more advanced than Ukraine with labs and such...






'Don't know what caused the deaths'

By: Alifiya Khan Date: 2009-11-05 Place: Pune


Doctors at Sassoon hospital anxiously await report on 35 patients who died of infection that caused symptoms similar to swine flu


Doctors at Sassoon Hospital, who are in the thick of the swine flu battle, are a worried lot. Thirty-five patients with swine flu-like symptoms died in the last 45 days at the hospital, and not one of them tested positive for swine flu. The doctors still don't know what caused the death of these patients.


Tell the world

"We requested the National Institute of Virology (NIV) to check tissue samples from these patients for eight to 10combinations of the HN virus subtype like H1N2 or H2N2. It is extremely important that the virus is identified so we can decide on the course of treatment," said Dr Arun Jamkar, dean of Sassoon Hospital, which has been dubbed as the epicentre of the swine flu activity in the state.


On October 28, doctors at Sassoon shared the data on these deaths with the Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, USA, and virologists across the world in a videoconference.


Despite repeated attempts, Dr A C Mishra, director of NIV, remained unavailable for comment. Dr Mandeep Chaddha, deputy director, NIV, said she wasn't authorised to speak to the media.


Impact on vaccine

Dr Pravin Shengare, joint dire-ctor, Directorate of Medical Education and Research, who attended the video-conference, said, "The NIV's report won't have an effect on vaccine production, but it is important to know if another dominant virus sub-type is circulating. If this is the case, a detailed analysis of deaths that occurred due to unexplained symptoms will have to be undertaken," he said.


"If it is found that there is a different strain of the virus, then that strain should ideally be incorporated in the H1N1 vaccine that is being developed by NIV. It is also important to understand how potent that virus is," said

JP Muliyil, senior scientist and epidemiologist at Christian Medical College, Vellore.


Shengare, however, pointed out that the WHO had recommended that a monovalent vaccine against H1N1 be developed. Modifying a vaccine so it provides protection from other viruses would take too much time and effort, he felt. "Even if a new virus sub-type is circulating, the H1N1 vaccine that is being developed won't be useless, as it can still be used to fight swine flu. If there is another virus, we'll have to deal with it separately," said Shengare






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Found this article:

Flu situation in Russia not as bad as in Ukraine, but far from calm




By Itar-Tass World Service writer Lyudmila Alexandrova




Over 3,000 cases of swine flu have been registered in Russia. Fourteen patients have died from the disease. In most cases the victims turned for medical assistance when it was already too late. Although the situation in Russia is not as alarming as in neighboring Ukraine, where swine flu and viral respiratory diseases have killed 86, it is far from calm.


"There are no fears over the risk of a negative pandemic scenario," says Deputy Health and Social Development Minister Veronika Skvortsova. So far laboratory tests have confirmed 3,122 cases of A/H1N1 flu in Russia. Most of those who contracted it have recovered and 1,200 others are still sick. In six percent of patients the illness has proved grave.


Skvortsova warned against breeding panic for which there is absolutely no reason. A total of 4,000 patients die in Russia every month of cardiovascular diseases, 24,000 of cancer, and 2,600 of infection diseases. In the meantime, swine flu has claimed only fourteen lives.


"Our country is among those where the march of events is favorable," she said. Russia has managed to avoid a negative flu epidemic scenario.


At the same time the republic of Buryatia on November 4 declared a state of emergency due to the highly pathogenic virus. As at November 72 patients in Buratia were down with swine flu. On the whole, the epidemiological threshold has been exceeded 3.1 times. All crowded events have been canceled, including conferences, public festivities and rallies. The same applies to business trips.


Wearing masks in public places is obligatory and visiting patients in hospitals is not allowed.


Russia's chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko on Monday was urgently dispatched to the Trans-Baikal Territory, where the situation is alarming. Last weekend five patients at hospitals in Chita died of viral infections and the overall death tall from swine flu there grew to eight. A total of 363 A/H1N1 cases have been registered, and 78 of them are expectant mothers. All employees in the retail trade, public catering and services sectors have been obliged to wear masks.


On November 4 Onishchenko visited Krasnoyarsk - the center of the A/H1N1 virus in Russia. Over 600 patients with swine flu have been taken to the city's hospitals. Onishchenko demanded the local authorities should temporarily suspend the operation of cinema theaters and nightclubs.


By October 25 over 440,000 people around the world had contracted swine flu according to World Health Organization statistics, and over 5,700 of them died.


Vaccination against this new virus in Russia will begin as of November 9 only in those regions that neighbor the high-risk regions, where the epidemic threshold has been exceeded. By November 7 three million doses of the vaccine will be produced. The vaccination campaign will be conducted in three stages. Those working for the crucial life support infrastructures - water and gas supply, communal services, transport, technical services and the Emergency Situations Ministry - will be the first to be vaccinated. At the end of November the vaccine will be available to health service and education workers. Then there will follow the free vaccination of children, expectant mothers and elderly people. This phase will begin only when the Health and Social Development Ministry has the results of clinical tests confirming the vaccine is safe for children. The volunteers for such tests have been selected already.


In the meantime, everybody is invited to take basic precautions to minimize the chances of coming down with flu. The medical authorities advise everybody to use masks and take anti-viral formulas and to call the doctor at early stages of the disease.


Sanitary control on Russia's border with Ukraine has been tightened due to the outbreak of flu in that country.


"All those crossing the border will be subject to standard quarantine procedures," Skvortsova said.


Ukraine acknowledged a flu epidemic last week. Most cases are registered in the west of the country. Nine regions there have been quarantined. According to the latest statistics, 255,000 flu and acute respiratory and viral diseases have been registered in Ukraine. Flu and VRDs have killed 86 people, the Ukrainian Health Ministry said, adding that it knew of 17 cases of A/H1N1 swine flu, including three lethal ones.


The daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta says customers in Kiev literally stormed all drugstores. There where at least some medicines were still available the lines of customers stretched far out into the street.


In Lvov, where the epidemic is raging, there is no panic, in contrast to Kiev. People there just try not to venture into the streets. The city looks deserted and lonely.


Ukraine has suspended the procedure of drafting new recruits into the army. As at November 4 3,567 of Ukraine's military had been taken ill and four proved to have the A/H1N1 virus. Classes at schools and universities have been canceled and childcare centers are closed. Intra-country trips and flights are limited. Political rallies are canceled - at a time when the presidential election campaign is in its prime. Some politicians have already urged the authorities to introduce a state of emergency due to the flu epidemic, which paves the way for canceling the polls.


The daily Vremya Novostei says the swine flu pandemic will hit mostly the poorest countries, which have not built up a reserve of anti-viral medications and have no funds to finance vaccination campaigns. The disastrous situations that are observed these days in Ukraine and in Cuba are a direct confirmation of this. There where the state has not spent a dime on pre-emptive measures the number of A/H1N1 virus infections is far greater.


In Belarus, in contrast to Ukraine, the epidemic has not begun yet. Nor have there been any lethal cases so far. The chief sanitary doctor, Valentina Kachan, said laboratory tests had confirmed 59 swine flu cases as at November 1. In Moldova ten fresh swine flu cases were confirmed during one day, rising the total number of flu patients to 40, the country's Health Ministry said.



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From Nov. 6, 2009 ECDC update bulletin: http://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/healtht...rt_0900hrs.pdf




Pandemic H1N1 outbreak, Ukraine


The Ministry of Health has reported yesterday 633,877 cases of acute respiratory illness and 95 deaths related to acute respiratory illness, which represents a significant increase compared to the previous day (+32% for the number of cases and + 10% for the number of deaths).


Influenza A (H1N1) has been identified in a number of samples in domestic laboratories and confirmed by the WHO’s reference laboratory in London.


A 9-person WHO outbreak assessment team, including experts from ECDC and EU Member States has been deployed at the request of the ministry of health in Ukraine and are presently in Kiev and Lviv.


It is clear that the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 has established itself in Ukraine and it is likely that the rapidly evolving situation in Ukraine is mainly related to the pandemic.


However, at this stage, others causes for clusters of respiratory illness, specifically in the western oblasts cannot be ruled out.


Ukraine called on the EU through the Community Civil Protection Mechanism on 31 October for help to deal with this situation.


The European Commission's Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC), is today dispatching a coordination and assessment team of experts.


Adding to that, several countries has already offered their help to control this outbreak.


Cumulative number of reported ARI cases in Ukraine, by day, since 29th of October 2009 (data MOH)


  • 29-Oct – 37923 – 951 – 30
  • 30-Oct – 81487 – 2341 – 33
  • 31-Oct – 165192 – 5239 – 39
  • 01-Nov – 191431 – 7524 – 60
  • 02-Nov – 255516 – 15810 – 70
  • 03-Nov – 255516 – 15810 – 71
  • 04-Nov – 478456 – 24003 – 81
  • 05-Nov – 633877 – 28836 - 95
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epidemic claims 109 lives in Ukraine - 'RIA Novosti' newswire

Flu epidemic claims 109 lives in Ukraine


KIEV, November 6 (RIA Novosti)



An outbreak of flu in Ukraine has claimed 109 lives, an emergencies ministry spokesman said on Friday.


"According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, 109 people have died from flu in the country," he said.


The Ukrainian government imposed quarantines in nine western provinces in late October in an attempt to curb the spread of flu. All education establishments in Kiev were closed, and people were obliged to wear medical masks in all catering establishments, shops and social services facilities across the former Soviet republic.


The Unian news agency said a team of European medical experts would begin a study of the epidemic in Ukraine on Friday.


The team, consisting of five experts from Austria, France, Germany, Latvia and Sweden, will help coordinate efforts aimed at fighting the epidemic across the country, Unian said, quoting European Commission representatives in Ukraine.


President Viktor Yushchenko earlier requested help from other countries over the outbreak of flu.


The Ukrainian health ministry said on Monday 255,000 flu cases had been registered in the country, with some 15,000 people receiving treatment in hospital.


On Thursday, the health ministry's deputy head said 15 people in Ukraine had been confirmed as suffering from swine flu. He did not elaborate on the number of deaths from swine flu. However, Ukrainian media reports say three people have died.


The Ukrainian parliament has approved the allocation of 1 billion hryvnias ($125 million) on measures to fight swine and seasonal flu.


Flu epidemic claims 109 lives in Ukraine | Top Russian news and analysis online | 'RIA Novosti' newswire

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Ukraine declares martial law following pneumonic plague outbreak


Friday, November 6, 2009 - 09:17


The Ukranian President Victor Yushchenko declared martial law yesterday and announced the National Security and Defense Council will become the supreme ruling authority following the rise of a new pneumonic plague outbreak.


Anyone that fails to comply with the NSDC will result in application to the law enforcement authorities, the president also said "“I instruct the Government and the Ministry of Health to immediately start preventive and promotional work in areas where there is no epidemic, targeting primarily the special risk groups,“"


The Ukrainian Health Minister Wasilij Knaizevicz also said the country's top prosecutor should open criminal proceedings against anyone opposing the implementation of mass flu vaccination campaigns.


“I demand the Government to immediately cancel the existing order of registration of medical supplies, including vaccines.”


“It is generally known that the only way to prevent any infection is vaccination,“ the address reads, “As the President I ask you, dear fellow citizens, to reconsider your attitude to vaccination and do it if necessary, but only, I emphasize it – only after consultation with the doctor.”


“this may lead to the emergence of an even more aggressive new virus”


The WHO however said that the strain of h1n1 in Ukraine seems no different than the normal swine flu break out elsewhere.





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06 November 2009 @ 12:12 am



# 5684








The Ukrainian Security Service, the SBU, -- the Ukrainian government's secret police -- has arrested a 30-year-old man who reported on the unfolding pandemic in the country, specifically on 170 people being hospitalised, trains travelling through Tarnopol without stopping, planes carrying out disinfection missions at night time and the death of students at Tarnopol and Lviv.


The case has gone to court. If found guilty, the blogger can be sentenced to one month of forced labor, have a 20% salary deduction or be fined 15 times the minimum income.


The blogger was arrested for spreading "rumours and fearmongering" under special emergency laws the Ukrainian government is implementing under the pretext of fighting a pandemic.


According to Ukraine's presidential decree and a decision by the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Board of 30 October 2009, the Ukrainian Security Service is to "provide national security during an outbreak of a flu pandemic in Ukraine in case of urgent actions.”


Source: Gryppa666





Proud Ukraninian Friends and Comrades, Stand Up and Fight for Truth and Freedom...!

Protect yourself, your family and your fellow ukrainian citizens!

By all means do NOT take the vaccine and do NOT get the "TAMIFLU". ..!


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Okay, just caught up on five pages of these Ukranian updates...ANM, thank you so much for your dedication in researching and posting all of this information...Violet, I'll keep your brother's colleagues in my prayers.


So from what I understand, they are experiencing parallel outbreaks of both the Swine Flu, tending to hemmorhagic pneumonia, AND pneumonic plague? Is that correct? It leaves me wondering many things...first of all, if the H1N1 virus has mutated in a significant fashion over there at all (which means, of course, that it would become more virulent the world over), and secondly if pneumonic plague could be carried as efficiently around the globe via travelling hosts as the Swine Flu did. THAT would be terribly scary. Pneu. Plague is definitely nothing to mess with; it's a horrible illness, less treatable and perhaps even more awful in its effects than its bubonic brother.


Terrifying stuff...I feel so horrible for all the people over there who are being affected by this, and will be praying for them...thanks again for everyone's diligence in posting updates on this.

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1918 RBD Polymorphsm in Ukraine H1N1?

Recombinomics Commentary 04:22

November 9, 2009



The recent explosion of H1N1 cases in Ukraine (see map) has focused attention on sequences linked to the outbreak, especially those in the lungs of patients who developed a cytokine storm. This hemorrhagic pneumonia has been described previously in other fatal swine flu infections, but that rapid increase in reported deaths in Ukraine has raised concerns that the virus is transmitting more efficiently, or is replicating at higher levels in lung tissue.


These changes are frequently linked to changes in the receptor binding domain (RBD) in the HA protein. Changes in this domain can affect affinity for receptors and also modify tissue tropism. The recent expansion of seasonal H3N2 with M2 S31N was linked to two changes in or near the receptor binding domain, S193F and D225N.


Recent isolates from Sao Paulo, Brazil, collected from necropsy tissue from fatal cases had two changes at position 225. Two of the isolates, A/Sao Paulo/53845/2009 and A/Sao Paulo/53838/2009) had D225N (see list), the same change seen in seasonal H3N2. Interestingly, the swine H1N1 is a triple reassortant with flu genes from swine, humans, and birds. The human gene is PB1 and it was acquired in swine infected with a human H3N2. The initial isolates had three human genes, the H3 and N2 as well as the PB1. Thus, the prior association of the human PB1 in isolates with human H3,may increase the advantage offered by D225N.


However, two other isolates from Sau Paulo, A/Sau Paulo/53225/2009 and A/Sau Paulo/53206/2009, collected from the lungs of fatal cases, had another change at position 225, D225G. This polymorphism is more widespread and recent isolates have been found in Japan, Italy, and China (see list ). Moreover this polymorphism has been found in two isolates from the 1918/1919 pandemic, A/New York/1/1918 and A/London/1/1919. Thus, in 1918 the H1N1 virus usually had a D at position 225, but some of the later isolates had D225G, which parallels the data from the 2009 swine H1N1 isolates.


These RBD changes in recent isolates from Sao Paulo, as well as the presence of D225G in sequences from 1918/1919 raise concerns that the swine H1N1 is adapting to its human host by acquisition of RBD polymorphisms.


The explosion of cases in Ukraine, and delays in the release of sequences from fatal cases in Ukraine is a cause for increasing concern. Recent accelerations of deaths have been widespread across the northern hemisphere, raising concerns that receptor binding domain changes described above, as well as a third polymorphism at position 225, D225E, (see list) are gaining traction as the swine H1N1 adapts to human hosts.


An update on the Mill Hill sequences and deposit of such sequences at a public database such as GISAID, where Mill Hill recently deposited sequences from Europe, would be

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Flu, respiratory infections kill 155 in Ukraine

Yesterday at 11:15 | Interfax-Ukraine


As of November 9, a total of 155 people have died of flu and acute respiratory infections, including 11 people on November 8, the Health Ministry reported.


Since the start of the epidemic, 969, 247 have had flu and respiratory diseases.


A total of 48, 972 have been hospitalized, 446 people are currently in intensive care department.


A total of 11 people died on November 8 alone, including three fatalities in Chernivtsi region, two in Lviv region, two in Ivano-Frankivsk region, two in Rivne region, one in Vinnytsia and one in Khmelnytsky region.


The epidemic threshold for influenza and acute respiratory infections has been exceeded in 13 regions and in Kyiv.





From what i understand the numbers of dead are not accurate because they are not reporting people who die of pneumonia type symptoms as Swine although it is actually from the Swine

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taken from abovetopsecret.com http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread515093/pg149



WHO staff review pandemic prevention steps in Ukraine



The WHO team of experts has continued its work in Ukraine over the weekend. While four members continued investigations in Lviv – one of the most affected regions in the country – two others travelled 100 km west of the capital, Kyiv, to Zhytomyr: a medium-sized city and a regional (oblast) capital. The health authorities there have invested resources in preparing for the pandemic in line with the central Government’s guidelines.


The two team members went to the area, along with WHO’s representative in Ukraine, to see how a typical region prioritizes action to prevent an outbreak of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza.


A total of 1.3 million people live in the wider Zhytomyr oblast, explained the head of the oblast health administration to the WHO team. As of 7 November 2009, nearly 20 000 people had reported acute respiratory illness (ARI) in the previous 8 days. The region confirmed an ARI epidemic 2 days ago, with the numbers breaching a defined threshold (set using the weekly ARI incidence for the past 10 years).


There are 747 hospital beds earmarked for infectious patients (406 are designated for children) and a contingency plan is in place to allocate an extra 1415 beds at extremely short notice. The emergency response plan also includes the transformation of one hospital into a dedicated treatment and care unit for pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza.


Hospital beds are just one part of the arsenal. Health administrators have stockpiled medication for every hospital in the oblast, equipping each with enough medication to treat patients for at least 10 days and giving them access to extra medication if stocks run out. The hospital stores also include protective equipment, such as surgical masks for staff and patients, and much other equipment that can help combat a major outbreak. Implementation of the emergency plan is still on hold, but hospital and health officials are confident that they have done all that they could in the planning stage, which began in April 2009 with WHO’s announcement of a possible pandemic.


Web sites have been set up that provide both general and technical information that the public can easily access, alongside the latest recommendations for all the 30 000 health staff employed in the oblast. Twenty-four-hour hotlines are open for communication with the public, and extra lines and staff are ready to take calls if a major outbreak occurs. After touring three hospitals, the WHO team leader said, “We still cannot accurately predict what kind of impact the H1N1 virus will have, but from the preparations I’ve seen today in this one part of Ukraine, it’s clearly a priority for public health.”






Ecoparity's comments on the above article


Ukraine is going into full blown, doomsday plus one scenario response. A shortage of hospital beds, medication, medical staff and ventilators is the real danger now. Without those things hundreds if not thousands of victims could die who would otherwise survive with proper medical intervention.


I'm still trying to get official confirmation on the water shortage and if it is impacting any cities other than Lviv and the surrounding oblast. Water supplies will probably continue to be diverted for hospitals which will make the treatment of those able to stay at home a risky proposition. This will also continue to worsen the spread of the infection.


Doctors in the Ukraine have commented that the huge number of pneumonia cases in patients who did not actually suffer from severe cytokine storm reactions, (in which the lungs are damaged so badly the patient develops pneumonia due to the internal wounds and fluids within the lungs, making it very easy for bacterial infection to follow) are developing the secondary infection who likely would not have with proper medical intervention, especially antibiotics.


The wide-spread use of home remedies in the Ukraine is blamed for keeping patients out of the hospitals and clinics until they are already suffering pneumonia to the point of being near death.


Hopefully the contributing factors in Ukraine are so unique as to make this level of outbreak a phenomena limited to the region. Current expectations and evidence of a slight mutation in the virus may not result in the same situation in other countries.


Ukraine Conditions and Contributing Factors:


1. Cold weather with high humidity


2. Water shortages resulting in two hours of running water in the a.m. and perhaps another two in the p.m.


3. Culture in which patients use home remedies and delay seeking medical care until it's too late.


4. No vaccination program


5. Shortage of antiviral medications


6. Almost no H1N1 test kits in country prior to this week, 200 or 2000 kits said to be in country are type with less than 50% detection accuracy.


7. Widespread rumors of other pathogens is contributing to people not seeking care and not getting vaccinated in numbers sufficient to curtail the spread of the virus, so far.


8. Political climate effecting efforts to secure needed materials and distribution of them to the populace.


9. One, perhaps two small mutations of the virus which make it easier to jump hosts and bind to host receptors (higher infection rate of persons exposed), exact impact cannot be determined at this time and may never be accurately calculated given the number of contributing factors.


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Total Destruction of Lungs in Ukraine Fatal H1N1 Cases

Recombinomics Commentary 04:22

November 9, 2009



The symptoms are observed at different stages of disease - a fever with a temperature over 38 C, cough, respiratory disorders. When cough was characterized by negligible allocation phlegm or dry unproductive cough with blotches of blood. All the patients come to hospital on average by 3-7 days of onset, were in serious condition. Period of time from onset to death averaged from 4 to 7 days. In all patients during a hospital for signs of respiratory insufficiency of various degrees, which quickly rose and manifested accelerated respiration rate, shortness of breath and effectiveness of independent breathing. X-ray studies were performed on 1-2 day hospitalization. Most patients experienced a double-headed particles of lower lung lesion, followed by a trend towards total destruction.


The above translation is from an announcement today from the Ukraine Ministry of Health describe 90 fatalities (see map) associated with community acquired pneumonia. The full report included the age distribution, which exactly match distribution reported previously by other countries for swine H1N1. 52/90 fatalities were in the age group of 19-40, followed by 26/90 in the 41-55 age group.


Coughing up blood followed the "total destruction" of lungs again gives a clinical picture of hemorrhagic pneumonia caused by H1N1 swine flu.


However, although the 90 recent fatalities described above are clearly due to H1N1, many reports continue to cite a low number of H1N1 lab confirmed cases, which is more reflective of limited testing than actual cases.


Earlier reports cited pneumonia deaths not associated with the influenza/ARI category and the basis for the classification of approximately half of such deaths into a separate category remains unclear.


The above description of these fatalities increase the need for the immediate release of sequences from H1N1 isolated from the lungs of these fatal cases.


Samples were sent to Mill Hill a week ago and only a minimal description (no "large" changes and no anti-viral resistance) of the sequence data. As the number of reports of sequences with receptor binding domain changes in isolates from lungs of fatal H1N1 cases increase, the need for full and rapid disclosure of sequences from large outbreaks such as the one in Ukraine become a major health care imperative.



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Just heard from my brother. He said to thank each of you that are praying.

He said Kmelnytsky had 43 die so far from the swine flu. His friend, Larry is in Estonia now where he and his wife are currently living. He just left Ukraine a few days ago. I will keep you posted when I find out any new information.


My daughter was coughing and vomiting up blood. She lives up north of me in Wa. state. She is on the mend, it seems. I cannot go up around her. She is on Prednisone and Zpack antibiotics. The doctor today said her lungs are pretty well clear, just a bit of congestion. You can imagine how I felt know this is happening to people.


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Violet, honey, how scary!! :o I am so sorry your daughter is so sick...praise the Lord she's healing!! It must be so hard to not be able to be with your child when they are ill...even if they're all grown up. I have a feeling that even when my kids are in their forties, I will still want to help them out when they're sick!


Keep us updated on how she's doing, okay?

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Katz...you can bet we are not even getting the real numbers. WHO is supposed to have released what they found but it doesn't seem like anyone expects it.


Violet...thank you for letting us know about your family and your brothers friend. We are keeping them in our prayers and hope your daughter is on the mend quickly.


I have new report of updated numbers. I also have found a blog from a lady on the othersite. She is just posting whatever she can find as far as news...pretty much like I am here. She also says that some of the "conspiracy" ideas are starting to grow legs. I got the updated numbers from her site and I'm including the address for her blog just in case I'm not able to keep up on posting. I just got extra hours added to my work schedule (PRAISE THE LORD FOR OT)




Is the blog



OFFICIAL NUMBERS of Sick Just Released


1,122,188 SICK




189 DEAD


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Thank you. She is still coughing so badly. She cannot get any rest with all the coughing. Her house is a mess and normally she keeps it tidy. I cannot go up there yet. I should be immune in a couple days. I got my swine flu vaccine a week ago. I am still worried about getting the shot, but too afraid not to get it, too. I just have to pray that God will protect me.

I truly appreciate all the prayers for both situations.

No news from my brother today about Ukraine. I cannot imagine having to be there in that situtation. They don't even have any cold/flu medicines.


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I agree that when the government steps in that the news will have to come from people there. They won't tell the truth about what's going on.



Found this posted at Yahoo - I wonder why they think another wave of the flu will hit??


A million infected in Ukraine flu epidemic: minister

Tue Nov 10, 10:54 am ET



KIEV (AFP) – Ukraine's epidemic of flu and acute respiratory disorders has now affected more than a million people, the country's deputy health minister said on Tuesday.


Vasyl Lazoryshynets said the death toll from the epidemic had risen to 174, as President Viktor Yushchenko warned the country must brace itself for a second wave of infections.


Nearly 53,000 Ukrainians have now been hospitalised, Lazoryshynets said, but the number in intensive care has fallen by nearly a quarter to around 330.


A total of 67 cases of swine flu have been reported in Ukraine, he said, 14 of which had been fatal.


"Ukraine must prepare properly for a second wave of respiratory infections and flu," including A(H1N1), Yushchenko said Tuesday, according to the Interfax news agency.


A World Health Organisation (WHO) team in Ukraine said on Monday the epidemic had slowed, but warned a second wave was likely.


On Monday the health ministry's previous bulletin on the epidemic, which began in mid-October, reported 969,000 infections, with 155 deaths and 65 cases of A(H1N1).


Violet - I hope your daughter feels better soon and your family is okay in the Ukraine.






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I'm copying another response from the thread I'm following on abovetopsecret.com. This post is regarding the numbers and statistics and discrepancies. It really puts things in perspective.




reply posted on 10-11-2009 @ 09:45 PM by Absum!


RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service


Situation Update No. 34

On 10.11.2009 at 18:38 GMT+2


Ukraine's epidemic of flu and acute respiratory disorders has now affected more than a million people, the country's deputy health minister said on Tuesday. Vasyl Lazoryshynets said the death toll from the epidemic had risen to 174, as President Viktor Yushchenko warned the country must brace itself for a second wave of infections. Nearly 53,000 Ukrainians have now been hospitalized, Lazoryshynets said, but the number in intensive care has fallen by nearly a quarter to around 330. A total of 67 cases of swine flu have been reported in Ukraine, he said, 14 of which had been fatal. "Ukraine must prepare properly for a second wave of respiratory infections and flu," including A(H1N1), Yushchenko said Tuesday, according to the Interfax news agency. A World Health Organization (WHO) team in Ukraine said on Monday the epidemic had slowed, but warned a second wave was likely. On Monday the health ministry's previous bulletin on the epidemic, which began in mid-October, reported 969,000 infections, with 155 deaths and 65 cases of A(H1N1).




This is the posters response to the quote above...


OK, let’s look at the numbers.


Lazoryshynets said, but the number in intensive care has fallen by nearly a quarter to around 330.


So if you end up in intensive care, your chance of dying is 4.3% and that is not an ordinary flu.


A World Health Organization (WHO) team in Ukraine said on Monday the epidemic had slowed,


OK, 19 more deaths overnight, is a 12% increase in the death toll. At that rate by December 31st there would be 50,258 dead. Slowed, yeah right. In addition, 53,000 Ukrainians have now been hospitalized which is a 7.6% increase OVERNIGHT.


It reminds me of the US government and the “green shoots” talk. They know we’re screwed; they just don’t want the panic because they can’t control it. Our panic would surly turn to anger at those that brought us here.



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Thank you Katz ! My daughter seems to be some better today. Still coughing so much, though. She did manage to fix food for her family and get the dishes done. Not much compared to her daily routine, but a start.

My brother is home in the USA. He still has friends there in Ukraine . The one pastor he deals with lives in Estonia. He is originally from California, I believe.

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Well today its up to 21 3 dead in the Ukraine. Still asking the question if only 70 were H1N1 what did the other 143 die from??? Still seems very curious to me.


Situation Update No. 36

On 12.11.2009 at 04:15 GMT+2</B>


The number of deaths in Ukraine from flu viruses has climbed to 213, the country's Health Ministry reported on Wednesday. The ministry reported 24 deaths from viral infections on Tuesday alone. Ukraine's flu epidemic began at the end of October and nearly 1.2 million have fallen ill. According to the latest figures, 70 cases of the A/H1N1 swine flu have been confirmed with 17 resulting in deaths in the country. The country's foreign minister, Petro Poroshenko, said on Tuesday Ukraine had received about $3 million in foreign aid to fight the pandemic.

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This is from the site A New Me posted yesterday, you all should go there she has lots of information:




Title and link: WHO: Ukraine could face second, longer bout of A/H1N1 flu



According to Pukkila, the experience obtained by Ukraine during its fight against the epidemic is important for other countries.


"This result is important not only for Ukraine but for all other regions too. People of all countries are watching what is taking place in the country. The experience will help them to improve the response [to flu outbreaks] in their own countries," he said.



The Official numbers posted below, show an increase of people hospitalized and sick. How are they past the peak? Also, he says H1N1 - but it is not H1N1 that is causing all the sickness - the Ukraine Officials are even saying it is Not H1N1. Why does the head of WHO refer to it as such?




Experts expecting second A(H1N1) flu epidemic wave in February




The second A(H1N1) flu epidemic wave may occure in February 2010, experts believe.Head of the Kyiv clinic immunology center Oleh Nazar said that the pandemic flu is developing in a way similar to ordinary flu.


At the same time, a representative of the World Health Organization Natalia Pshenychna considers that the second wave may take place in several weeks or months. She said that western regions of Ukraine are slowly passing the peak of the first wave of the A(H1N1) flu epidemic.




<H3 class="post-title entry-title">UPDATE 11/11/09 12:25pm OFFICIAL NUMBERS Of Ukraine - Released </H3>OFFICIAL NUMBERS OF UKRAINE- JUST RELEASED FOR 11/11/09


1,192,481 SICK




213 DEAD


(Compare those numbers to the ones posted just yesterday!)


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I don't know if anyone is interested in this anymore, but I'm still checking into it. Don't know what happened to the great posts from A New Me. Anyway if you don't want anymore information, let me know and I'll stop.


<H3 class="post-title entry-title">OFFICIAL NUMBERS JUST RELEASED - 1. 3 MILLION - STILL GOING UP! 11/13/09 1:07pm </H3>OFFICIAL NUMBERS JUST RELEASED - 1. 3 MILLION - SICKNESS STILL GOING UP! for 11/13/09


1,308,911 SICK




265 DEAD






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I'm still watching this thread and doing a little research on my own here and there. Matter of fact, just went to Walmart today and bought more masks and am going to BJ's this weekend to buy more Flu Meds, whatever they've got on hand then back to Walmart to fill in the gaps. I don't know what's going on but if this thing busts loose I don't want to be caught unprepared. Thank you for all the follow up!

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