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Life has overwelmed me, but I am NOT taking it lying down.


I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The doctor has not ruled out Rumatoid arthritis and Sjogrens.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (I am losong my hair and have been for years, and I am VERY overweight).

Next month they are doing a biopsy of my thyroid, and the doctor says I need to face the reality that it will very likely have to be removed because it is so overlarge.


I dd a sleep study because I am exhausted all the time despite having my sleep apnea machine. The sleep study showed I am NOT getting ANY REM sleep at night. They determined that when I fall asleep I do have sleep apnea, (which I knew and might be in part due to the overlarge thyroid). When I start into REM sleep, I apparently wake up. So I get very little REM sleep. Obviously this is a huge problem.


I found some lumps in my arm. Dr is taking a wait and see additude.

I have a lump on my tongue -- that is being scheduled to be removed.


Monday I go to get glasses. My first. I can't afford them, but I can't see to read any more, even with the magnifying glasses.


My diabetes has been out of control for a long time (months) because I have been so tired in the morning I haven't been taking my medications.


My liver is having problems -inflammation- probably because of the diabetes.


My triglicerides are through the roof.


Weird thing is -- despite all of this physical stuff, I haven't gotten super depressed. (I am schizoaffective - bipolar type) and I haven't had any panic attacks for more than a month.


Life wise. My son ran the car into the garage door and I had to replace it. I am helping him start a business picking up dog poop so he can pay me back.


Lots of things happening. Life is flowing forward. I have made a list of things I want to accomplish the rest of the year, and I am budgeting each month to do a little at a time. This month is painting the kitchen and redecorating it. I budgeted 100 dollars. I am hoping to get some help from freecycle for plants and silk plants for the top of the cabinets.


Christmas is coming fast. It is a time of stress for me, but I have decided to make it an opprotunity for the kids to learn about giving instead of recieving.


Anyway, life continues, I think of you all alot. Hugs to you all.

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(((Angela)) I see so many positive things here. Your outlook and attitude despite all the health problems is wonderful. Take one thing at a time. Diabetes can seriously effect eyesight, so working on the blood sugar will help there also. The lumps may turn out to be nothing other than cystic changes or something minor. Take care, and remember one step at a time. After you get one thing settled move onto the next. Sounds like you have a plan and are moving forward. Making a list of goals and things wanting to accomplish the rest of the year is right on track. Good job!


I've been thinking about Christmas too. Wanting to start on some simple ideas for a joyous and non stressful time. If you have any of the everything a dollar stores nearby, I found some really good things there. My gifts are going to be small and inexpensive but filled with lots of thought. Oh the ideas I have--- just need to get started on them. :blush:


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So sorry to hear you're not doing well. I knew I hadn't seen you around for a while and was hoping it wasn't anything to worry about.

Take care of yourself. Consider that your number one priority. You are important and needed by those kiddos of yours.

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Seems like there is lots going on at the same time to so many folks. Good to hear you are focused and taking necessary steps Angela. TAKE CONTROL of the diabetes, it can have a negative impact on your entire body.


We're basically not doing Christmas this year (as far as gifts). I've been talking to the kids for months about it. My plan is to do stockings only. I am going to concentrate on traditions, Christ and family. This is a big change in our family, but I feel it is the right thing to do.

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So sorry to hear of continued health problems. I know that is frustrating and in the middle of it, one's mind gets so :twister3: that you can't figure out if you're coming or going. I pray God will give you the clarity to remember things like your meds and that the docs will help you make correct choices.


I LOVE the way you are handling your son's mistake. Begin a business [dog poo...lol] and pay for it himself. Yes! Very positive. I admire the way you are still a mamma and want the best for your children. [despite the fact that all us parents are so un-perfect! ] Focus on God and children has anchored more than one woman in times of chaos. They NEED you and we pray that God will bring healing to their mom!


MtRider :pray:

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Sorry to hear you are having so many problems, but I am glad you are handling it so well. If we allow ourself to stew in our problems they are worse, where a positive attitude and faith can make all the difference in taking everything one step at a time.


Take care of you diabetes. My monther in law lost her eye sight due to undiagnosised diabetes. When she got it under control she actually regained her sight. She was lucky it was the uncontroled sugar affecting her sight, not actually permanent damage done to her. With your eye sight getting worse, you don't want to let the blood sugar make it worse.

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Hugs to you

I am Diabetic type 2

I am over weight ; but have lost some

I have lots of conditions and diseases too.

I am with you, sometimes ; it just gets to be to much

it seems like every time I turn around something else pops up

I take a mild med . for derpression

I pray you will soon get things under control

hugs to you sheila

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((((((Angela))))))) from a been there still doing that perspective, PCOS stinks.


The most beneficial thing is to lose weight, easier said then done I know. If you want a virtual weight loss buddy/sounding board on say the word. We could always trade rogaine/wig secrets LOL


Keep your chin up! :hug3:

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