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  • 1 month later...

Here it is:


(05:04 PM) firegirl969 - This is firegirl. I finally got in. I am waiting on the chat for the Wagons 'Ho journey discussion tonight. I just want to make sure I got this right. Somebody please let me know. Blessings, firegirl

(05:09 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - OK glad you got it. I sent you a PM and here you are

(05:11 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - there you are !

(05:11 PM) firegirl969 - Yea, I wasn't going all the way to the top of the page. Go figure that. Well, glad I got in. I am going to cook supper now (crab stew) and then be ready for the 9:30 chat. Thanks for giving me the directions.

(05:12 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - hello firegirl969

(05:13 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - OK glad you can write as well as find it see ya later

(05:13 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(05:33 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - time to make more coffee - lets see I got the wood, matches, coffee pot, coffee cup................ now where did I put the coffee beans? Somewhere in one of the tubes I am sure................. maybe here.......... or here? Got them. OK so now the coffee bean grinder? it sould be with the Colman Kitchen ..... Yes! so I am all set for the meeting. Coffe anyone I got plenty?

(06:13 PM) CeeGee - Just wondering by the fire to make sure that I can find my way....

(06:29 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Did someone say coffee? I'm gonna go get a cup! Be right back.

(06:37 PM) Annarchy - Bringing up the rear............but I'm here

(06:38 PM) CeeGee - Howdy, all! I think that we are a bit early.....hope we don't doze off waiting

(06:40 PM) CeeGee - don't know about you, but I sure am stiff!

(06:41 PM) Annarchy - I was afraid I was late, oxen were mossy'n along... me too. I had quite a time making sure I could get everything in the wagon.

(06:41 PM) Annarchy - AH, I've got our coffee cups, might we have a cup of coffee too?

(06:42 PM) CeeGee - I think that every one else won't be here for 45 mins or so

(06:42 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - here's your coffee

(06:43 PM) CeeGee - Any one for hot chocolate?

(06:43 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Lots of cream, no sugar. Thanks!

(06:43 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - brb

(06:44 PM) Mother - **Groan** I can see it's going to take some getting used to, this bouncing and all. I'm got a pot of mint tea if anyone is interested

(06:45 PM) Mother - Didn't Mt.R promise us a real bathroom? I'm going to go check it out to see if I can find a shower/ BRB.

(06:45 PM) CeeGee - I think that if I had tea, I'd fall asleep....

(06:46 PM) CeeGee - A shower.......mmmmmmmmmmmmm

(06:46 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I think I heard something about real bathrooms.

(06:46 PM) CrabGrassAcres - good coffee!

(06:47 PM) Annarchy - Thanks for the coffee AH, ohhh that shower sounds so good, real bathrooms? brb

(06:47 PM) CeeGee - brb

(06:49 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - well I'm back- Seeing we had the 2 long ladders hanging on the side of the wagon that stick out the back about 4 feet. So Lori asked if I could rig up some canvisa nd make a changing clothes, potty room. Well I had it done before we left. I just now when and got it all set up for her.

(06:49 PM) CrabGrassAcres - might be hard to keep a group together, everybody wants a shower

(06:50 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - got out her chamber chair so now we are set. we can sit on it to change clothes or sit on it to go potty. I better find that smalll shovel we packed/

(06:52 PM) CrabGrassAcres - we just use a bucket

(06:52 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - hang a bucket form the back of the wagon (in our chamber room) and we are feeling good! Good thing the last time we made soap I made some "soap on a rope" remember those?

(06:53 PM) CeeGee - we have a bucket with a potty seat

(06:54 PM) CrabGrassAcres - remember when the pope came to texas years ago. they were selling "pope soap on a rope">

(06:55 PM) CeeGee - CGA, how did you DD do today?

(06:56 PM) CrabGrassAcres - She just grinned and loooked and laughed and rocked. Then crawled in back and took a nap. She travels well.

(06:56 PM) CeeGee - good

(06:57 PM) Mother - Well that was a quick shower but I feel much better now. A bit chilly but it worked out some of the kinks. AH, we have a more or less permanent potty set up in the camper wagon with curtains that can be pulled around it.

(06:57 PM) CrabGrassAcres - The camper is a good idea.

(06:58 PM) Annarchy - DH crawled on top of the towels and went back to sleep. He even slept through the sirens. Poor baby, I worked the heck out of him.

(06:59 PM) CeeGee - my crew can sleep thru the sirens too. our little town has sirens at 7,12, and 6 mon-fri

(07:00 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Like I want to go potty when the wagon is movng? NOW THAT would be something to wwrite home about!

(07:00 PM) Mother - Only if you forget to put the LID down, AH

(07:01 PM) Mother - We 'girls' are better aims I believe.

(07:02 PM) Annarchy - That's why I thought we were late, he pulled over and handed me a shovel.

(07:02 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - LOL

(07:04 PM) Mother - I'm glad we have the camper but it's really only just a covered wagon with plastic windows to keep the rain off when you are driving.

(07:04 PM) Mother - I'm concerned about it making it through the mountain passes though

(07:04 PM) CrabGrassAcres - It looks sturdy

(07:05 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - 6 members here and 5 out there somewhere

(07:05 PM) Mother - It's pretty neat for sure. Someone took a lot of time to build it. We found it at an auction.

(07:05 PM) Mother - We didn't lose anyone along the way, did we?

(07:06 PM) CrabGrassAcres - What kind of driving conditions are we expecting once we leave "civilization"?

(07:06 PM) CeeGee - can we paint circus pics on it?

(07:07 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Where's Mr Rider?

(07:07 PM) Mother - If you look close you can see it's got nifty murals on the sides of it. CGA, sounds like it might be forested for most of the way and then that big mountain to get across. Could be bad.

(07:07 PM) CeeGee - we are still early

(07:08 PM) Mother - CeeGee, I tried to get a caliope or some such to put on it LOL

(07:08 PM) CeeGee - LOL! my DH could play it

(07:09 PM) firegirl969 - I'm in. I am still having some issues with the computer tonight. Could it be the full moon? I hope I don't lose ya'll.

(07:09 PM) Mother - Can't you all just see us coming down the road with that wagon with caliope music blaring?

(07:09 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Will we be following forest service roads?

(07:09 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - a bit early but we are here so enjoy

(07:09 PM) CeeGee - Hi, firegirl

(07:09 PM) Mother - Fire girl, We'll get out the duct tape if you have too much trouble and tape you in here LOL

(07:09 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - hey firlgirl969 you made it in!

(07:10 PM) Mother - CGA

We should ask Mt_R when she gets here.

(07:10 PM) CeeGee - tape

(07:10 PM) Louis1 -

(07:10 PM) firegirl969 - Yep, I got in finally.

(07:11 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - tape?

(07:11 PM) Mother - Hi Louis, nice of you to meet us here for our first night on the road. You going to join our wagon train?

(07:11 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I just hope we aren't expected to clear our own roads!

(07:11 PM) CeeGee - duck tape

(07:11 PM) Mother - We have various colors of duct tape for keeping people in chat. What color would you like FG

(07:12 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Hi Mt Rider!

(07:12 PM) firegirl969 - Red, it's my favorite color.

(07:12 PM) Mother - We do have genuine duck tape CeeGee and even Camo tape!!!!

(07:13 PM) Mother - Red it will be then Fire Girl. We'll keep an eye on you and if you have any more trouble we'll start taping LOL

(07:14 PM) firegirl969 - I will take the Camo then. Maybe I can sneak up on varmits to make you all a varmit stew for supper one night!

(07:14 PM) Mt_Rider - wooofta.....I'm tired! Hi yall!

(07:14 PM) CeeGee - howdy MtR

(07:14 PM) firegirl969 - Mother, you really have red! Lucky me!!

(07:14 PM) Mother - Yum varmit stew. cool. I'm all for it.

(07:15 PM) Mother - Hi MtR

(07:15 PM) Louis1 - Anybody ever ate varmint stew?

(07:15 PM) Mother - Michael has coffee or I have mint tea

(07:15 PM) Mother - Depends on the varmint

(07:15 PM) CrabGrassAcres - That anything like my famous "roots and road kill stew?"

(07:16 PM) Mother - Seriously, I'm wondering how many varmint stews we'll be eating before we reach the valley

(07:17 PM) firegirl969 - I made varmit stew when my kids were young. The boys would kill doves, quail, rabbits, and squirrils and clean them then put them in the freezer in bags. They never marked what they had, so I would take out whatever and add onions, potatoes, carrots, and brown gravy mix and call it varmit stew. They loved it.

(07:17 PM) Annarchy - Squirrel isn't too shabby.

(07:18 PM) firegirl969 - I bet we will get to make lots of variations of varmit stew along the way. I've got the canned potatoes and some dried Vidalia onions along for the road.

(07:19 PM) Mother - Actually possum isn't bad if you remove all the fat you can. I like it soaked in milk over night better though.

(07:19 PM) CeeGee - can somebody poke MtR and make sure she's awake?

(07:19 PM) Mother - I'm not as crazy about raccoon though.

(07:20 PM) Mother - Mt_R <<<<<<<<

(07:20 PM) firegirl969 - I'm not crazy about possum...too greasy for my tastes. I do look forward to that roadkill stew though.

(07:21 PM) Louis1 - Possum in stew is OK

(07:21 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - better get that fire going

(07:21 PM) Louis1 - Raccoon is great bbq'd, taste like goat

(07:21 PM) Mt_Rider - shhhhhhhh Mother!....I was trying to catch up on the conversation...

(07:22 PM) Mother - If you soak it overnight in milk then parboil it and toss the first water it's really not bad.

(07:22 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - food, food , food is that all you people can think about?

(07:22 PM) firegirl969 - Yea, I tried coon BBQ'ed and it was good!

(07:22 PM) CoM - Good evening!

(07:22 PM) Mt_Rider - We think raccoon got one of our female ducks just before we left.... I'd eat that one!

(07:22 PM) Mother - WE've been on the trail all day AH, Of COURSE we're thinking of food LOL

(07:22 PM) CeeGee - uhhhh, yea

(07:23 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Hi CoM!

(07:23 PM) Mt_Rider - Hi CoM....

(07:23 PM) Annarchy - I brought 8 lbs of chicken for PCS, from my freezer. Any room in your freezer CGA for the remainder of the 10 lbs of salmon I didn't get dried yet?

(07:23 PM) Mt_Rider - Hey, is there a big enough fire tonite...Mother? Have you baked rust off of cast iron pots before?

(07:24 PM) firegirl969 - No, actually I am thinking about when we get farther on down the road maybe we can keep our eyes open for some hot springs to soak in. Doesn't that sound heavenly?

(07:24 PM) Mt_Rider - Yum, salmon...

(07:24 PM) Mother - Yeah, I have and it does work if the fire is hot enough. I used to clean mine in a self cleaning oven.

(07:24 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - we got a big one going now

(07:24 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I think we are going to be doing some juggling in the freezers. I thought maybe we should pick up some dry ice for the ice chests too.

(07:24 PM) CeeGee - hot springs would be great

(07:24 PM) Mt_Rider - Just before leaving I remembered 2 important pieces ...

(07:25 PM) Mother - HOT SPRINGS Oh YEAH

(07:25 PM) Mother - any on the way Mt_R

(07:25 PM) Annarchy - Better yet, I think I use this corner of the fire to smoke it.... where's my extra grill rack?..

(07:25 PM) Mt_Rider - A 2 gallon family heirloon round-bottom kettle with bail handle &...

(07:25 PM) Mother - What did you remember MTR

(07:25 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Haven't had smoked salmon in yrs

(07:26 PM) Mt_Rider - My #8 fire-type dutch oven

(07:26 PM) Mother - &

(07:26 PM) Mt_Rider - Both rusted but still quite solid...

(07:26 PM) Mother - YOu mean you almost forgot them???

(07:27 PM) Cat - Who's smoking salmon? That stuff's hard to keep LIT!

(07:27 PM) Mother - Annarchy, I have an extra couple of grills, should we get that salmon going now?

(07:27 PM) Mt_Rider - hmm...some folks have family heirlooMs....I get family heirlooNs...LOL [typo]

(07:27 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Almost as bad as smoking ham

(07:28 PM) Mt_Rider - Hey cat!!! You traveling with us? Gettin' outta 'dodge'?

(07:28 PM) Annarchy - Hi Cat....lol

(07:28 PM) CeeGee - Cat lol!

(07:28 PM) Cat - You guys gonna post the shout/chat?

(07:28 PM) Mt_Rider - MtRider will be keeping a carefully eye on that salmon....

(07:28 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - is cat coming with us?

(07:29 PM) Mt_Rider - ...post it? Uh...how? And we'd have to take a vote.... Anyone?

(07:29 PM) Mother - I figure its really nice of people to come see us as we travel through. Give us a feeling of still being home.

(07:29 PM) Cat - I'm just peekin' in. I'm beat. It's been a downer day.

(07:29 PM) Mother - I'd like to see it posted if we can?

(07:29 PM) Cat - But I'd love to stow away and read it later.

(07:29 PM) Mt_Rider - Hi Mommadogs...did you just get here? Are you packing????

(07:29 PM) Mother - Might make a lot of people go HUH???? but it would be fun

(07:29 PM) Mt_Rider - ((((cat))))

(07:30 PM) CeeGee - sorry, Cat

(07:31 PM) Mother - (((((Cat))))

(07:31 PM) firegirl969 - Suits me to post it if the majority agrees to.

(07:32 PM) Mt_Rider - MtRider raps her gavel....or her tin cup: Does anyone object to our Wagons Ho Fireside Chat being posted on the forum?

(07:32 PM) CeeGee - fine with me to post

(07:32 PM) Annarchy - (((Cat)))

(07:33 PM) Mother - Not I

(07:33 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - go for it

(07:33 PM) Annarchy - I'm ok with it

(07:33 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - where's john to tel us how to do it?

(07:33 PM) Annarchy - Mother votes "no"?

(07:34 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Fine with me

(07:34 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - watch out 'the boss' stopped by to say Hello!

07:35 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - well she WAS here?

(07:35 PM) Mt_Rider - OK Annarchy...can you do that then?? :hugs3:

(07:35 PM) Annarchy - Ok, NP....gotta turn the salmon....

(07:35 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - SO lets get talking about TODAY!

(07:36 PM) firegirl969 - Anybody got some hot chocolate made? It's getting cold outside.

(07:36 PM) Mt_Rider - Y'know...in the twinkling light of the campfire, Micheal...you get to seeing things.

(07:36 PM) CeeGee - I've got hoy chocolate

(07:36 PM) Mother - I meant that I didn't MIND LOL

(07:36 PM) Cat - Gotta go tuck in a kiddo. *SIGH* What will I do when she no longer wants me to? Night and hugs...

(07:36 PM) Annarchy - Hi MommaDongs

(07:36 PM) CeeGee - make that hot

(07:36 PM) CeeGee - make that hot

(07:37 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - smooth ride for us but then again we done this wagon riding

(07:37 PM) CeeGee - we must be tired! watch out for the typos!

(07:37 PM) MommaDogs - Hi all, just had to take my cranberry jelly out of the canner. Sorry to disappear. I'm packing tonight, gotta get moving, I guess

(07:37 PM) Mt_Rider - Hot chocolate...yep, I brought a big batch of add homemade "add-water" kind! Pass it around...watch that kettle doesn't tip....

(07:37 PM) CeeGee - brb

(07:37 PM) firegirl969 - CG, can I come get a cup? Nite cat

(07:38 PM) MommaDogs - Did anyone figure out how to pack glass jars full of goodies? I would hate to throw it all away. Oh... sounds good, I'll put on a batch of hot chocolate also just in case any of you aren't yet on the wagon train and want to stop by... chocolate chips, sugar, milk... yum

(07:38 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - are we missing people aready?

(07:39 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Did they turn back home?

(07:39 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - in with the grain in barrels

(07:39 PM) MommaDogs - firegirl, I got your pack in my car to be mailed, but have been busy... FYI - hope you didn't need it for the wagon trip. I'll bring it along

(07:40 PM) Mt_Rider - Some are trying to rearrange their stuff...critters/wagons....the first few days will be quite a learning curve...

(07:40 PM) Mother - My jars are mostly packed in boxes with strips of foam insulation wound them. you know, the kind that you use for sills when you are building. I've used that for years in the camper

(07:40 PM) Mt_Rider - How are your animals settling in...we've had enough dog fights...sheeesh!

(07:40 PM) CeeGee - yes, firegirl have some chocolate

(07:40 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - good plan

(07:41 PM) Mother - DD's Saint sat by me the whole day and never moved. I think she just didn't want to walk

(07:41 PM) Mt_Rider - I've got towels and other cloth...I hope it holds...but I also put each jar in a plastic bag in case of accident!

(07:42 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Lori is off to bed - not wanting to hear about all the chit-chat about other things was hoping to hear about the trip

(07:42 PM) MommaDogs - Just dog fights, or did they go after any of the livestock?

(07:42 PM) Mt_Rider - No , just dogs trying to sort out who was gonna be the boss of who....

(07:43 PM) CrabGrassAcres - My Pyrs have been having a good time, but they don't like any other dogs around their flocks.

(07:43 PM) MommaDogs - When I join, my Clay will settle it all. We call him the judge... or the fun police. He'll get right in the middle of those fights and tell them to knock it off. He won't bother anyone unless they're being brats.

(07:43 PM) Mt_Rider - Which is how it should be! I'm scared to let my dumb dog outta the wagon..but she likes riding too.

(07:43 PM) Mother - Mt_R, can you tell us anything about what tomorrow is going to bring. Maybe what we'll be driving through

(07:44 PM) CeeGee - so what can we look forward to tomorrow?

(07:44 PM) MommaDogs - Samara can't wait to meet your Pyrs - hope they like her. She needs some playmates on this trip.

(07:45 PM) firegirl969 - Sorry to disappear, I had to get that cup of hot chocolate. Thanks, CG. It's soooo good!

(07:45 PM) CrabGrassAcres - What kind of dog is Samara?

(07:45 PM) CoM - Louis???? I sent you a message

(07:45 PM) Mt_Rider - Bit more of the same. any time we get on the busier paved roads, they want to escort us. [withOUT sirens puleeez!] We're supposed to make 10 miles tomorrow...

(07:45 PM) MommaDogs - It's going to be a quick winter (here quickly) - what are our plans if we are stuck in a snow storm that doesn't let up.

(07:45 PM) MommaDogs - Samara is one of Darlene/Kayra's pups.

(07:46 PM) Mt_Rider - It's kinda flat so we shouldn't have any trouble ...the next day gets to a hilly section tho. I hope it's dry by then. My horse slipped a few times today in the muddy sections.

(07:46 PM) CrabGrassAcres - My adult male, Gordon, is a good judge of character. If she is a good livestock dog, he'll be ok with her.

(07:46 PM) Annarchy - 10 miles!? I think my oxen need that whip I brought. They keep wanting to graze on the side of the road.

(07:47 PM) MommaDogs - Can I bring solar panels to this settlement?

(07:47 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - snowshoes on the ox and skis on the wagon wheels LOL

(07:47 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I think some others have solar panels. I'm bringing a generator.

(07:47 PM) Mt_Rider - [Mommadogs...This is the last week in March and we nearly expect that there will be at least one more snow...which we'll hunker down and wait out.

(07:47 PM) firegirl969 - Our oxen did ok in the mud today, but they sure are stubborn!

(07:48 PM) MommaDogs - LOL, she's afraid of livestock. Well, she was, we're working on her. Maybe Gordon can help her out. Oh, and she thinks there is nothing funnier than jumping in the middle of turkeys and seeing the feathers fly. Yeah... LSGD. LOL

(07:48 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I've known it to snow the last day of June in the mountains.

(07:48 PM) Mt_Rider - Yes on solar....be sure to bring a solar yard light for tent/wagon interior lighting.

(07:48 PM) MommaDogs - Oh, I've gotten the time wrong on the chat and the season wrong on the journey. Silly me, of course.

(07:49 PM) Mother - I'm bring a couple of solar set up's MD along with some good batteries. Won't last forever but for a while, a long while maybe. We have a couple of small solar panels set up on the wagons too

(07:49 PM) CeeGee - solar yard lights help find the potty at night too

(07:50 PM) firegirl969 - Yea, I got our solar lights out of the yard and put in the wagon yesterday after one of ya'll posted about them. I didn't bring our solar panels as we didn't have an inverter or batteries yet to go with them.

(07:50 PM) Mt_Rider - @ Mommadogs....*this* reality changes!

(07:50 PM) Mother - I'd rather have oxen in the snow and mud than horses

(07:50 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - we packed our solor reading lamps Michael made for the end talbe sin the bedroom (also work well on the road)

(07:51 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Might need to leash Samara then. We will be herding turkeys and geese at least part of the time and they will be out grazing in the evenings.

(07:51 PM) Mt_Rider - At least we've only got mud in the low spots....so far....

(07:52 PM) CoM - I guess noone can semy posts

(07:52 PM) Mt_Rider - My cat is NOT happy about this lifestyle change. she misses her sunny windowsills and the warm waterbed...lol

(07:52 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - what time are we getting up in the morning? I don't want to miss using my GONG!

(07:53 PM) firegirl969 - How many turkey eggs can a banty hen set on? I would love to barter for a few in the spring to get me a small start to turkeys.

(07:53 PM) Mt_Rider - Sorry CoM....we planned to do this Fireside chat for our Scenario tonite.... it's a special thing.

(07:54 PM) Mt_Rider - ...banty on turkey eggs...that's a visual ...so what IS the answer?

(07:55 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - 6 but she must really want too LOL

(07:55 PM) Mother - AH CoM, ((((( ))))) YOu really aren't invisible, just sort of being outshouted as we're all kind of hyped up about this chat.

(07:56 PM) Mother - I've had some banties that wouldn't be able to set on one egg without rolling from side to side to keep it warm LOL

(07:56 PM) Mt_Rider - How about just a *bit* later tomorrow morning with your Alarm Clock! sheeeeesh!

(07:57 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - brb - gotta go potty....................... now where was that big ol' tree I saw?

(07:57 PM) Mother - But if I know banty's, they WILL want to. Best darn moms.

(07:57 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I have some poults along in a cage if someone needs a few.

(07:58 PM) Mt_Rider - So how are your family/spouses taking to this trail?

(07:58 PM) MommaDogs - OH, now there's a question... should I slaughter my ducks and turks now or bring them along alive?

(07:58 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I also have some game chicks and ducklings and goslings

(07:58 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Bring your poultry live!

(07:58 PM) Mother - If Michael is going to get us up with that 'gong' of his could you have him do it from behind that tree he just went to find?

(07:58 PM) Annarchy - watch out for bears AH

(07:58 PM) CeeGee - well, OGS fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pliiow

(07:59 PM) CrabGrassAcres - We will need our livestock when we get there

(07:59 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - back! man I know it is still March but it gets COLD when you are away from the fire

(07:59 PM) Mother - My Mom is doing great with all this. Loving it in fact.

(07:59 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Wish I could sleep that easily

(07:59 PM) Mt_Rider - CGA...I REALLY am excited about the Cotton Patch geese..for cleaning garden weeds...so, who tells them what is a weed?

(07:59 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Glad your Mom is doing good, Mother

(07:59 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Daughter is having a good time

(08:00 PM) CeeGee - everyone else was grumbling at the fire when I left

(08:00 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Mt Rider, you train them in the brooder. Feed them the weeds you want them to eat

(08:00 PM) CrabGrassAcres - They are best at weeding out grass

(08:00 PM) CeeGee - but so happy to be here

(08:00 PM) Mt_Rider - BRB...gotta check something on the fire...

(08:01 PM) firegirl969 - I would love a couple of those poults. We will have to get together and barter for them. I forgot to add one skill that I have. I can sex eggs before setting. That's right. Next year, we can add more hens than roosters to get our flocks going.

(08:01 PM) CeeGee - the grumbling will stop in a day or so

(08:01 PM) Annarchy - DH will speak to the officers who want to escort us. He said they'll let us slide for a while. He found the library wagon and I haven't seen him since...

(08:02 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - hatch turkey eggs: Put straw in a washtube, put lantern in middle and set eggs around that. Don't forget to turn then each day until they hatch.

(08:02 PM) firegirl969 - DH isn't real happy either. His butt ain't used to all day in a saddle yet. I think he might be a little "raw!"

(08:02 PM) CeeGee - firegirl, how can you sex eggs? I'm just a city girl here

(08:03 PM) Mother - My DD is at the library wagon as well. Hey, FG, I want to learn how to sex and egg.

(08:04 PM) Annarchy - .....hmmmm... this is going to be good.....

(08:04 PM) MommaDogs - I'm pretty sure the pink ones are girls and the blue are boys

(08:04 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - PLEASE make sure nody give Bill (Library Wagon Drive any booze. He is trying to stop - that is one reason he is on the trip.

(08:05 PM) firegirl969 - Round end=hen Pointed end =rooster. All eggs have one rounded end, the other end is the one you look at. I am at 100% for 2 years for all eggs except Barred Rock. I missed one of them this summer. I pick out the eggs I want to set and pick the hen eggs and set them under the hen. It really works. I learned this some 15 years ago from an elderly black man, and I got good at it way back then.

(08:06 PM) Annarchy - Cool!

(08:06 PM) CeeGee - thanks

(08:06 PM) Mother - I've heard of that FG. haven't tried my hand at it. I can sex a goose, and tell if a hen is laying or not but not sex and egg. Cool

(08:07 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - see what being on this trip will do to your brain

(08:07 PM) firegirl969 - You're welcome. It will come in real handy when we get "home."

(08:07 PM) Mt_Rider - sex and egg?? I leave to go get some chow and...huh? LOL Mother

(08:07 PM) MommaDogs - So no pink.

(08:07 PM) MommaDogs - Does the same hold true of duck eggs?

(08:07 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Need to teach it to the hatcheries so they don't set so many rooster eggs.

(08:08 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - ya just might learn a thing or two

(08:08 PM) CeeGee - I hope to learn a thing or two

(08:08 PM) Mother - Doesn't sex and eggs go together?

(08:08 PM) firegirl969 - I haven't ever done any duck eggs. We can try it out though. MommaDogs, I had a pink egg this summer hatch out a hen, but it had the rounded end on it also.

(08:09 PM) Mt_Rider - AMEN to that! CGA.....,We get way too many males...

(08:09 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I put a ton of books on the library wagon. Guess someone needs to sort them.

(08:09 PM) CeeGee - I hope so, mother

(08:10 PM) MommaDogs - SEE! Pink = girl LOL

(08:10 PM) Mt_Rider - Our 5 'feral boys' up and dissappeared 2 nites ago. No evidence of predators...so we suspect 2-legged? [iRL]

(08:10 PM) firegirl969 - Can we check out books from the "library?"

(08:10 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - that be Lori as she does that all day at work

(08:10 PM) Mt_Rider - [i've heard that's one half of the equation, Mother..lol]

(08:10 PM) MommaDogs - I have a ton more books. Who's making sure that the books are not duplicated?

(08:11 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - yup just no using them in the outhouse for .... well you know!

(08:12 PM) CeeGee - do we have any more business to discuss? my eyes are drooping!

(08:12 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Lori set up a card system last week so we know who got what and how many copies we have just check them in

(08:12 PM) Mt_Rider - feral = wild, but really they are the extra males we kicked out of the pen. Too many males and they kill your females [the valuable-for-egg-laying-ones!] cuz of the drive to...y'know.

(08:13 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Are the police escort going to let us go into town to shop as needed?

(08:13 PM) MommaDogs - Me too. eyes dropping. Good night all. That daylight savings is killing me. See you soon on the trail.

(08:13 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - don't forget to check everything over before you put out in the morning - we don't want any surprizes on the road

(08:14 PM) Mt_Rider - {gasp} AH...who would *think* of using any book [except the Sears catalog] for TP??

(08:14 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Ain't seen a "Sars catlog' in yrs!

(08:14 PM) Annarchy - ....salmon is nicely smoked ....

(08:14 PM) Mother - I need to have someone check the harness on the camper horses. i dont know a think about them and I think they are rubbing wrong

(08:14 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Last un I did see was all slick pages

(08:15 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Phone book works better

(08:15 PM) Mother - Did you get it all done Annarchy

(08:15 PM) Mt_Rider - Yeah...well....I assume so. We're only supposed to be escorted due to traffic concerns. But you know how folks treated the gypsies in times past. We're bound to get some unpleasant reactions.

(08:15 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Mother, ask my sister to check them. She's a horse person.

(08:15 PM) Annarchy - I put a replica of the 1890 version in the library wagon.

(08:15 PM) Mt_Rider - I brought some phone books! Compact and thin paper!

(08:16 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Mt Rider, that's kind of what I was afraid of.

(08:16 PM) Mt_Rider - Yum, I wanna taste please?

(08:16 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Michael can check for you

(08:16 PM) CrabGrassAcres - That and how folks tend to treat strangers these days

(08:17 PM) Annarchy - the fire was perfect on this end and it is cooling, ready to put into some extra ziplocs I brought.

(08:17 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Sounds good, Annarchy!

(08:18 PM) Annarchy - ....help yourself everyone, less to package and I can save the bags for later.

(08:18 PM) Mt_Rider - I'm also concerned that folks might not want to sell to us..outsiders when 'their own' might need the scarce supplies. BUT, to some, a sale is a sale & money in their pocket.

(08:18 PM) Mother - Thanks CGA I'll do that In the morning before we leave. My DD is a horse person too but not sure of harnesses.

(08:18 PM) CrabGrassAcres - That's some fine eating, Ann

(08:18 PM) firegirl969 - Boy, that salmon sounds good. I haven't had smoked salmon in years. I'll come on over a try out a taste. Thanks for sharing, Ann

(08:19 PM) Mt_Rider - We'll need to go in groups...not too large a group in any one store [intimidation] yet not too few either.

(08:19 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Mt Rider there is that too. Things have got so scarce

(08:19 PM) Mother - That would be good too AH. Just so I know they aren't getting into trouble first day out

(08:19 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I'm packing my .38

(08:20 PM) firegirl969 - DH will have protection and his badge with him.

(08:20 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - we can watch the wagons as we are all set for the trip

(08:20 PM) Mother - WE have to be sure to leave enough with the wagons for protection too.

(08:21 PM) Mt_Rider - MrSmith&MrJones...they have taken care of security for our whole group but would advise some of our so-inclined folks to add to the night watch.

(08:21 PM) Mother - We are all set too but will probably go into a small town later in the trip

(08:21 PM) firegirl969 - I can stay with the wagons. I can shoot the rifle or shotgun if need be.

(08:22 PM) Annarchy - DH communicates well with almost anyone, with authority. I'll send him and I'll stay with the wagon... I'm a fairly good shot.

(08:22 PM) Mt_Rider - Speaking of town/shopping, has anyone realized they forgot something. I am absolutely nuts about forgetting things...I worry too much.

(08:23 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - I guess I'm out as watchman - I wouldn't shoot anybody?

(08:23 PM) Mt_Rider - Wellll, lets *try* not to shoot anyone but....some folks are gonna be bent on evil...

(08:23 PM) firegirl969 - Mt. Rider, I'm with you. I keep going over everything in my head, cause I know I forgot something, but I just can't figure out what it is.

(08:23 PM) Annarchy - Awww AH, we need some men to back us up....

(08:24 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I don't have too much trouble with shooting if needed.

(08:24 PM) Annarchy - I reevaluated my supplies and was upset at the many things I couldn't bring. *sigh*

(08:24 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - nope

(08:25 PM) CrabGrassAcres - It was hard to decide on some things

(08:25 PM) Mt_Rider - [hi chinajade...we're doing an UNreality scnario here tonite...if this all looks weird to you...From the Wagons Ho thread in Pioneer forum.... ]

(08:25 PM) Annarchy - .... wrong AH?

(08:25 PM) firegirl969 - My eyes are getting mighty heavy and DH is ready to turn in also, so I will see all of you in the morning. Nite

(08:26 PM) Mother - I guess I'm not much for shooting people either but I bet I could talk them to death LOL

(08:26 PM) Mt_Rider - Nite firegirl....be ready for that danged loud triangle in the wee hours before dawn...

(08:26 PM) Mother - Nite FG

(08:27 PM) Annarchy - I honestly can't say which way I would go. If our lives depended on it....?

(08:27 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - No that WAS Michael talking. I am a christain and a homesteaders but NO GUNS! (sorry)

(08:27 PM) Annarchy - Nite FG

(08:27 PM) Annarchy - Ohhhhhh, OK. I sincerely understand.

(08:28 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Well, holler if you see a bad guy

(08:28 PM) Mt_Rider - lol CGA....sheesh!

(08:28 PM) Annarchy - Guns serve a purpose, that's how I feel about them.

(08:28 PM) Mt_Rider - I think it *should* be a very hard choice...

(08:28 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I'm not itching to shoot anybody, but if I have to, I will.

(08:29 PM) Mother - so how do we tell a bad guy.?

(08:29 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Just pray it never comes to that

(08:29 PM) Mt_Rider - I've chosen but...I hope I don't ever meet that evil...

(08:30 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - well I did bring my slingshot and bb's so I can hit them and scare them off?

(08:30 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - bad gut wears black hat - good guy wears white hat?

(08:31 PM) Mt_Rider - .....a bad guy...the one that is shooting at your family and might have it one... My rule at home was: If they kill my dog while busting in my house... consider that proof of intent

(08:31 PM) Mt_Rider - ...um: might have Hit one, I meant

(08:31 PM) CrabGrassAcres - If Gordon growls at them, better get your guard up.

(08:32 PM) CrabGrassAcres - That dog has a sixth sense or something.

(08:32 PM) Mother - If I'm tired enough and they bother me *I* might growl at them

(08:32 PM) Mt_Rider - Watch out Micheal...you can put an eye out with the slingshot.... But seriously, I could nearly take your stance too. I can see it both ways. Like I said, I chose.

(08:33 PM) Annarchy - bad guys are the ones threatening our lives. I'd probably throw something first, like a big rock or two...

(08:33 PM) Mother - O

(08:33 PM) Mother - hmmm

(08:33 PM) CrabGrassAcres - If they're close enough to hit with a rock, they're too close

(08:33 PM) Mother - I've been holding the reins too much today, can anyone tell?

(08:34 PM) Mt_Rider - Nah, hide BEHIND the big rock first....

(08:34 PM) Mother - Move over Mt R.

(08:34 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I have to think of daughter. She isn't good at hiding.

(08:35 PM) Mother - this talk makes me wonder what each of us will do if we ARE faced with a situation. It would be inconceivable that we won't before this is all over.

(08:35 PM) Annarchy - LOL, I guess my attitude comes from years of training by my DH. Always doing threat assessment no matter where we go.

(08:35 PM) CrabGrassAcres - Mt Rider, are we going to have some sort of road all the way?

(08:35 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - Hey about saving the chat- Can it be saved and just PM to all members in the wagon train and nOT posted? well not until we are save and at out new home anyway? Just Michael thinking

(08:35 PM) Mt_Rider - yikes...that is true, CGA. Any drill you can teach her?

(08:36 PM) CrabGrassAcres - No, she isn't able to learn anything like that.

(08:36 PM) Mother - I wonder if we can save the chat in the PL instead.

(08:37 PM) Mt_Rider - Micheal, can I seriously ask you how you would handle the situation if some of the group like us were using weapons?

(08:37 PM) Annarchy - AH, it can be done, I've saved up to 8:30 so far...

(08:38 PM) Mother - I'd like to see it saved as Mom will want to know what we said. She is truly (IRL) enjoying this

(08:38 PM) Mt_Rider - {does anyone else see folks blinking in and out on the right column?}

(08:39 PM) Mother - I'm not sure how I would even handle it Mt.R.

(08:39 PM) CeeGee - yes

(08:40 PM) Mt_Rider - OK...we need to have a consences {sp} on IF we will post this...or the PM for WHO members only?????

(08:40 PM) CrabGrassAcres - It is fine with me. I consider this a public area anyhow.

(08:40 PM) Annarchy - I'm ok anyway you choose....... up to the point I need to leave.

(08:40 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - OH I have no problem with OTHERS using guns ans stuff - I just will not. LIKE hunting it is fine if you plan to keep the meat but just to shoot fo rthe 'sport' of it - BAD!

(08:41 PM) Annarchy - I'll send it to anyone who want, and you all can post or don't post it.

(08:41 PM) CeeGee - fine with me to post

(08:41 PM) Mother - I agree AH. I'm not a big fan of guns for guns sake but I have come to appreciate the possibility of needing them in the near future for protection. I'm just not sure I could use one on a person

(08:42 PM) CrabGrassAcres - AH, glad we aren't offending

(08:42 PM) Mt_Rider - AH..you ok with posting in Pioneer forum..separate thread?

(08:42 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I just hope I neither hesitate too long nor shoot too soon.

(08:43 PM) CrabGrassAcres - I expect I'd probably hesitate too long.

(08:43 PM) Mt_Rider - Mother, you did in our Ill. story.... I agree totally about kill for no reason, even animals!!!!

(08:43 PM) Mt_Rider - I'm with you, CGA!!

(08:44 PM) Annarchy - Me too.

(08:44 PM) Mt_Rider - I'd imagine I'd do some puking afterwards....

(08:45 PM) Mt_Rider - "our" Ill. story = "your"

(08:45 PM) Amishway Homesteaders - where ever is fine with me. I was just thinking if we are 'hiding' from others. well shouldn't we be 'hiding' then? Make them wonder what we are up too.

(08:45 PM) Mother - I suspect that I would do exactly as I did in Illinois Story. I would not be thinking about it but would just do it to protect those I loved. But if you read that story you know what happened afterwards too.

(08:46 PM) Mt_Rider - yes Mother, I thot that part was quite realistic!

(08:46 PM) Mother - I somehow suspect that dozens of horse and oxen drawn wagons would not be able to excape detection no matter WHAT they did LOL

(08:47 PM) Annarchy - Well, time for me to retire, I've saved up to 8:45 pm.....I'll send it to Mt_Rider & Mother to add to it.... OK?

(08:48 PM) Mt_Rider - "hiding" lol Micheal.... Now I just wonder about someone "official" reading this and being confused..

(08:48 PM) Mother - how do we save the rest or is that up until NOW?

(08:48 PM) CeeGee - I am off too..............g'night all

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Thank You for posting that Annarchy. You are a blessing to our group of Wagoneers and to Mrs. S.



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Oh I'm glad you did that, Annarchy. I COMPLETELY forgot you'd sent that to me. :blush: oooops!



Wow...that was a REALLY long time ago and all the adventures and struggles we've had since that beginning.... whooooooooooeeeeeeee!



MtRider [...am I meaning UN or IRL?????? Both!]

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