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Romans 8:36


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Heavenly Father,


It's been a very eventful last few days, full of emotions, heartbreak, confusion and bottoming out.


There's a part of me that feels as if You allow these pressings to the point where I can't go further...to the point where I say, "I can't take one more step, there's nothing left inside of me to even try"...to the point where I can't hang on one more second and as much as it devestates my heart, I let go, only to find You catching me, which for some reason surprises me (it shouldn't surprise me but it does sometimes). Not only do You catch me, but I find myself enveloped in Your holy arms and I realize all over again that it is not by my own power, might or will, but by Yours alone that 'keeps' me. You say in Your Word, "Now to Him Who is able to keep you without stumbling or slipping or falling, and to present you unblemished (blameless and faultless) before the presence of His glory in triumphant joy and exultation [with unspeakable ecstatic delight] -". It is You, and You alone, Who keeps us. I don't know why there's a nagging thought in the recesses of my mind that still wonders and thinks that *I* should still be DOING something...that I should still be trying but after the last couple of days, I'm all too aware of how I have a limit...the memory is fresh about how with sobs and a broken heart, I just fell into a heap on the floor and said 'no more'. I can't try, I can't do, I can't anything 'no more'...I'm done.


Is this Father, the 'end of ourselves' that You desire? Is this one of the ways You accomplish in us, not oinly making the decision to give all to You, but convincing us that there is NOTHING within us personally that can achieve the hearts desire for a life that glorifies You? Is it that You see our hearts, and the honesty and genuineness of that desire, but the secret is that even there, it's only You...only You that can accomplish in us, what You lay out in Your Word? Is this part of the process of giving up on oneself, and not only be willing, but desireing oneself being left behind and yearning to be totally and completely filled with You, Your Spirit, Your will, Your desires...


Is this my personal journey, with my own unique personality traits, how You've accomplished a desire to be obedient to my Heavenly Father because I love Him...and that is what You've somehow been accomplishing in a heart that was very rebellious, independent, strong willed, all her life?


Oh, Father God, I know I'm probably not making any sense to those that read this, but You know my heart and You know what I'm trying to say. This is not meant to be a depressing prayer lol, but is my pitiful attempt to describe in the written word, the wonder I fill as I catch fleeting glimpses into what You are doing in my life. Perhaps I'm not seeing it perfectly yet, but I will say one thing...You're up to something, that's for sure and that puts a smile on my face because You amaze me, You stun me and I love You.


Bless this study today Father, and all who read it.


In Jesus Name I pray,



36. Even as it is written, On account of Thee we were killed all the day long: We were reckoned as sheep for the slaughter.


The rvbv writes, "Here, then is the description of God's saints: "killed perpetually," and "sheep for slaughter." We know that this quotation is taken from a Psalm (44:22) which describes that terrible hunting down by the Antichrist of the godly remnant of Israel in the days of the Great Tribulation. But today - all the day [of grace] long, this is the real state of real saints: killed, and slaughter-sheep! To the studen of God's Word, the many years of outward peace - from persecution, horros, and death, - that have come to us is the unusual, the astonishing thing. Look at the "deaths oft" of the early Church, the martyrs; and again when truth burst out afresh at the Reformation!


But now again! look at Russia, look at Germany, look all around! Ruthless hatred of God's saints is breaking out everywhere, as of old!


Now, we ought not to view such things with alarm, but, on the contrary, to remember that Christ has not yet set up His kingdom, nor will till His second coming! (As we say elsewhere, the mouthings of the "modernist" who knows not the prophetic Word (and would not bow to it if it were shown to him) must not be listened to for a moment. The "Stone" of the Second of Daniel strikes that great prophetic Image of Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron, and Iron-Clay feet, with a sudden unexpected impact, destroying the whole Gentile order of things, - away down in the feet and toes period. The Kingdom of the Most High is then, and not till then, set up. We all know that those born again shall "see the Kingdom of God" - indeed, are in that Kingdom, as spiritually existing. But no others, no "social order," or man-made conditions, are in the Kingdom! Further, to those born again, God says, "The Kingdom of God is righteousness and joy and peace, in the Holy Ghost." Outside the Spirit, the Kingdom of God does not exist. Indeed, the Kingdom has not yet been given to Christ in heaven by the Father. When it is given to Him (Rev. 5; Psalm 2:7-9), He will Himself come and set up His Kingdom in power according to Matthew 13:36-43; 25:31-46. Read these words of Christ, and believe them - hearkening to no "peace, peace" words of the "Modern" dreamers.) Satan is the prince of this world, and shall yet be exhibited as the "god of this age" - see Revelation Thirteen. For,


"The whole earth wondered after the Wild Beast [satan's man, the Antichrist]; and they worshipped the dragon [satan]...and there was given to him authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation. And all that dwell on the earth shall worship him, every one whose name hath not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb that hath been slain."


Let the saints rouse quickly from these false dreams of "peace." The saints are sheep for slaughter! Name yourself among them, and cease contending for your "rights" in a world that has cast out Christ! Persecution is shaping itself up again throughout Christendom - yea, even in the United States. Intolerance unto death for any who will not bow to a totalitarian state is ready, as in the days of the Roman emperors (who demanded worship) to assert itself, - is asserting itself, throughout the world. This "totalitarian" movement is setting the stage for Antichrist more rapidly than you dream! Therefore get ready. Put up over your mirror the motto: "I am Christ's: a sheep for slaughter."



Heavenly Father,


May Your mercy and grace and truth evidence itself in our hearts and minds and lives.


My heart fills abundantly with love for You this morning.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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Whoa! Darlene, when was this written? I've forgotten what commentary the "rvbv" stands for...


Intolerance unto death for any who will not bow to a totalitarian state is ready, as in the days of the Roman emperors (who demanded worship) to assert itself, - is asserting itself, throughout the world.


After an intense study of Daniel [beth Moore's study] last year, it is INDEED interesting times we live in. Vital that we are learning to HOLD ON no matter what.....no matter ABSOLUTELY what! We are HIS.




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