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The Christmas card exchange sign-up is open!


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Hear ye! Hear ye!

The Christmas card exchange sign-up is open!


Purchased cards, homemade cards, edible cards, any and all types are allowed

(PLEASE, however - no cards that breathe! If you have extra kittens or puppies, do not put bows or Santa hats on them and send the dears through the mail...)


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All right, the ball is rolling!

4 addresses so far...

Leah and HippieDad




Your name and address are down!




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For those who have no idea what is going on...

Anyone interested in sending and receiving cards from our wonderful MrsS family, just sign up here and send me your address in a pm. (If I don't already have it)

I send a list of all the addresses out to each person so that everyone has a list to send cards to. (To which to send cards? ) hmm



Here are a few threads from past exchanges.






farmgirlwannabe, just got your PM - you're in!

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come join the fun!

in the past it was great fun to get cards from all over the US.

Great if you have kids or homeschoolers as you can find the towns on a map.

''that's a great idea with the map.


not sure if i am going to let the kids make the cards this year or if they will be store bought. don't have the time like i did last year to make them homemade.


kids are excited about the card exchange again they are already trying to decide where we are going to hang them in the new place we are in.


just a couple of questions

1. when do we have to have them mailed by

2.when is the last date that people can sign up for the card exchange did not see anything about that.


everyone join the exchange you will have a ball getting cards from everyone. i still have mine from last year.

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Michael and Lori

i need to ask last year you gave out a recipe for Czechoslovakian "cookies"?


i would love to make them again if you would when you send my card please give me the recipe again they where good. :)

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So far we have 7!

Leah and HippieDad;



Michael & Lori, the Amishway Homesteaders;




Everyone who has signed up so far, I do have your address.


I opened registration earlier than usual due to popular demand...

Is there any particular date anyone wants to close it by?

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This was WAY to funny so I have to share..................


I just got online to check something out on the wagon train thread and when I was done I thought I would check out how many people have signed up for the Christmas Card Exchange?


Well, I scroll down looking for it and ................................


76 people have signed up ! :faint3:


I can't make that many cards!



Then I see that I was in the Christmas Ornament Exchange 2009 and not here where I should be.

when my heart stops pounding I will reply here.



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OK - I better now.


anyway seeing the last few times the date to send them out by was in the middle of Dec. and seeing some people always wait until after that to get them done and sent out maybe we should move it up to the first week? I hate getting cards after the holiday. It is so much fun when we get them as we look to see what state and who sent them and then hang them up on the wall to enjoy until after the Holiday.

We take everything done and put away ....

and then a card comes in the mail.

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Why don't we call sign up closed on Dec 1st then? Sound good?

- connie_xmas-moose.gif

The MacKinnon, have you down! 8 people now!

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Jewlzm had the card exchange before me, and never mentioned a deadline for sending out. I never put one down, should we have one?

This will be my 3rd exchange and most people seem to get them out on time, but I have no problem adding a mail-by date.


We could say the sign up ends Dec 1st, please mail by Dec 7th...? That would give a week more than last year.


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So far we have 9!

1. Leah and HippieDad;

2. Christy;

3. S.K.;

4. Michael & Lori, the Amishway Homesteaders;

5. farmgirlwannabe;

6. dogmom4;

7. pauline;

8. The MacKinnon;

9. gofish.


elfsfe1.gifelfsfe1.gif gofish, I look forward to your address.

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All right!

You're #10. Please PM me the address you want to use.



Don't feel bad about sending purchased cards, any kind are welcome. - Nobody has sent edible ones yet, but that would be cool.

Hard to keep to hang up next year, though.

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I have sent PMs with the first 10 addresses to everyone who has signed up so far.

Please let me know if you didn't receive yours.

(I'm trying to find out the postage for Christy's card. I think it's 98 cents)

There are 7 from last year who haven't signed up yet, so we're hoping a few more will join us. Maybe some new friends?



When more addresses come, I'll pass them on to you.

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Only 9 days left for the Christmas card exchange sign up!


Can you bear to disappoint all the puppies waiting to hear from you?

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