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Your Dream Pantry

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What would be your dream pantry?



Mine would be 10ft by 10ft, with a small window, hopefully in very thick walls to keep it cool.


On one wall would be shelves for any boxes, and a space underneath for any buckets or large containers of oil.


At the far end, under the window (frosted like a toilet), would be a nice big chest freezer, with a wall mounted clip board with all its contents nicely indexed.


The next wall would be entirely wall mounted can rolling shelves, so I dont keep bruising my arms trying to get the new tins to the back.


Underneath these would be a lockable metal box for the treasures that someone might pilfer (chocolate, salt, sugar).


In the middle of the floor, would be a dug in cooler unit, you could walk on, for things like wine and the like that needed to be a constant temperature. Over this, if the space allowed, Id put a gorgious pine kitchen table with all the perserving equipment out ready for use.


There would be a locable door, on the outside being a false shelf type thing.



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Works for me but I would put the rolling can shelves on the wall with the door. Their wall would be large worktable with preserving equipment and shelves on either side to hold empty canning jars, lids, sugar, etc.


The center of the room would be 2 shelving units 6' x 6' and the shelves would be 12" deep. A stepladder would be necessary because I don't like bruised arms and I am not tall enough to get to the thop without it. The stepladder (probably a small two step) would hang on the back of the door.


The frosted window needs to be a casement window so it can be opened if wanted/needed. I REALLY like being able to see out.

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Wow, here at Mrs. S., most of us dream about pantries and root cellars like others dream about fancy cars, jewery, and expensive vacations.


I'd have rustic cupboard doors installed to hide anything modern. I'd want it to look like an old fashioned pantry. Same with my kitchen.

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Ever seen Blast From the Past? Aye! Talk about your ultimate storage pantry. But, I wouldn't want to live underground for 30 years...


To be honest, I see a 12' x 12' room with shelves on rollers, like in the stacks in the library. It would be hidden, accessed through the basement by a concealed door. It would be lit from solar tube light.


I like the idea of a cooler unit dug into the floor.

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Ever seen Blast From the Past? Aye! Talk about your ultimate storage pantry. But, I wouldn't want to live underground for 30 years...


LOL That's exactly what I was going to say my dream is! :laughkick: I would LOVE it! I don't mind the underground part either, as long as I can come up from time to time. ;)


I know no matter what, I definitely want my dream pantry room to be hardened so it can survive most bad weather like tornadoes or hurricanes, as well as not obvious to anyone coming in our home. I'm paranoid like that. Temperature controlled, and no wasted space at the top - I'll store my TP up there. ;)


I suffer from pantry envy as it is, of course my dreams involve a gorgeous pantry! :whistling:


(oh my stars, I put panty envy instead of pantry envy! Eek! Thank the heavens for preview! :sEm_blush: )

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I have to admit the one on Blast from the Past would be my ideal pantry. Okay maybe not enough for that many years I forget how long they were down there, but I know she went down their pregnant and her son was full grown before they needed move food. I will settle for a few years worth. Seriously, I want a small pantry in the kitchen, okay, maybe a walk in closet size. I would like to have a basement area set up with shelves set up with different sections like a grocery store and a walk in root cellar in the back of it all. I wouldn't mind having a smaller area with shelves that move and hide the door that goes to the main pantry. Maybe have enough for two weeks to a month in the kitchen pantry and then another two months or so that people can see, then the rest all behind the hidden door. Of course with me renting my pantry consists of what i can fit in the kitchen and some shelves in the garage. I have no root cellar or even a basement. However we can dream at least.

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