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We're so excited to be turning a page on our itinerary and see the progress we've made. This will be more of the same but also a bit different. Different challenges from when we were uncomfortably close to civilization. Here....we are looking out across miles of cattle pasture grass, some ravines, some wooded areas....and ranches/farms/SMALL towns and what are called "whistle-stops". [as in, the old train days...not much more than a tiny shelter of a train station. In this day they'll likely have a P.O. and a local pub and a church with a handful of houses but everyone from nearby ranches comes in for those three services.]



Most of the time, we'll just be on these seemingly endless gravel roads.


We have a variety of places to stay for the night. Tonite is another rented rancher's pasture with well water to fill our cistern in the water wagon. Maybe we can buy some eggs from them since most poultry [that isn't bouncing in a covered wagon...lol ] are laying in full-steam by this season. Everyone out here has at least chickens. Let's make some omlets for tonite's supper.


We can also celebrate that the "ill camp" has been disbanded. A few sniffles left but no fevers for a couple days now so our medical folks have declared our train "clean" again.


We're not really separated into Benefactors and us on the road anymore either. Everyone staying close cuz [as the cougar incident tells us] we are entering a land of less people and more wildlife.


....now the dust has been getting pretty bad especially for the last wagons. But....the wind coming up strong and the dropping barometer tells us that rain is a'comin'. So lets pick up the pace on this mostly flat, barren stretch today and get settled in for the night before the rain hits.



MtRider [reaching for a jacket cuz it's dropping temperature too.... :wave: ]

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Dear Diary,


Today was a killer day. It was sad in a way. We have left behind civilization well what is left of it and now we are on the plains. I am not sure that the ranchers are going to welcome us with open arms any better than the towns did that we traveled through. But is also a happy day we are getting closer to our new home. We are leaving behind cars and pavement for flat land and dirt and gravel. We will have to keep a better check on hooves now. Rocks will cause one of the horses to come up lame faster than anything. Not only that but the oxen will stop if their hooves start hurting and stand there.


The barometer has dropped and that has brought on a migraine. So I am living off tea and crackers today. The swaying of the wagon and the jarring of the ruts are not helping. But at least it was cloudy and drizzly rain so the inside of the wagon was cool enough that I could keep the curtains drawn to block out light.


We rearranged the wagons yet again before pulling out this morning. We were really getting strange looks. We ended up almost totally unpacking one wagon and repacking it. Some (Michael and Lori especially) were shaking their heads at some of the stuff I had packed. So of the benefactors couldn't figure out why I was handing out safety glasses and bandannas to my crew. But I guess they figured that out when we had those high winds and just about everyone was blind from the dust except us. I think I would have felt a little smug if my head didn't hurt so bad.


DH delivered a bag of kibble to Mother today for the newest member. He is still not to sure about having a pregnant dog along on the trip. He is not thrilled about the idea of her whelping on the trail. He did say he was hoping she was far enough along that the ride would not cause her to loose them. He may even have a soft spot for the ole gal. He asked if I had packed all that old news paper that we had and I said yes that it was in the wood stove. He said we should pull some of it out and send it over to Mother so that she would have it on hand for when Sasha went into labor. Said it would make clean up easier up until the pups got big enough to waddle around and potty outside. He also wander if Mother had anything big enough to make Sasha and the puppies a bed. Hummm he may have a point. Sasha is a huge dog I do wonder what Mother is going to do for a bed. I can't picture Mr. Mom letting Sasha and puppies sleep with them. Well maybe after my head eases up some I will stroll over and ask Mother if she has something. May have to use the newspaper to weave a basket for Sasha. It won't be much but at least it will keep the pups together so they don't get squished.


Well like I said today has been a killer day. Even Michael wasn't a peppy as he usually is. As the days get longer we are staying on the trail longer. I think we are trying to make up some time from having to travel so slow through all those towns and then that extra lay over we had didn't help. I think we maybe behind schedule. I know every one was hoping to arrive in time to get an early garden planted but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Hopefully we arrive in time to get a garden planted. I need to ask Mt. Rider what planting zone we are going to be in and when the first frost usually arrives. Maybe we can still get to harvest in.


Dil2b is starting to grumble she is ready for a normal bed. I think we are all ready for that. At least she is not a spoiled brat and used to having the best of everything. She seems to have gotten over her spill from the other day. Hubby and DS#3 did make her and extra step to put on the ground so it would be easier to climb in the wagon. Her and her short legs were having a hard time there. They attached a rope to it and tied it to the seat so she could pull it up after she got in the wagon.


I need to rethink our meals. I was hoping not to touch the freezer until we got settled but the guys are needing more calories than I first planned. They are needing more protein. I guess I will move some meat to the ice chest so it will have a chance to thaw. Ds has asked if we have steak. I think I have some cubed steak I will make him some country fried steak and potatoes. That will be easy and I have potato flakes so cooking won't be so hard. However tonight will be sourdough biscuits and eggs maybe even hash browns and sausage. That will make them happy and we will have the biscuits for breakfast in the morning. Dil2b can cook the eggs and sausage. Don't think I will be able to handle the smell tonight.


I think tonight we will be lucky to have camp fires to cook food on. Hopefully we can get the fires going before the wood get too wet.


Good night all.

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Waking up at the crack of dawn, I found myself stiff from our journey. Quietly I edged out of the wagon and sat by our little camp fire, stirred the coals to see if there was enough to start a small fire to fry a couple corn tortillas and to heat some water for a cup of coffee. I put my water on and did my morning reading, listening to the yawns and stretches as people began to wake up and Michael talking to Bill. After wrapping my bible in a large ziplock to make sure it wouldn't get wet, I put the tortillas aside for lunch. Rummaging through our supplies, I took a hand full of jerky, some cumin, oregano, tsp of tomato bullion, pepper and put it to soak in a small ziplock with a little water. By that time, most everyone was up, camp was being cleaned and the animals were being fed. While DH hooked up the oxen, I took a moment to pull out my sewing- a quilt patch, needle & thread- knowing we will be going through the plains and boredom is sure to come knocking.


I spent most of the day propped up on the sleeping bags, sewing and being hypnotized by the sound of the wagon train as it made it's way down the road. Sometime around noon, we stopped to check the animals, wagons and eat. I made rolled tacos for lunch and mixed up a very small batch of biscuits for dinner which I baked on our cook stove in aluminum foil. -If any one needs to use some foil, I brought 750 sq ft of it.-


The sun is setting and I can see the front of our train beginning to circle. . . . . . . time for me to start planning dinner..... biscuits and what?...


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The day was pretty uneventful and I have to say I enjoyed it for a change. I am tired of adventure and excitement. I wonder how soon I will be saying just the opposite!


I am increasingly grateful for the dehydrated foods we thought to bring along. They are lightweight and are versatile but our favorites are those recipes that were originally used for back packing. I debated if I should make these up ahead of time and prepackage them and now I'm glad that I stayed up nights putting the ingredients together inside zip lock bags in vaccuum sealed bags. We are going to have one I especially like tonight. A salad, made from shredded dehydrated Cabbage and carrots and various herbs and seasonings with a bit of sugar. I added water this morning and tonight I added oil and a touch of vinegar to make a type of cole slaw. While it is not as good as fresh, it's very tasty. We had canned ham and maccaroni and cheese to go with it.


We've been having sprouts almost daily, as fresh greens. I keep a large container going at all times and so far they've been a wonderful addition to our diets, especially when added to wild greens.


Sasha B. is settling in nicely and is content to lay on the small spot of floor at the back of the wagon. I am assuming that she's walked so much lately that she's just glad to be riding. She seems so exhausted and has shown little interest in anything but sleeping and eating, not even in our other dogs who insist on coming to the door and whining to come in. She seems to be house broken as she whines to go out occassionally but heels nicely on a rope and readily comes back into the wagon when she's done. I believe she may have been a show dog at one point as she obeys commands immediately and well. When she's better I'll test her further but for now she needs to rest.


MT3B, I will willingly take you up on the offer of papers. Normally I would use old sheets or blankets but I'm not sure I want to be washing them by hand any time soon. I don't think she's real close to having her pups but If she keeps up like she is, she'll more than likely just have them right in the middle of the doorway as there just is no room elsewhere for her. The other wagons are full. I guess I'll be happy as long as she doesn't choose my bed.


I am having difficulties driving the horses for any length of time. Rather than my muscles getting used to it, the continous strain is taking a toll. The Gkids are taking turns relieving me from the task. Even the GS who has the injured leg has been driving. He says he might as well be useful but I can sometimes see that he's using the leg way too much and worry about it healing properly. Mom and I try to walk part of each day now but only fifteen or twenty minutes at a time, several times a day and only if the road is smooth. We can't afford to fall and break something but neither can we afford to let our muscles tighten and become weaker. Sometimes Sasha will walk with us but more often than not she stays put inside.


The day has been long and I'm off to bed. Good night everyone.




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Good Morning all-

Glad to see more and more of you are getting up on your own as we travel along.


As we talked about around the fire last night, we are now starting to drive though new areas. Less people (we hope) but also less everyday things like stores and showers. Maybe we will have to do a lesson on how to take a sponge bath using your wash tub?


So lets get everything packed away , hitched up, and ready to go. Now that boths groups are one again we will need to rearrange the list for traveling on the Wagon Train but I think Mt_Rider has that all set up so she will be around to let you know where in the lineup your Wagon(s) are.


So what do you think - rain today or are we going to be lucky and have a few days nie weather?



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As we are going along Today, with all the wagons lined up and moving at a very slow pace we hear from Mother’s Husband, who’s driving one of the wagons with Mother in the back resting for a bit:



“Um Mother, Hate to wake you……… but there is a fork in the road? What should I do?”



To which she answers as she comes up to have a look, “Just follow the rest of them, Dear.”



“Well”, He says “I only see one?”



“What do you mean there is only one? Aren’t the rest up ahead too?” says Mother as she gets into the seat as the wagon rocks back and forth.



“Nope, just the one as far as I can see” he says as he helps her get into the seat next to him.



“Oh wait – there’s another one, should I do something?”



Now that Mother is sitting down she gives him a look as she hears what he is saying. “Should you DO something?”



But all he says is, “Hey look at THAT!........ Now there is a knife……. and another fork…….. and a spoon.”



“I think somebody’s wagon is dropping stuff out?” he tells her.



“Ya Think!” says Mother as they pass over a dish, then a cup, and then another fork.



“Looks like the wagon just ahead of us is the one losing it. Better catch up to them to see what is going on.” He says.



As they pull ahead so that they are even with the Wagon in front they see that CeeGee is driving.



“Hey! “, Mother calls out, “You got stuff falling out of the back of your wagon!”



CeeGee turns around in the seat in time to see GrandSon,[OGS] (he is six years old), pitch another knife out the back of the Wagon and then laugh as he sees it bounce along behind them.



“WHOOOOOOA!” CeeGee hollers to the team to stop them, “Just WHAT are you doing back there?”



With the eyes only a child can look at you with he says, “I was bored sitting back here all day and then I found something to do, watch.” as he chucks another spoon out the back and says “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”.



One of the people on horseback says they will go back and try and find all that he tossed out. As the Wagon Train gets under way again, this time with GrandSon,[OGS] sitting next to CeeGee, Mother is heard laughing and says NOW we will have something to talk about around the fire tonight.



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Dear Diary,


It was yet another day with the migraine but it is starting to ease. So I wasn't as sick to my stomach today. With dark sunglasses I was actually able to meander around some. At lunch I surprised everyone with home made pizza. While pulling meat out I found some pizza crust so I layed it out then at lunch I made pizza. The guys were very much delighted to have some old comfort food. It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would. While cleaning up lunch I start some peaches rehydrating. I made fried pies tonight along with the country fried steak. It is still drizzly rain and we are experiencing high winds so I used the camp stove again tonight. We are not wanting to have many fires going since it is so dry here. We do not want one getting away from us and buring the rancher's pasture.


At lunch I strolled over to Mother's wagon with a stack of newspaper. She was thrilled to have it for Sasha. She seems to think it won't be long now. Sasha seems to be taking to the journey pretty good. She doesn't leave Mother's side much. Even today when our Boss was have a fit about 100 feet from our wagon. We thought he found a pairie dog but when N (ds#3) went drag him back because he wasn't coming when called N discovered a rattle snake. Hummm cougars or rattle snakes. Neither one are any good. Any wat N shot it and Mother milked it for the venom. So times I wonder about that woman. But she has been a godsend on this trip. N skinned it but the library wagon driver wanted the meat. Barfff didn't like it the last time I ate it don't plan on eating it again. It sure does not taste like chicken. Bill says it all in the mind. What ever he was welcome to it.


It was quite comical around the campfire tonight. Mr. Mom and Mother told of being pelted with forks and spoons on the trail this morning. HEHEHEHE it seems that CeeGee's grandson was bored and invented his on game. He liked watching the forks and spoons bound and then stick in the ground. CeeGee almost come unglued when one of her cups went out of the back of the wagon. Thanks goodness it was a tin cup. I believe Mt. Rider was able to recover all of the wayward dishes and return them. P (ds#1) let CeeGee's grandson ride on his horse while he walked. He thought he was a big boy. Saints fan pulled out a bar of Zote soap tonight and showed her grandson how to whitle a boat using a table knife. So I guess CeeGee will have soap shavings to do dishes with for a couple of days. I figure if we are lucky it might get him through to tomorrow. The boredom is rough on the adults I can't imagine how it is on the little ones. This has been a drastic change for all of us. Even those of us that didn't have tvs and computers we at least had lights and running water. I noticed in the benefactor group tempers were on short leashes and flared up quite a bit today. I hope that Mr.H and Mr J. have things well in hand there.


Dss are relearning how to play the guitars they haven't touch them in so long but it is coming back especailly for W (ds#2) P is more of a brass player and N is more of drums but they all love music. Saintsfan is teaching some of the children sign language. Some of the adults are learning also. N is also teaching some of the older boys SOS signals with flashlights. P is teaching land nav to a couple of the other boys. He said they are catching on quickly since they can already read maps. The topical maps are different so they take a little to get use to.


Well all of the "fresh" food is gone so now we move on to the dried food. I was surprised that the fresh food lasted as long as it did. The pies were a big hit tonight. I think W ate 3 of them. Peach are their favorite. I have apple sauce rehydrating tonight. The lettuce is big enough that we will be able to have greens tomorrow night. I was looking at the planters on W and dil2b (A) wagon and the turnip greens are just about thick enough to have a mess of them hopefully in a day or two.


Well before I turn in tonight I must go find Mt. Rider and ask her about the planting season where we are headed and how much longer we have. We may want to go head and get starter trays going with tomatoes and peppers at least.

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Well, I knew that he was bored, but never did I think that he would be that creative! I tell you, that boy will drive me to drink! :0327: Anyone have any sweet tea? Thank you, for getting my flatware back for me....... Got to think up ways to keep that boy's mind occupied!


(IRL we have been out of town, sorry to have missed some of the trip. Hope we can jump back in)


Mother, I have a lot of that venison that we preserved and would be happy to let you have some for Sasha Bertie. Maybe we could work out a trade for a pup.


Anyone know where we plan to be for Sunday? Do we plan to have a day of rest? If we do, we would like to have a time of worship and fellowship. Let me know so I can let MrGee know.


We are all getting used to the rhythm of the journey. The girls and I are getting used to working together. We can now do our chores with less instruction and can enjoy a few minutes of conversation while getting things done. The guys are finding muscles that they forgot they had (well, I guess we all are)! The stiffness and soreness lessens everyday.



So, Michael one of these days my boys want to challenge you to a duel.........of show tunes! They have had a very well rounded musical upbringing! So, say the word......

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I believe every nite for about a week we will be staying in a rancher's pasture. It's the best thing available since there aren't many parks along this route. It also ensures that we can keep that cistern on the Water Wagon filled up every night.


Pretty land but.... kinda does get boring, doesn't it..... :laughkick: The Fork in the Road is going to be right up there with The Afghan Episode. I keep chuckling whenever I hang laundry now heehee. {....IRL too!} I thot I'd die laughing at the look on your Grson's face when not everyone agreed to the merits of his new game. :laughkick:


Mo3B, the season is pretty extended in the Big Valley. If we can keep on schedule, we'll be there around the first of May. Before anything else, we'll be putting in gardens and fields. Cabins can come much later when that initial planting is done. As to setting some seeds to begin now.... Mother & I have been calculating just today. If we left March 1st, ....just what the heck day IS it today? Other than a friday....which Friday? [Love the dear diary approach, btw!!!!! ] So sorry you've had this migraine. Hope you'll feel much better by tomorrow! :hug3:



:feedme: Yum, I hope these ranchers have excess eggs in this spring season. The omlets were good last nite and we ate the leftover's cold for lunch.



Didya all see my morning with the Equines? Sheesh. I turn my back to put a halter on Ms.MM -Donkey and Roan dumps over everyone's feed bucket. Aaaugh. The wind was getting to me and [having neglected to tie my hair back] I was eating my long hair every few moments. Ms.MM did NOT want to be hitched up this morning. Roan had a couple of fits and I decided I didn't want to risk a ride ...so I did some wagon driving & MrMtR rode her. She settled down fine but I got to stay out of the wind, somewhat. Driving the wagons was pretty easy on this straightaway road. I even negotiated that corner....a bit wide but Ms. MM followed right behind us with the poultry cart.


At lunch I discovered a dumped-over mess in the cooler...and had stuff strewn all over while trying to clean up the sticky mess. Must have been that BBQ sauce we used a couple nites ago. Lid wasn't on right. My clothesline inside the wagon broke [i put on too many wet towels] and those things have to be washed again. The stoooopid dog wouldn't shut up all day.....OH, you noticed. :blush: One of her "off" days. {sigh}



Mooooother? Do you have any s'mores at your wagon tonite? I've had a hard day!



MtRider [...had versions of all that happen IRL today....aaugh, just one of those days and the danged Netzero will NOT keep me hooked up to the Net... Grrrr! ]

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Good Morning with greeting of great Joy and Happyness to one and all.


No I haven't hit the bottle . . . . just a great day ahead and I am ready to face it, slept good last night and already had a great cup of coffee and my (sponge) bath.


Now Mt_Rider said to let everyone know that today we have only 9 miles to travel. The plan is to get to a place that we can settle in for Saturday afternoon and Sunday as well. We will be crossing a small steam, but there is a bridge, and camp out on the other side by a small pond. The Farmer that is letting us stay there said that there is a very small pasture that is fenced in , into 3 seperate areas, so we can let most of the animals roam around a bit. He had used it as a traning area for his horses but he sold them all last year. A small brook runs right down the middle of it from the pond to the steam so we are all set for watering the animals as well. There are some trees over on the north side of the pond so if you want you can hang a few lines and get some laundry done if we get there early enough. You might want to send the kids out to gather some firewood from here seeing there is so much around and that way if we get over there and don't find any we will be all set.


CeeGee and Family are planning a time of worship and fellowship for Sunday Morning so get out your good clothes and lets all show up and celebrate with songs, prayers, and maybe even a little preachin' just to get us all ready for the weeks ahead.


Looks like nice weather too so we may have a good day for traveling, and if we don't stop too long for the Lunch/ Dinner break we can get there a bit faster, So if you can pack something now for your meal we can just stop long enough to water and rest the animals for a bit and then move on with a long rest when we get there.


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I had about 4 PMs this morning that thought I was stretching reality of the trail life by serving pizza yesterday for lunch. Yes it is possible to make pizza on the trail we do it all the time camping. The trick is to make personal pan size pizzas using a small iron skillet fry your crust. It will not be a deep dish that is for sure. But thin and crsipy. Put your toppings on (if you top it with meat cook your meat first) and stick it your camp stove to melt. I actually own two small skillets IRL just for this. We are little more liberal with our cooking because with 3 boys we didn't do hotel rooms when on vacation. We camped in the moutains, at the beach, at the lake and at the river. I learned to cook just about anything on the camp stove and in the camp oven. I have a cook book that I made with recipes that my family likes just for camping. Now back to our story....



Dear Diary,


I think I love Michael and Mt. Rider today!!!!!!! Ok so I do love them but they made my day. Mt. Rider sent Michael to pass the news we only had 9 miles to go before we stopped for the day. Michael is hoping everyone will have a pack lunch so that we only have to stop to water the animals. I hoping am hoping that we make it there by lunch time. If we get an early enough start we could delay lunch and be there in 5 hours.


The rain has moved out and took my headache with it. But my head still feels like there is cotton stuff up in it. (IRL when we get a lot of rain I get sinus infections I feel like there is mold growing in my head) But as the weather dries so will my head. I am washed out but feel like I could walk the 9 miles if need be. I am just so please to be pain free today.


It is going to be a beautiful day. The sunrise this morning was lovely. It is cool this morning will need something on our arms for a couple of hours this morning. It is hard to believe we have been on the trail for 5 weeks. We left Monday March 1. OH My Stars!!!! Yesterday was Good Friday. Easter is tomorrow. I guess I will have to sneak around and get my special meal in order so I can surpise the guys. They have been such champs on this trip. They thought I had really lost my mind when I talked their dad into this. Guess I will have to get A in on this becasue I will not be able to do it on my own.


Well I hear that lovely words...Wagons HO!!! More later....

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I don't know about yall, but I sure will be ready to stop for a bit and get the laundry caught up! Wonder if there are any fish in that pond? Maybe we should let the guys figure that out while us ladies tend to the cooking, laundry and wagons. :clothesline: I am going to make some biscuits in my cast iron dutch oven just for the kids tonight around the campfire. I brought along a cast iron pie maker for in the fire. You can put bread or a biscuit in it and stick something in the middle of the biscuit (like chocolate!) and let it melt in there for a bit. Take it out of the fire, let it cool and you have a pie! The edges of the iron crimp the bread or large biscuit edges together so the stuff in the middle wont leak out while you are eating it. I saw it at a store before we left on this move and grabbed it thinking it might give the kids something fun to do one night around the fire. ;)


Well, this has been pretty tiring so far riding along in the wagon over all the miles we have covered. But I think today, it felt a little easier. Maybe I am starting to get used to it? LOL< I have to wonder what it will be like when we get to our new homes. Will we be so used to riding and going that it will be hard to settle down and stay put again? It will be nice not to have saddle sores though hehehe...


I think tonight while we are just relaxing I will get out my two books, "Green Pharmacy" and Steven Fosters "Field Guide to Medicinal Plants of America" and ask Mother some questions about them. A friend gave them to us before we left thinking that we may need them once we get to where we are going. He was even nice enough to take us out for a day and show us a few of the basics. But me and my stubborn head that has a hard time learning anything new and sticking in there, has forgotten most of it already! I hope mother can help me find a way to learn this stuff and remember it! These natural herbs and remedies are really going to come in handy once the pharmaceuticals run out. And who's to say that this country or the world is going to hold together for any length of time once we get to our new place? If it doesn't then we wont be able to ride to the next town and get things like aspirin and such. Maybe once we get to the new place, Mother can take a few of us and start a class? I sure would be interested in going to it! She could charge for it too, maybe eggs from one of us and milk from another and stuff like that instead of paying cash money? Just an idea...


Well the chickens are still laying. One has quit, the white one that lays the blue/green eggs. But then she has always been the lowest on the pecking order and such a nervous Nelly! Seems like every time she gets her routine upset, she quit laying. Don't know why I thought this would be any different for her. But the two black hens, Thelma and Louise, they just keep on laying. Seems like nothing bothers them lol. And with just the two of us in the wagon, it makes for a nice breakfast every morning and then we don't have to worry about packing the eggs so that they don't break. I think I will take the two fresh eggs in the morning and make an omelet with them that hubby and I can split, along with a few fresh biscuits and some of that muscadine jelly I brought along should be just enough to fill us up! Ah...sweet dreams tonight of omelette's and jelly lol.


I have a question to ask you ladies...are yall keeping a journal once we get settled? Kind of like a record of our lives to pass along to the next generation? I thought I might start one then. It's just too much right now to write in one. Seems like there is always something needing done now whether we are sitting in camp or riding down the trail. But once we settle then I will get one going. I want my children and grandchildren to know how rough we had it, how we learned and grew as we went. What worked and what didn't. And to not pass on all that knowledge seems like a sin almost. So, what do yall think? To journal or not to journal....


Well I am glad that the quarantine was lifted and we are all back together again. I worried about having the train kind of broken into two parts. Didn't like the people in the back being cut off by so much space. But all is better now and I do hope we don't have to repeat that again! We got so lucky that it wasn't the H1N1 with all the traipsing into the towns along the way! I really think we need to cut our exposure. I realize that there aren't any more large towns now, but they can get sick even in one horse burgs too. Maybe we need to have one or two people designated as the ones to go into the towns and get the supplies and mail? Maybe two that have been vaccinated for some reason? Sure would make me and the other medical people more at ease about yall coming back into the middle of all of us without being quarantined first for 5-7 days!! We HAVE to think about things like that to limit our exposure or we are going to be stopped somewhere on the trail for a few weeks and what if we are so sick that we can't go on and the place we stop has NO water or anything? It could spell the end of us and our train. Or we could loose quite a few of us that way. We need to think about this. And I will leave it to Mother and Mt. Rider to figure out since they are what I figure is the head of the group. Maybe Mt. Rider might want to say something to the other train too. From the way they have been described here, I doubt if they would have the sense enough to figure this out on their own. Sounds like a bunch of city slickers to me that have NO country sense at all. I kind of feel sorry for them and I wonder if they will even make it to the final destination? Sounded like they were about done in already...


Well time to go round up the laundry in the back of the wagon. I can't wait to stop tonight and get dinner going! Maybe I should do a pot of beans and one of those smoked ham hocks that I brought so many of? Yep, sounds good! I don't know if I want to use any of my onions that I brought though. I was hoping to keep them stored until we get to our new place. Maybe I can find that container of dried diced onion...it should be around here somewhere...









(PS...I am sorry for not having posted for awhile. Our internet was so messed up and then they finally took it down for a few days to fix it. Meanwhile, we got chickens!!! SO I have been out watching them more than I should LOL)

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Good morning, all......


Gee, Michael, little bit quiet this morning. Are you feeling okay?


I told MrGee that there would be time for worship tomorrow. We are looking forward to it. Maybe after we can pool our resources and have a communal meal.


This morning as we were breaking camp, we had leftovers for breakfast. Since the nights are still a bit chilly leftovers are holding over for now. I know that this will change as the weather warms. I also made peanut butter sandwiches for lunch so we could get back on the road quickly after our noon stop. I also put our unmentionables in a tote with some hot water and laundry soap. That way when we stop for the night I just have to rinse and hang them out. I made sure that the lid was closed tight. Don't want any thing like what happened to Stephanie......or OGS to decide that I need his help. I also put some tea bags and water into a closed pitcher and I will make sweet tea tonight and put it in the stream tonight. I plan on doing some cooking for the next week while we are stopped tomorrow. I think that I will make cornbread, tortillas and a few loaves of bread.


Today OGS will do a lot of walking with the fellas and have some on the trail training. Maybe that will keep him occupied, if not it should tucker him out and he will sleep tonight!


Time to load up and head out.........

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Good morning eveyone. Like Michael I am smiling this morning. I'm still chuckling about the "fork" incidence. It is exactly what WOULD have happened to us. :D


We are up and ready to go this morning. I'm SO looking forward to stopping early and for all of tomorrow. Maybe if we are lucky Sasha will decide to have her puppies while we are setting still. By the way, thanks for the newspapers MT3B. I'm sure they are going to come in handy. CeeGee, I'll take you up on your offer as well. I was having difficulties trying to decide what I would do with all those pups. We won't know for sure if she has been 'traveling' long enough to have been bred by a random male or if she was bred with a Saint before being turned out or escaping her home. I'm pretty sure she is a purebred, probably registered, and I would expect the pups to have at least some of the Saint traits. We'll be able to tell better after they are born. It just seems strange that anyone would breed the dog and then dump it somewhere. I suppose she could have gotten accidentally lost when they were traveling as so many people are doing today in search of work. I love a mystery though and if DGS gets a chance to get on the internet with his lap top computer (so far he hasn't been able to make a connection) I'm going to have him look up her tag numbers to see if we can at least see where she was from.


I think it's wonderful that Saintsfan is teaching sign language. We used it for a time when DGS was having speech problems as a toddler and still use it occassionally with a nephew who is hearing impaired though he now has a cochlear implant and is doing well. I believe everyone should know at least the basic signs for communication. Did you know that animals and birds communicate in signs as well as vocally? It's really interesting to learn what they are saying to each other. It also helps us to know what body language or signs NOT to give them. Anyway, I'm ready for a refresher course in sign language myself. Is he using ASL?


CeeGee, I am really looking forward to Sunday Morning Services. And I'm also anxious to hear that "Sing off" between your boys and Michael. I might enjoy joining in on that myself. I love show tunes. Music has a way of soothing even the most weary soul so I say the more music the better. Perhaps tonight or Sunday night we can have a sing along around the campfire.


Well I best get my breakfast eaten. We're only having home made grape nuts cereal with milk this morning to save time and clean up. We'll have biscuits with peanut butter and jelly for lunch as we should have a chance to cook a decent meal once we reach camp tonight. Mom was up early baking cookies in our camp oven and the smell was really enticing but we'll save them for later tonight as a special treat around the camp fire. The smell will be a pleasant one to travel with though :D


The thermoses are filled with tea and coffee so I guess we'll be able to take off as soon as the rest of the camp is ready. Stay alert on the trail. We might not have as much trouble with humans as we did closer to the towns but we'll have to start watching for wildife.



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:laughkick: ....wellllll, I've been thinking about your chickens, MT3B. And figure it's only natural that they are used to a Road Trip. :grinning-smiley-044: Thelma & Louise? LOL



Hey, I think the Journal idea is great, Q. Lots of us have read those early American journals to learn bits of what we know. And classes....esp for the Lead group. Thinking on that one...definitely yes....but the logistics.




On the same vein, would you ladies [& cooking gents] want to compile a Wagons HO cookbook? That way we can all share recipes with each other. :grouphug: I've been drooling over some of the smells coming from other campfires....and MrMtR has too! :feedme:



................. [and....if you like...IRL we could post CAMPFIRE/PIONEER only [not competing with the Kitchen Forum] recipes and Mother....Oh, Mother...are you tired of my ideas yet? :P Mother can we have another thread for the recipes and full instructions on how we are making food in our primitive conditions? :happy0203: Or is there already a dedicated pioneer cooking thread going in Pioneer Living Forum?


OR....do you just want to post recipes in the W*HO comments thread? Like Mt3B did with her biscuits - yum!]






Back in the Wagon Train.......


.......Is it truly EASTER this week then? WHERE is the time going? Mother, where did we get to on the calendar? Whooooo boy. Got to boil up some of those eggs that every rancher host has had so many to share. Who knows how to dye with natural stuff? I have some homecanned pickled beets for reddish purple. Also for pickled eggs! Mmmm! [iRL!!!] The kiddos have to have their egg coloring if we can manage it.





MtRider [.....on the trail and making more work for Mother... heehee]

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(IRL- We have had some recipes in PL but not specific threads for campfire/trail recipes. I think it would be a great idea. We only have that one recipe on the comments thread and can easily copy that to the recipe thread. I'll see what I can do about getting it going. )


Easter EASTER. It can't be Easter yet can it? Easter must be early this year if we left March 1st and we've been out five weeks, that makes it April 4th doesn't it? Yes, that's right. Easter is on the 4th this year. Okay, then we need to be getting our thoughts together.


I vote we have a community meal as was suggested. We can make it a pot luck so PCS does't have to do all the cooking. Bring your own table service please. Should we invite the Benefactor's group so we can get to know them better? Umm will they be able to bring a dish to pass each? I'm sure that CeeGee will have realized it's easter and have a special service planned for us, then the meal afterwards.


Would be nice if we had an Easter Egg hunt for the little ones. Maybe we can plan it for first thing in the morning if we get our heads and eggs together later today. Onion skins makes a nice orangish/brownish tint for eggs, fresh carrot juice makes an orange. The beets will work too. Red cabbage and grape juice will each give a nice pinkish tint too. Instant coffee makes a nice brown color, Parsley makes a green, and I have several different blends of hebal teas that make lovely colors as well. They will mostly be pastel though. For some highly decorated eggs I think I might have some of the big kids use crayons to color the boiled eggs after the kids have all gone to bed. We have plenty of crayons along as all of us love to use them.


We'll all have to remember that Sunday or not we are going to have to get everything done that we can't do on the trail. I hope to get bread baked ahead of time and for our family that's a lot of bread. Some of us like toast in the mornings and we were just talking about dried beef gravy on toast today. Mom wants to get some cookies and muffins made as well so that we can just grab and go when breakfast or snacks are in a hurry. DD said she'd make pies if we had time as she's the pie maker in the family.


Speaking of pies, We have a dozen or more of those pie irons for the fire. Some are round, some square, some have holes in the bottom for cooking meat and some are double ones. We have a couple panini ones as well. One is specially made for baking bread (small slender ones) and some are just meant to have dough wrapped around them and baked into spirals. We use them all the time and for a whole lot more than just sandwiches or bread pies. We make cakes, pancakes and eggs, bake biscuits in them, and more. The are almost like mini Dutch ovens in that respect. Those who have them along will have to get together and do some pie iron cooking one of these days. We also have a lot of different hand held grills for use in the fire. A couple of flat square basket types that hold meat or whatever securely, some three, five, and eight hotdog cookers, a couple of different types of popcorn poppers, and some that are just single hand held grills. They have really come in handy on the road lately.


I can't believe that we're almost there already and it's only a little after 2. I'm ready to give the horses and me a rest. We have laundry sloshing around in the barrels and I'm hoping to get them rinsed and hung out before dark. The dew on the white things will help brighten them come morning. I believe I can see the lead wagons turning off the road now. :)



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Dear Diary...con't.


Oops I have everyone a stir this evening. Like me they had lost track of time and didn't realize this was Easter weekend. Wow days run together when you are out here.


We arrived at camp rather early and the weather was beautiful so I rinsed to wash that in the wash barrel. Even was able to get the blankets aired out. It looks like we are going to be packing away the long johns before long. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. The mornings are still cool so you need long sleeves until mid morning but after that you are taking off the layers. But once the sun goes down the heat goes with it. Mt.Rider and Mother are pleased we are making as good time as we are. Here I thought we were behind schedule be they seem to think we will arrive around the first of May just in time for planting season.


I have been thinking about getting some plants going like peppers, tomatoes, and a few other veggies that transplant well but think I will wait a couple of more weeks. I really don't want them in starter trays for longer than 6 weeks. And if we are delayed any then they will be in the starter trays long than I hope. While I was trying to block out the pain from the migraine I was kind of planing my garden and thinking about the seeds I brought along with me. I wonder if others are doing the same. I mean when we get there we will be running low on food so we will need to grow food not only for summer but enough to get us through the winter as well. We will need pasture land for the animals and we will need to plant alfa and grass for the winter for the animals as well. I wonder what we will find when we get there? Are there others leaving towns and heading out like us? We haven't seen anyone other than our group but that doesn't mean they are traveling by train and cars.


Saintsfan is talking about the house(s) and buildings that will need to constructed once the garden in the ground. Him and some of the men are hoping with everyone helping the gardens will only take a week to break ground then they will leave the planting to the women and children. The men will then start on houses and buildings. We are going to be pushing time they say between planting and harvesting. They want us under cover by winter. Many of the men are talking about multi-purpose building (barns/sleeping quarters) at first then building houses as the weather permits. Hummm sleeping with goats, chickens, horses and oxen on the other side of the wall...well I guess it will make gather eggs first thing in the morning easier but I am not sure I will need get the smell out of the bed linen.


Dinner tonight was tacos with fresh lettuce. That was nice for a change. I have bread in pans setting for their last rising. They will go in the camp stove first thing in the morning. I have made peanut butter cookies, and more fried pies this time they are apple. I have about a dozen cornish hens I have been hording since we left. I knew we would spend Easter on the road and I wanted to do something special for Easter lunch. The plans are to have a community lunch tomorrow I think I will make 54321 sauce and cook some rice. I will rehydrate some veggies the guys will be delighted. I am also going to do a chocolate dump cake. I had hoped for twiced baked potatoes for tomorrow but my potatoes are going to seed so I will save them for when we arrive so I can plant them.


Sasha has been extra antsy tonight Mother thinks her time is about up. I think Mother hopes she delivers the pups while we are stopped instead while rocking and rolling on the trail. I think she will probably wait until it is nice and quiet and things have settled down tonight.


The spirits seem to be up in camp tonight. The guitars and banjos have been pulled out and everyone is sitting around the camp fire singing. I don't know if it is the break in the weather or if it is the realization that Easter is tomorrow. But is nice to see smiles and hear laughter tonight. Even in the benefactor camp there is singing and laughter. CeeGee is organizing the worship service for tomorrow. Several of us have brought old song books along with us so I guess we will pull them out. Who is that calling square dancing out there is that Mother's mother I hear...this I have got to see.

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Oh it's so nice to be stopped for the evening knowing tomorrow is Easter! I hope to be up to see the sunrise. Maybe someone will come around and give us a yell. :) And it's so good to get that pot of beans and ham hocks on the fire and out of the wagon. Liked to have killed me smelling it all day long as we rode along lol. I thought I had it wrapped up tight enough but those smells still escaped. Now I have to make a pan of cornbread in my cast iron skillet. It's not hard to do, we did it all the time at home. I don't think I would know any other way to make it up.


Mother, I would love to get more of those Irons for the campfire. I have the popcorn one also that we just love. And you know, I have some seed stored for that too lol. Hubby wasn't going anywhere that he couldn't grow his own popcorn! He gave up the movies that usually go with it, but he's one stubborn man and wont give up popcorn or potatoes.


Glad you liked my chickens names Mt. Rider. Thelma and Louise just seemed to fit them. They love to get in a carrier and go for a ride. So this is nothing new to them. I just hope they have NO plans for escape LOL. I will need them once we get to where we are going. They are my best layers so they will be put in with a rooster and I will let one of them go broody so we get some chicks. I am hoping they will be just as good layers as their momma. :rolleyes:


I drifted off there for a minute. Just listening to the sounds of the camp and enjoying listening to the sound of children laughing and having fun. It's been an easy ride so far compared to the wagon trains of old. And now that we are off the beaten path, I suspect it might get a bit more rough. But I am still looking forward to the trip. I hear someone off to the side of me talking about getting a few unmentionables washed and hung up in their wagon tonight. Wondering if I hadn't ought to do the same. I wouldn't want to get mine seen in broad daylight lol. Don't want to scare anyone! Well off I go to do some wash and some straightening in the wagon. Since we have been on the trail for awhile, there are holes appearing and things need re-packed so that there aren't any accidents. Ahh, the fun never ends! I love adventure!



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The dew on the white things will help brighten them come morning.


Now that bit of lore rings a bell for sure, Mother. But can you explain it further? I forget the what and why of it. :shrug:


Yeah, we sloshed laundry today too. Wow, look at all the eggs that this rancher has contributed to the Easter celebration. Did you hear that the wife has Nigerian goats and would like the services of one of Mother's bucks. Spread the genes around cuz this tiny breed is not so well known yet. Too bad my "girls" aren't in right now. I'd try to get them bred by her buck. They wouldn't be too heavy yet by the time we arrive. August birthing like my last time. Mebbe I'll bring them round and see if they are "get ready". ;)



OK, I've got a jar of pickled beet juice [beets are gone] for this egg dyeing. Wow, what a glorious mess the kids are making. Oooo, that's a nice one! Yes, and yours is very colorful...which dye did you use? Does anyone want to mark with a white crayon before you dye it? The crayon area will stay white then. Or just use plain wax.


Mr.MtR is making cinnamon rolls and we just [iRL] spread the middle with cinnamon, sugar, chopped walnuts, raisins. Mmmmm. He's our real baker. I do things like make yogurt. We'll be making lots so we can have them for mebbe a sunrise breakfast/service. [LOL...IRL I just told DH he's making rolls for everyone and he said he's glad it's a virtual world! :0327: He'd be up half the nite. ] Is anyone's baking ovens or dutch ovens free right now for the rolls?


We will have a feast tomorrow. We have one pie maker, a campfire popcorn popper, and one of those wire enclosures for burgers or whatever that Mother talked about. All garage sale finds and they are so handy and can be used for lots of things. Just takes creativity. And hunger! :D


I've got beans soaking too. I mixed the colorful Anazazi with the plainer pintos but they turn out fairly similar. I have lots more pinto but I like the Anazazi better.



And just *thinking* of starting some seeds gets my hands itching to begin!!!! The Big Valley is a Hardiness Zone 5. There are supposed to be some hot springs and if you plant near them, it will increase that. So we're good on frost for quite some time. Of course I'm coming from a location that has frost-free dates from June 15th to Aug 15th. THIS will be abundance for me. yeah...I can grow peppers and popcorn and melons and .... DO you KNOW how many NEW seeds I had to buy when I found out we had a decent growing season? :blush: Practically bought Gurney's inventory. And I've already got tons of seeds for cold-season things. Wheeeeeeee....gardening.


But don't forget we'll need to plant fields of grains too. And legumes. For us and for livestock. Wheat, buckwheat [high in Vit. C], hulless oats, regular oats [livestock], corn, cowpeas, sugar beet, mangels, ......whheeeeeeeee.....are we gonna be BUSY!



But that's for later. Tomorrow is EASTER! Glorious rising of our Savior. :cele:



MtRider [going back to sprinkling cinnamon and walnuts... ]

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OK, I've got a jar of pickled beet juice [beets are gone] for this egg dyeing. Wow, what a glorious mess the kids are making. Oooo, that's a nice one! Yes, and yours is very colorful...which dye did you use? Does anyone want to mark with a white crayon before you dye it? The crayon area will stay white then. Or just use plain wax.

Michael was glad he remembered to save all those onions skins - didn't that make a pretty yellow color? And those coffee grounds are just right for the light brown ones you are making, they almost look like the ones our chicken are laying but ours don't come out with the pictures on them?


Mr.MtR is making cinnamon rolls and we just [iRL] spread the middle with cinnamon, sugar, chopped walnuts, raisins. Mmmmm. He's our real baker. I do things like make yogurt. We'll be making lots so we can have them for mebbe a sunrise breakfast/service. [LOL...IRL I just told DH he's making rolls for everyone and he said he's glad it's a virtual world! :0327: He'd be up half the nite. ] Is anyone's baking ovens or dutch ovens free right now for the rolls?

Well, we got 2 of them if you need them? Rential is only 4 rolls so come and get. I also made a metal frame/stand for the larger one so you can use it over a fire/hot coals if you need that too?

MtRider [going back to sprinkling cinnamon and walnuts... ]

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Good Morning everyone, and Happy Easter (in UNreality time) It's hard to believe that it's already Aril 4th. Usually I'd have planted Potatoes on Good Friday as my Grandfather used to do, weather permitting that is. He was a potato farmer and it always seemed to work for him. We are still a long way from our destination so it doesn't look like we'll be planting potatoes any time soon.


I see a lot of "Easter Bunnies" out early this morning so I suppose it won't be long before the kids are out having a great time finding the eggs. What fun it was trying to see how pretty we could make them with natural means. Some of them have turned out really extraordinary with their lacing of swirls and designs where wax or crayon was used.


I was thinking early this morning about Easter and realized that as we are such a diverse population we most likely have others with us that celebrate other holidays than just Christian ones. We will have to make an effort to find what they are and help celebrate those as well.


Sasha is no longer restless so I can only assume we are not having puppies for a while at least. She really doesn't show signs of having them today at least. She doesn't have that sunk in look by her tail I always associate with imminent birth. That's okay, they will get here when they are ready, just like babies have for centuries and beyond. I'm just glad she's starting to slow down in her eating. She seems to be getting enough now thanks to all who have donated to her diet.


We got most of the laundry done before sunset last night and managed to lay some of the white things on the grass where the animals would go. Mt_R, you asked why that would whiten them. I'm definitely not an expert on the how but I know that years ago the housewife would put her special white things out on a patch of grass at night so the dew and moonlight would make them especially white. Dew is a distilled product so I suppose as the distilled 'water' soaks into the cloth it dissolves some of the minerals in the clothing. I have found that they are whiter after the dew is dried by the morning sun so I feel it is the sunlight working symbiotically with the dew that does the whitening. But then, moonlight DOES have properties as well so it might just be a combination of both. I love the smell of the clothing after they have laid in clean grass overnight and then dried in the morning sun. The clothing always comes in soft and almost wrinkle free as well. No laundry softener in the world can beat that.


Hmmm, just thought that this should have been a topic for MONDAY morning. That was the typical washday in the past. With being on the trail we've all have had to adjust our routines to accommodate necessities. I started my bread sponge last night and this morning I'll set it rising before services. Then after our community potluck I'll get my Dutch Ovens back from Mr.MtR to bake the loaves. That sure was a heavenly smell coming from their camp last night. By the time I get back to the bread they should be nice and light and the coals should be just perfect for all sorts of baking and that will save the LP for use in only inclement weather. It's a good thing I have several Dutch Ovens along and our big one as well because I will have fourteen loaves of bread to bake. With so many of us to feed we have used up almost half of our fine milled flour already even with adding fresh ground whole grain flour each time we use it.



As we are going to be eating a big meal later we’ve chosen to eat lightly for breakfast. Mostly just biscuits and something to drink but there’s yogurt for those who want a bit more. Speaking of the potluck, we are bringing oatmeal pies. DD had a chance to practice her open fire pie making. They didn’t turn out too bad, though one was just a bit too done on one side. You won’t have to worry about eating that one though, the Grandkids took care of that last night. LOL




Well I see the kids are starting to mill around. I believe I’ll go watch the fun. Let’s all have a wonderful day today.







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[ :hug3: that's fine CeeGee.....UNreality is flexible....... :rolleyes: .....sometimes so flexible we trip on the loops of it.... :P


Hi Everyone. Happy Easter! And here are the cinnamon rolls [warmed up again and even frosting drooled on top] to go with yogurt [yum...and a little protein with our carb goodies, lol ] and whatever else. And we certainly have plenty of hard-boiled eggs of various colors.


:balloons: How fun was that last nite. The kids loved the egg coloring event. When adults struggle so for merely getting food, shelter, cleanliness, etc in place -- it can be tough sometimes to remember to feed the other parts of us. The need for beauty, song, joy, and the spiritual needs. Today will be refreshing for us. We will certainly need that in our long road ahead.



Thanks for the loan of all these ovens. We had fun with our little manufacturing plant last nite....dozens of rolls. And naturally we had to taste test...make sure they were up to standard! :P .....and thank all of you who happened to stop by and HELP with that taste testing. It's a serious responsibility and you all performed wonderfully. :laughkick:





MtRider [...off to do more of the endless chore of "straighten out the wagon AGAIN" ]

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Hymn: #224 I Love to Tell the Story


I love to tell the story of unseen things above

Of Jesus & His glory, of Jesus & His love

I love to tell the story because I know ‘tis true

It satisfies my longings as nothing else would do


I love to tell the story, ‘twill be my theme in glory

To tell the old, old story of Jesus & His love


I love to tell the story, ‘tis pleasant to repeat

What seems, each time I tell it, more wonderfully sweet

I love to tell the story for some have never heard

The message of salvation from God’s own Holy Word


Good Easter to you, each & every one.

We gather beneath a vast expanse of blue sky to celebrate our risen savior. But ever as we do it seems that same sky may be falling in on us. I am here to assure you that this, in fact, is not true. The very fact that we are here on the road, with our loved ones in tow, is proof of God’s providence.

The Word is absolutely replete with beginnings: “In the beginning” is the opening phrase of the creation account; Noah was called to go forth & replenish the earth after the flood; Joseph, who was to have met his end as a slave instead had a new beginning as one of the most powerful men in the land; and the list goes on & on.

We have been given the opportunity to share in this great adventure of life by striking out, IN FAITH, to begin again. And to this Holy charge we commit ourselves most heartily. After all we have His promise, “all things work together for the good to them that love the Lord, & who are called according to His purpose.”

Jesus, was questioned by Nicodemas by night, “How can these things be?” He replied pointing out that they, as teachers of Israel, should know who He was. “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”

He died for that new beginning for us in His new kingdom, we, in turn should be as committed to this new beginning set before us. “He Who began a good work in you is able to complete it in you.”

Let’s celebrate His resurrection as we resurrect a new world from the old.


Celebrate Jesus

Celebrate Jesus Celebrate…..Celebrate Jesus Celebrate

He is Risen, He is Risen …..And He lives forevermore

He is Risen, He is Risen

Come on & Celebrate, Come on & Celebrate

The Resurrection of our Lord

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Cee Gee, thank you. That was beautiful. Thank you. :hug3:


(Mother is sniffling IRL as she reads once again the beautiful promise that we are given. :amen: )



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