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Thanks for putting those nifty instructions in the thread Lori. And I love you adding a bit to the journal too. Gives us both perspectives on building the homestead. Rounds it out nicely. :D





Can I second that post? :) I really enjoyed reading Lori's additions. Thank you!



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Miki I want to thank you for taking the time to let us know that you enjoy the story, along with others here on MrsS. It's comments like yours that keep me writing this story. If yall ever get bored with it, well let us know!

Thanks and hugs...





The journey you are all on is wonderful! Never boring...I come here first each time to see what's happening. When I first saw the map it was really funny because I really wanted to be there picking out a place...

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The journey you are all on is wonderful! Never boring...I come here first each time to see what's happening. When I first saw the map it was really funny because I really wanted to be there picking out a place...



Really? You know, if you want to try your hand at writing we could bring you and your family into the valley by mule train, let yall pick out some land (40 acres for each adult) and you could join right in! Mother and Mt.R and Michael help so much that it makes it easy to write. Heck, if I can do it...anyone can! Give it some thought, we would love to have you and others join in!



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I was able to talk with Mt_Rider tonight. She was helping the cat hold down the bed but was in good spirits as long as she was laying down. She is thinking of us all but until the MS allows her to be up and about longer than just to get necessities done she will need to rest. MS is strange. A flare can come on fast and go away just as easily so we can look for her to pop in as soon as it allows her to do so.


I know we are all missing her and wish her a speedy recovery. Please keep her in your prayers.


((((((((((((((((((( Mt_Rider )))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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Dogmom4, I add my encouragement to Quiltys. Just let us know if you'd like to join us and we'll figure out a way to make you a part. We can always make you Mr. Jones' neice and you already ARE in the valley just waiting to choose your homestead. :D


I'm glad you are enjoying the thread. It is one of the most interesting writing projects I've ever been involved with. I like it too... :)



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((((((((((((((((MT3B)))))))))))))) I'm so sorry you are sick. There seems to still be a lot of that going around. Make sure it's not the H1N1. Get well soon.


I'm also hoping for a service at the Lodge today. The last couple of times CeeGee has blessed us with them they have been in the afternoon as they have obligations IRL on Sunday morning. Should we make it a pot luck meal? Say elevenish? Gives everyone time to get there if they leave early, and get home before dark.


Okay, in talking with Mt_Rider, she has asked me to take everyone back a step here and instill some REALITY into the UNreal scene...I'll attemt to do that in a few posts here in the comment section.


One of the first things we need to figure out is distance and time in the valley. How long DOES it take everyone to get from their homesteads to the Lodge? Let's take MT3B's homestead as an example as it seems to be the most distant. The map is not to scale but if we roughly divide the distance between top and bottom as being 20 mile, and we allow for her going kitty corner up to the Lodge, it could concievably be ten mile or more if she couldn't go a straight line, which most likely she wouldn't be able to because of terrain.


An oxen team, having more strength and less speed than a horse, can walk about as fast as a man can walk, sometimes a bit faster if they are not pulling a heavy load and depending on the oxen. The averages I found on the web were that an ox can walk between 2 and 3 miles an hour. (Someone might find different figures because what I saw was really various) That would be consistent with the 10 to fifteen miles a day we made on the trail with an hour or more rest at noon. Using that as a guide, if MT3B used oxen, pulling a wagon, to get to the Lodge it would take her roughly 3 1/2 to 5 hours one way. If she were to use horses it would be faster as they have more speed and less pulling power. And if you are riding or the horse is pulling a light buggy, it would be even faster.


Michael, can you tell us how long it might take you to get from your homestead to the lodge, allowing for slowing down for river crossing using your horse and buggy? The average I saw for a horse pulling a wagon was 5 to 6 mph. Not running that is.


Plowing is another consideration. What we will be plowing is native soil, perhaps rocky in some areas, very thick sod in others. A garden area might be plowed in a day but a field for grain is going to be another story. An acre was originally designated by the amount of land that one man could plow using one oxen in one day, but you have to allow for the time it takes to turn an oxen at the end of a row, that's why an acre used to be a furlong long as there were not so many turns to make. Pioneering is slow, steady, work that is hard on animal and man alike. Teams need to be rested often and worked carefully.


I mention this, as I will be mentioning other things here, to have you stop and really think this through. We won't be setting up a homestead, even if we do already have a living quarters on it, in a few days. Life will be at a much slower pace than we have all been used to. A trip to the Lodge will not be an every day thing. We won't have instant access to food and goods unless we have stored them or can find them in the wilds. It's fun to dream in all sorts of things but we will have to be careful that what we 'experience' (write) will be in keeping with the realities of this UN reality scene or we won't gain the knowledge that this whole endeavor is meant to teach. Remember as well that we have a pretty heavy readership and we won't want to decieve ourselves or them as to the work involved and the skills we'd need to learn.


We will have to place ourselves (in our minds at least) in an ISOLATED 10 mile by 20 mile WILDERNESS valley, without any ammenities except what was here to begin with and what we brought with us. (and what we ordered if that EVER comes, We'll let you know later about that so don't write it in the scene yet). [The B's have the advantage over us of bringing in various items over the years which you will find out about as we go along) Go back over your lists. Check what you have and then do some thinking. Did you choose well? Only time will tell you that.


I'll add more later but for now, I'm just looking forward to our Sunday Fellowship. :D


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Thanks for those reminders Mother. We had figured about a 3 hour trip up to the Lodge from our place by wagon/oxen. I just want to get out of the lodge lol.


mt3b...I hope you get to feeling better real soon. We will miss you but want you better. Stay in bed, get rested up. Take your medicine. Chicken soup is good! Hugs to you...



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OK as we has been playing it is about 7 miles form home to the Lodge so with one river crossing that is basicly just slowing down seeing we cross at the washout we figure a 2 hour trip each way.


As to posting about building our cabin and lean-to barn for the animals you will just have to wait as I have written this weeks posts and have it saved in my word program. Each day we will be telling you what we did and how much we can get done in a day as well - it ain't much with chopping down trees being most of each day. While Lori is back at camp getting things done there or helping me stack firewood and cutting some of the smaller stuff up. I wanted to post it all at once but that would not be right as we can't work 24/7. So stay tuned for the next few days to see what happens. When you are starting with nothing on your homestead it take a bit of time to 'settle' in. I do have a map of our land with everything on it - but I know it is a 3 year plan to get it all in. Also have a blueprint of the cabin that I will be posting but again we will be takiing down trees for the next 2 - 3 weeks just to get the main frame up. Oh by the way we will be calling for help when the time comes to set the logs in place.



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That is EXCELLENT Michael.


It is exactly what we all will be doing, taking this a step into the realities of how far and how long and how hard. You set the way and the rest of us can follow in like mode.


I've been trying to figure our milage too and it will take us about that long as well. Q and MT3B, you better add a bit more to your time. Probably more like four hours unless you're riding a horse, then about half that or bit less.


Also, for a reference as to the size of the valley if you are using the map...It's almost impossible to show what one 40 acre plot would look like. We found that the size of the trappers cabin or the lodge is actually about the size the whole plot would be. For ease of use however, we'll just say that your 40 acres is about a half inch square if the map is 5" by 7". It will give us the feeling of space at least. We're not going to be picky about boundries unless we have to be. Once we can describe to Michael where we'd like to be on that map, he will try to add a letter to the spot (remember it's going to be difficult to place unless you can SHOW him or be specific like above the letter F in falls or something). The letter(s) will indicate your acerage is in that area. That's close enough.



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(((((MT3B))))) Hope you get better real soon. :pray:



Wonderful information, thanks so much.


I took some time to divide the map into miles, little rectangles, lol. Anyway, then I took an area and blew it up and divided it down to feet. Wow, 1 acre = 43,560 square feet, which messed me up at first, until I found that it also equals 100' L x 435.6' W. [ 100' + (217.8=435.6/2) x 217.8] which squared out the plot somewhat. {Someone correct me if I got that wrong please.} After blowing up each square, my drawings are finally down to about the size a person would see standing still. (The artist in me wants to draw the images I preceive. lol)


The distance between the area we chose and the Lodge & Mother seems to be around 3 miles and 2 miles from "R" - as a crow flies. Time to travel that distance is understandably longer due to the terrain, at least until we can make a path/trail/road.


Heading over to read yesterdays posts ........

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When I used inches as a base on the map I printed out (it might be different sizes depending on the size printed) it figured to be five by seven inches approx.. That means on mine the milage is different across than it is down as far as trying to divide it down into an inch = X miles.


Taking the top measurement of ten miles divided by five inches that means an inch = 2 mile. Just roughly using those parameters I figured we were about 5 mile from the lodge so we are both in the same ball park dependin where you put your acreage Annarchy.


I realized that we were going to have a real difficulty trying to figure out our plots when they ended up being so small. (640 acres to a square mile divided by 40 would be 16 plots per square mile [3200 total 40 acre plots in the valley] or if you are going by 80 acres for a couple it's 8 plots per square mile) That's why I suggested the 1/2 by 1/2 inch square on your map as a base. It's more than it would be but we are not measuring! LOL


Does anyone care that I give them more 'space' LOL or do we need a different parameter to help us get an idea of distance?


Annarchy, I really wish you would draw those images. Would it be possible to do an aerial view once your cabins or ? were built maybe? Or even before if you can find a land mark? That would be neat.



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Hi y'all.... :wave: Remember me? :lol:


I have been struggling with health/energy/cognitive for as long as Wagons Ho has been running this winter. But sheeeeeeesh.... I am wearing out. I do think I might be getting a break in this siege. I hope. I've had some days that I actually got to catch up on the IMMEDIATE TO-DO list. I even was able to do a therapeutic ride Friday. That's been thwarted this frigidly cold winter due to snowpacked roads where we usually get solar power to clear them.


So I have not even been on MrsS for ..days and days and days. :(


Fortunately, y'all stuck me into the medical clinic cabin and proceeded on. But I'm going to have to read a lot to catch up before I can post again. And I'm not up to anything like that yet. Just now getting rid of yet another migraine-quality sinus headache. Been waking with them every morning. Takes me 2-3 hours to get them to clear. ....then the energy for the day is already depleted. :0327:


But I wanted to at least let you know that I'm still planning to return and get ME outta the medical clinic. Mr.Mt. Rider had better be scouting for our home place and digging the veggie garden. Someone want to put us on the list for getting a field plowed? [MrS & J have brought in a couple horse-drawn plows to pass around for larger field planting. But there are a lot of folks who need to share these. Most gardens will be hand dug and we are pushing against time on some of the longer-growing things. ]



OK...energy gone......but I still have to milk IRL....so I'm gonna say bye for now but I'll pop in as I can.



this too shall pass...........



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Oh wow!! It is sooo good to see you post even just a little! This is a GOOD thing! LOL




A plow?? When did we get to use them? I thought we had to do it all by hand?? Oh cool!! We might have to ride into town and borrow one for the south end of the valley for 2 or 3 days! This digging by hand is for the birds lol. It would make a better garden though. And it would have knocked us right out of having raised corn for the animals. No way we could have dont that this year. Okay, I will get you wrote in on that stuff too, not tonight though cuz I already have todays wrote so I can post it tonight. We can all write in something about you 2 tomorrow though. I am going to ride into town with hubby to pick up the plow so I can check in on you. Will get that part added in.


Do you have any idea how bad we mis you? Sniff, sniff...I sure hope you get to feeling better soon, not for the story, but because I know you want back on your feet!






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Mt_Rider WHO?


Glad to see you post!

About those plows...........

hom many did they bring so we know before we all start fighting over them. LOL

I have a small one that we have been using for the garden but it would be nice to have one of the bigger ones for the main fields. So put me down on th elist and let me know when to come pick it up. Hey seeing I do know how to drive one of those things, Do it all the time with Amish friends (6 horse team once! - Don't ask). maybe between myself and one of the "B" group we can plow a small field 'in town' and let a few of the ones that have never driven take a turn before they try it our on their home site? Plow races at the next get together? LOL






SMILES all around at seeing Mt_Rider posting :thumbs:

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Hello my friend. Glad to see you on for a bit. :wub:


Anyway, you really started something with those "couple" of plows for LARGER fields but the gardens still have to be 'dug by hand". Just like you :24:


I think Michael's idea is a good one. We get us all together this coming Sunday (in UN and IRL) to have plow training......Those things really are hard to handle if you don't know how and we will be breaking SOD no less. Hope those plows are like the old John Deere ones made specially for that only better, we don't want anyone hurt. Races,,,,hmmmm that might be fun too. :D


Okay everyone. Mt.R is still resting in that Med. cabin until she's well enough to get herself out. (Mother said so, that's why! :tapfoot: Can't have her out and about until she's well) Mr. Mt_Rider is OUT DIGGING GARDEN on their homestead... I know we SAW him as we passed their place on our way back to town from ours TOMORROW! LOL We might even give him a lift back to the Lodge for the night and bring him back out the next day when we return.


Let the others use the plows first. We started late to find our homestead, going to get the gardens going and plants/trees etc planted first. Then the plowing. GROAN I hurt already,,,oh wait, that's from IRL. :faint3:



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Well since Mt. R. said that MOST gardens will be dug by hand and since after three days we are still trying to get ours dug, I was hoping for a hardship allowance on using one of the plows for the garden and for our field for the corn. I think I still remember how to use one lol. But it's been awhile so I would rather go watch Michael just to make sure I can remember. Will have to show hubby how since I doubt if I would ever be plowing again anyways. But if not, that's okay, we will just have a smaller garden and figure out what to do with the animals with no corn field lol. I knew we should have brought that hand plow from Lehmans LOL...



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about the dates both IRL and in Big Valley I have been working on a Calendar so we all can keep track of where we are. Tried a few ways of doing that but couldn't find anything that worked?

So I MADE one up that I think everyone can use to see where we are.

***So come to the Lodge and buy one from Me so I can buy things I need .

they are only $10.00 each.


No , not really I hope to be able to post it so you can print it out and hang by your computer. It will be small and only 3 months for now.

Stay turned as soon as Mother tests it out I will post it here.


~a hard working Michael~

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OK , So somebody tell me that this works and you can use it to figure out the date IRL and then the date in the Big Valley?

**PLease DON'T POST that you want this changed or that changed as I can't do that! And if you can't figure it out thats fine but I don't want to see 10 posts on WHY you can't do it.


For the rest it is easy - just find the date IRL (before the '/ ') and the number after the '/ '

"IN THAT BOX" is the date for the Big Valley.

*So if it is Jan. 13 IRL then it is May 12 in the big Valley.

*If it is March 19 IRL then it is July 16 in the big valley.

See the day of the week is always the same just the 'number' changes. ;)

Now some dates overlap the months IRL but we can cover that later.

Just tell me if it works- By the way you can print it our and hang by your computer, even cut off the houses and put a picture of whatever you want on top. (like a calendar) :thumbs:


OK here it is:






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Awesome Michael, I'll have to print it later when I get to my printer.


((((Mt_Rider)))) hope you get feeling better soon. I've missed you.


Here's what I did to the map so I had an idea of our area:


Section area:



divided into acres



divided into feet


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That is geat Annarchy. I had divided our map the same way along the top (the sides were a different equation) but I hadn't thought to do it in acres or in feet. I'm going to give it a try though I won't be able to scan it into the site (scanner doesn't seem to work right lately


It helps to see what a square mile looks like on the map and what your acres look like within that mile. Thanks for taking the time to do that.






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