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Dear Santa Claus


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feel free to share your survival christmas wish list here!!! i'll start...


Dear Santa Claus;


This Christmas I woul like the following ten items. Thank you in advance.


1. a water bob for my bathtub

2. fifteen collapsible water containers

3. a new fire extinguisher; MOUNTED INSIDE THE HOUSE NEAR THE KITCHEN not the garage!!!

4. a rotating shelf or two

5. a storage unit or two

6. one million dollars!!!

7. a fallout shelter!!! or a trailer!!

8. my old young skinny healthy body!!!

9. pioneering books

10. my own piece of land!!

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A kitchen Aide stand mixer. I burnt up my last hand mixer yesterday making banana bread and now I don't have any mixers lol. Maybe the Kitchen Aide would last me a good long time. Santa I'm not picky either. Any color is fine and I would even take a used beat up one as long as it runs okay!


Hugs and cookies,


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an elliptical that folds up

hand pump for the well outside`

water storage barrels- 10

root cellar/shelter with air filtering system 10x50

apple,peach,cherry and pear trees for a small orchard

blueberry and cranberry bushes

solar panels with inverters and batteries- 12

chickens- 12

goats - 4 females, 2 males different herds

2 pigs - gestating




*sigh* I can dream......

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Dear Santa,


I really have tried very hard to be good this year. You must admit we've been through a lot.


1. A set of cabinets to put in the kitchen to hold my craft supplies for when the baby comes.

2. A more reliable vehicle

3. Sewing machine that works would be nice, especially if it does embroidery too

4. Some handmade thoughtful gifts from friends or family, just to know that someone cares.

5. Enough money to pay off our debts, or at least be able to pay our bills.


I know it's a lot to ask, but I promise I'm worth it. :)

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Dear Santa,


I would like the extension for my unemployment cause there are no jobs for this old gal


I would like a filter for the well--with the lake so low sometimes the water looks a little dirty


and I would like a new pair of warm fuzzy slippers






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Okay..I'll play too.


A big berkey

A breezeway to the garage

A REAL livng room set

A newer car (used is okay)

Better health forDH and me

A little "mad money"


Santa..you of all people know how tough this past year has been!! Be nice!!


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I'd like Santa not to trip over the Christmas lights when he comes up to the house.

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