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Bushel Basket Gourds

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In 2006 I grew a single vine and got 3 or 4 gourds. One of them I left laying in the yard, just to see how well it would hold up. It is still out there. I picked it up a couple days ago and it is still dry and intact with the seeds rattling around in it. A pressure treated board nearby has rotted in the same amount of time.

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Ouch! on the price, but it seems normal. Definitely try to keep the seeds at that price.


Searched for them over at j l hudson seeds

Found: http://www.jlhudsonseeds.net/SeedlistLA-LE.htm

—Lagenaria siceraria Bushel Gourd. (10,h) LAGS-6B. Packet: $3.00 OUT OF STOCK

Very large round gourds, sometimes up to 4 - 5 gallon capacity. Used for containers, drums, etc. h = High germination - 70 - 100%

—Lagenaria siceraria Legendary Bottle. (e,g) LAGE-6LB. Packet: $3.00

Large gourds to 15 - 20" long and 10" wide at the base, & 5" wide at the neck. Very thick shell (up to 3/4" thick). e = 10 to 25 seed g = Good germination - 50 - 75%


Also found: http://www.jlhudsonseeds.net/VegetablesS-Z.htm

—Squash Cucuzzi Caravazzi. (e,g) VSQU-CC. Packet: $2.50

An Italian favorite, the long pale green fruits can reach 6 feet, but are best when 2" thick and a foot long. Breaded, stuffed, or boiled like zucchini, Cucuzzi has a unique flavor that some prefer to any other squash. Actually an edible gourd (Lagenaria siceraria), the vines are extremely prolific and vigorous growers. Good trellised or grown on a fence.

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