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Hey everyone...


I haven't been on Mrs. S. in forever! I've missed the forums and all of you. We've been slogging through what my doctor suspects is the Swine Flu at our house. My son brought it home from Kindergarten, and considerately shared it with his sister, his daddy and myself (I guess all those reminders to "please share" finally sank in... LOL). We've been SICK, everyone's been down like they were hit by a freight train, but thank the Lord we seem to have caught the milder strain of the virus. Fever, horrid coughs, sore throats, headaches/body aches, some tummy issues, sniffly noses -- we had pretty much the gamut of your typical H1N1 symptoms. Lucky Mommy developed a secondary respiratory infection (I'm asthmatic, nobody else is, thank goodness) but it seems like DH and my kiddos are avoiding secondary infections. As miserable as we've all been, I've been thanking God that we didn't get that terrible hemmorhagic strain...Violet, I am so sorry your poor daughter had to go through that...and that my kids were healthy to begin with so they didn't get a truly terrible case of the virus.


I hope the rest of you are well and happy, and able to have a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving.



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Aww Violet...see? We never stop needing our mommies! :) It's so sweet of you to let her get some rest. I feel so bad for your sweet DD.


Everyone, thank you so very much for your prayers and well wishes...I know they have done so much, for my family is mostly recovered with only one secondary infection (my bronchitis) and no complications. I'm so grateful. It takes a long time to get over...both my kids still have coughs, and my little girl still has some SF symptoms...but thank God they are both so strong that it seems this virus glossed them over relatively easily.


Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am for ALL of you??? :) I AM!!!! *HUGS* :grouphug:

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