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THE BRAT DIET is recommended when you have stomach problems or diarrhea. your stomach and intestines need time to rest and recuperate. therefore the following four foods are the most recommended by those in the medical field.


Banana if you're runny this will help plug you up

Rice a good simple staple

Applesauce smooth, cool, simple

Toast bread + fire = toast. simple toast. no butter/margarine.

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I would add to that homemade 24-hour chicken bone broth. It's very healing and easy on the stomach. Make sure it's homemade and has simmered, not boiled, for at least 12-24 hours. The store-bought stuff from the can will work in a pinch, but does not have the same healing properties.

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I think that this diet is known to every mother on Earth! LOL Rice is binding like the bananas...I wouldn't recommend it for kiddos who are JUST getting over vomiting, though...the texture and stickiness of it can induce some gagging until they're totally non-nauseated. I remember when I was a little girl, after I'd had the stomach flu, my mama would always bring me hot Lipton tea and dry toast when I was over the vomiting. It always tasted so good, and it was SUCH a treat to drink hot tea out of a fancy tea cup!!! It kind of made up for having thrown up for twelve hours. I have the best Mama!!! :wub:

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