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Picked up copies of Where there is no Dentist and Ditch Medicine.

Got a minor surgery kit for the first aid supplies, along with some extra suture sets, scalpel blades, and dental tools.

Picked up some more ammo, as well.

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ditch medicine rocks. its an old trick true, but dont forget to try sewing some sliced meat together to get a feel for suturing if you havent done it. meat handles different than cloth...i practice with a curved upholstery needle and carpet thread that way you don't waste perfedctly good sutures. if you will be using a needle holder that is good practice for that, too

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I'd been planning on sewing up some meat for practice-- the upholstery needle and carpet thread is a good idea, since as you mentioned, I don't want to waste perfectly good sutures. Thanks for the good suggestion! I don't have a needle holder at the moment, but I think I'll be adding one to my kit.

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I wouldn't dream of trying to sew someone up without the needle holder. With it, you get a good grip on the needle and can pull it thru in an easy motion. It is two step. You grasp the needle near the middle and push the tip thru to the other side. Then you grasp the needle on the other side and pull thru. Much less traumatic to the patient than trying to do it with your fingers.




Found this for you. There is a series here.

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All taters are IN! :cele: ....even the second container of spouting taters I found a week later!


All peas are IN!


One very LONG row of carrots are IN!


One bed of onions are IN!


Broccoli sets are *just* beginning to pop out of the potting soil and will get transplanted soon after true leaves show. [these are so late even for my area cuz I'd declared I wasn't DOING veggie seedlings this year. Ah well, this is the only way to get yummy broccoli so I relented and started 48 broccoli and 12 brussels sprouts. :wacko: ]



Gardening is going slow. I have to wait in the shade of a nearby building until a cloud covers the sun. ...... [partly cloudy days] and then scurry out to put seeds in the row. Hustle back under the shade so I don't OVERHEAT :faint3: in the heat.


We have had NO rain. We went directly from SNOW to HOT & DRY! I'm planting in dust! [water applied after seeds are in.] Yikeeeeee!




Granted, I love to garden and just couldn't resist when offered deer-free gardening space. BUT....in the back of my mind is also the thought -- what if THIS IS THE YEAR that we will HAVE to live off what we've grown? How can I NOT plant? :shrug:



So picture this: I'm wearing a long-sleeve, ragged, SOAKED, WHITE sweatshirt to keep me cool while planting peas. Sleeves drag in dirt while I cover the seeds, of course. By the time I'm driving a couple miles home, the sweatshirt.....and likely streaks across my face, are MUD! Wearing DH's ratty ole hat cuz I became "disconnected" with my nice, new purple one somewhere. {found it late}


Of COURSE that is the time some young, city guy dressed fancy and driving some hot car stops me to ask directions. :rolleyes: I already know the look. Kinda wide-eyed and wondering if they will EVER see civilization again. [my appearance prolly didn't help! :lol: ] Happens I knew *exactly* where he wanted to go and was able to untangle his confusion. Also told him where he could next expect to get cell service....since he was getting his directions off a phone. ......and YES, I told him I'd been digging in my garden! :laughkick: As long as they think they can get unlost, they wouldn't care if my donkey gave them directions!




MtRider [......Note to Self: Bring a second shirt to wear home from gardening!..... :laughkick: ]


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Second week with new log system and it worked OK. The only slight hitch is remembering to adjust totals when everyone uses something, not easy when others dont tell you what they have used up.


Iv watched the original Survivor series on You Tube, as well as the new Colony season 2, and have made many notes. I dont understand the constant need to rush to get electricity for power tools, I wonder what they would have done a few centuries ago when there wasnt any! It did make me realise how much Iv learnt so far, a lot is just common sense which seems to be in short supply on these shows.


Off to Drs on Monday for a test, so hopefully that will tell me wether I do have Asthma or its something else.


Apparently wheat, and cotton prices are going to sky rocket in the next year so Im going to keep my

eye out for the later. I might get some bread ready mix stuff in, or atleast some bread flour , for

those I live with. I cant eat wheat so Im not worried for me, I guess the rest of the grains may

become short due to demand from those who can.

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I'm so HAPPY!!! Thanks to a door buster sale at a local grocery store I've now got my year supply of toilet paper!



This completes my year supply of personal hygeine items. Now I just have to replace and rotate this stuff as we use it.

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Just back from the Drs, and had to share some good news. Going in I had a lung age of 55, but with the tests done today it is actually 24 - not bad for someone in their mid 40s. I'm almost bouncing off the light fittings in glee!


So now we have to do some more tests etc to find out what is making me breathless. I pray that it is something easily remedied!




I finished logging the first pantry cupboard, I just need to do the other one.


Im also making another bag with multiple pockets. This time Im adding elastic to the pocket tops

and if the proto-type works I hope to do some more in a darker material, and use some

pull toggles on the pocket tops.

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Thanks CGA


I got some new meds from the Dr on a months trial, Iv taken two days so far and starting to feel a bit better.


I spent this afternoon writing up new sheet and categories for the prep log book, so over the next few weeks Im going to sit down and enter all the required information (ie cleaning prodcuts etc).


Iv made a protatype bag for an Every Day Carry, and trialing that, Iv got the toggles and para cord and the material coming for the actual bag. Theres only a few bits I need to change. I just need to decide which material goes on the inside.






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Thanks, I'll put them on the list. :)





































































































































































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It has 12 pockets in all. Im still testing it, so Im getting rid of all the little problems before making the new one.

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Iv made my first ever glove, from a Butterick pattern, all hand stitched. I just need to finish the other one and I'll post some pictures. I also received a large hide of leather about a meter, so Im going to try and make my first leather bag out of that. Iv atlast got the moccasin pattern, as well as Bekini/swimwear (to use as underwear patterns), so a lot to try out later.


With Dog training, Iv started to teach him the Still command. His doing really well, its early days as yet, but his a quick learn.


The log sheets are working well. I want to get the other sheets filled in ASAP. When the shopping comes I put to the side anything that needs to log, then sit down in the kitchen and just work my way through it. At the same time I count up what Iv got and change the totals and edit date.

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Ordered seeds for some different fruits and a nut

1 0D2220 Honey Locusts $ 2.50

1 0D2226 Black Mulberry $ 1.95

1 0D2228 Common Olive $ 2.50

1 0D2267 Pomegranate $ 1.95

1 0D2285 Strawberry Tree $ 1.95

1 0FB101 Date Plum $ 2.95

1 0P52 Jelly Palm $ 2.50

1 0SO456 Japanese Persimmon $ 2.50

1 0Z1995 Senegal Date Palm $ 5.95

1 1A030 Chinese Jujube $ 1.95

1 2640 Giant Grandadilla $ 2.95

1 FRD15 American Filbert $ 3.50


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Hi, All! It's been awhile. It's time to get back into gear.


Just picked up some extra canned goods at store. Nothing much. Just tuna, roast beef, soups. When I went to put it away I realized how badly I have been slacking. My supplies have dwindled. :(

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Sorted out two pantry cupboards, and logged them onto my sheets.


I received three books in the post:


10,001 Timesaving ideas

Back in the Day - When people knew how to do everything

Home Repair Know How

Man Skills: A Training manual for men (has losts of things like making bows etc).


Iv ordered a season 4-5 sleeping bag from Ebay, so hopefully that will work out ok.





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Been prepping a little while now and proud to say I have the cooking and lighting side of a SHTF scenario sorted. However, I recently had to admit. I was in what I'll call Preppers Rut.


You see, we have a back up for our cooking needs. We have a back up for that back up. We have another back up just in case the first back up falls through And (you may have guessed it :lol: ) 2 more back up systems ready to go after that. And it's much the same for lighting.


Now, I want to concentrate on more water filters and more weaponry, er. Home Defense Systems. But damnit, I still see alternate cooking and lighting systems and think "ooooh, shiny".


Anyone else out there got that same problem and need to snap out of it ?




PS. Yup. I missed another back up system in the above post.

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I re-organized my 72 hour BOB last night. It's not even complete and weighs 24.2#'s. Still need to add food/water, weapon, batteries, GPS, ect. I'm trying to keep it under 30#'s. I will have to tackle this again on my next day off!



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I've been doing inventory of my various emergency stuff. BOB's, minor emergency hip packs, EDC pack, 2 week supply of neutral-colored clothing suitcase, etc.


Good idea to remember where you have WHAT....but really I'm trying to come up with a reasonable list to bring to Darlene's. Keeping in mind the restrictions of airline travel. Found a pair of good sunglasses that I'd forgotten I had. [...I do NOT like the way my brain has been deleting files lately!!! Hmph! :unsure: ]


Still need to sort my whole big BOB. Make sure things are rotated; clothes fit; nothing has spilled/corroded/etc. Mine is WAY too heavy for me to carry. But then, I can't be on foot anyway.



Going camping soon and need to find a couple items for that too.



MtRider [....my room is a messssss! ]

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