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Crab Grass Acres - No I hadnt thought of them during an outage but for doing some craftwork. I really do need to get some in.


Out of the Ordinary - Thanks for the suggestion, a dog forum I frequent suggested a herbal remedy for dogs with skullcap and valarien in it, so I will look out for that and the Bach stuff.



Recieved a good book called The Illustrated Guide to Woodworking.


The fridge freezer broke down yesterday so got the freezer bags out to keep all the stuff cool. Luckily we had a mini fridge to the main stuff, and a neighbour is looking after Dads Insulin in her fridge until we get the new FF delivered next week.

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Good day today! Went window shopping and put some things on my Christmas list to give to family that won't look suspicious (food saver, food dehydrator, etc.). Put some things on my list of things I want to buy for myself that would be suspicious (Survival books camping supplies - suspicious since I don't camp).


I also went and got about 2 weeks worth of shelf stable food. aldi had reduced prices on a lot of stuff, so i was able to get more than normal which was nice.


I really feel like I have accomplished a lot this week, and that makes me feel good. :happy0203:

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:woohoo: good for you lissalue!!!!! it feels great don't it!!!

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: I finished my Christmas shopping !!!!!:cheer::cheer::cheer: Let it snow and get cold--I don't care!!!!

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:woohoo: good for you lissalue!!!!! it feels great don't it!!!

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: I finished my Christmas shopping !!!!!:cheer::cheer::cheer: Let it snow and get cold--I don't care!!!!



Yes, it does!! :woohoo: I also started my Christmas shopping, or at least going through the kids' lists and deciding what they definitely are NOT getting. :wink (2):

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I decided to indulge in a croissant for breakfast this morning, so I headed to Wegmans. They had the small cans of Maxwell House coffee on sale for $1.99 and the Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas were the same price so I picked up two cans of coffee and three boxes of tea. (Hubby is a bear without coffee in the morning, so I make sure that we are never in danger of running out.) I now have the equivalent of 16 small cans of coffee in the house and probably 1500 filters. The tea is for the rest of us. There is a perpetual jar of Sun Tea in my fridge at all times.

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I got some powdered honey and powdered molasses from the bulk store.


Two questions, please.


Do I put oxygen absorbers in with them when I store them?


If I use bay leaves to keep the bugs out, will it give them an odor?




What do I do? Thanks!

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In the past couple of months, I've bought some books that I think will be very helpful.


The Resilient Gardener, Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times by Carol Deppe

Breed Your Own Vegetable Varieties by Carol Deppe

Four-Season Harvest by Eliot Coleman

Seed To Seed by (I don't remember! It's about saving seeds from all kinds of food plants.)


I've also ordered Charcoal Remedies by John Dinsley. I was told by a doctor that every household should have this book. We use activated charcoal for upset stomachs, spider bites, etc. already so I'm sure this one will be helpful too.

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We replaced a couple of kitchen things that went on the brink.


Recieved the dog Igloo (its a fabric one), his still getting used to it, but hopefully it mght help when his frightened.


Started to declutter and sell stuff off, its early days but I do hope I can clear everything this time round.

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I had the afternoon to myself today, so I made use of some materials that I had laying around the house. My parents save all of their egg cartons for me, so I have an overabundance of them. Rather than throw them out, I made firestarters using laundry lint and leftover candle wax. I also cataloged my seeds and collected as many sticks as I could find in the yard. My mom informed me that they had a little snowstorm today, so I figured that I wanted everything ready before it reached our area. It usually takes about an hour or so for a storm to hit us after it leaves their house.


I also threw some odds and ends in the dehydrator and cleaned out a poorly utilized storage area. This will give us more room for storing tools and such.

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Got snow at present - 3 inches overnight - so keeping warm and watching the sheeple out the window.


The dog loves his fabric igloo, and uses it every day.


Recieved some new coat hangers and stationery.


Still doing my decluttering and have begun to sell things on Ebay.

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Last night we swung by the grocery store on the way home to pick up the loss leaders. There wasn't a whole lot of variety in them this week but we stocked up on deodorant, toothpaste, almond milk, dental floss, cheese, English muffins, cookie mixes and freezer bags. I had multiple coupons for each item, so I was able to buy about a year's supply of each (except the muffins and almond milk). We saved over $35 with the coupons alone!!


I really need to find a sugar cookie receipe that hubby likes... Then I wouldn't have to buy any cookie mixes again!

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Another trip to a different grocery store after work last night. We purchased a few more loss leaders using lots of coupons again. Our purchases included: bottles of Juicy Juice, pasta, another can of coffee, a couple jars of mayo, boxes of instant oatmeal, 10 lbs of oranges and more cheese.


I also ordered more firewood to replace some of what we have used already. Our fireplace insert was burning far more wood than we had planned because the heat sensor had been moved/vibrated into the wrong position. This was a costly oversight on our part, but now we know how to recognize the problem.


We also just filled our last vacant apartment, which will give us more money to pay down debt! Before I left for work this morning, I dumped out the remaining water in my water barrels to keep them from freezing. With the weather dipping lower, I don't want my barrels to break.


Tonight, I'll be making and freezing turkey soup.

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I finally called the local LDS food storage centre today and went to stock up on a few things. I got a 25 lb bag of pinto beans, 25 lbs of white beans, 25 lbs rice, 25 lbs wheat, 6 cans of instant potatoes, 3 cans apple slices, 1 can dehydrated onions and 2 cans refried bean powder. I've still got a long way to go to get enough for my family for a year but I'm a couple steps closer today than I was yesterday. I have to try and more find some large 2 quart canning jars to re-pack some of it for shorter term use. I'm planning to go to my two favourite thrift stores tomorrow but those 2 quart sizes are really hard to find.



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Hit the 3rd grocery store in the area last night...Added another case of toilet paper, a few cans of veggies, chocolate chips and another 10lbs of sugar. Found a marked down package of beef ribs, too. Hubby is grateful because it is becoming difficult to find beef at a reasonable price around here.

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Went to an Amish general bulk store yesterday and bought a bag of red winter wheat and hard spring wheat berries. I found some soybean 'seconds' and bought four small bags of the dried beans. Love them in a tuna/lettuce salad with celery and onions. Have been making it for decades for lunches. :wink (2):


I also stocked up on some licorice wheels, especially with the heavy lake-affect snow coming. :whistling:

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I also stocked up on some licorice wheels, especially with the heavy lake-affect snow coming. :whistling:



Sounds like a great excuse to me... :happy0203:

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Still getting ready for the move. Mom took me out to BJs and, in addition to buying me a membership (Merry Christimas! Early), I went through her coupons, and we got for the house:


Area Rugs: Holy crap, for just $150, got some nice area rugs for the entry and living room. They are from the same "collection" so they match well. They aren't top of the line, but they've got a bit of plush, and deep color, and are solidly made, so they'll work until I can save up for something better, should I decide I want to upgrade. I was so surprised at how much sound started to be muffled as soon as we laid them down. And how much the empty house suddenly started to look like a home.


Foodsaver! Yeah! Mom had a coupon for one, so I picked one up. Am I correct in understanding that there is an attachment one can get for mason jars? Even if not, coupling this with my dehydrator will be very useful-- drying and saving. ^__^


Beach and Detergent

TP and Paper towels

Diet Cola, Mozzarella Cheese, sausage, dry roasted peanuts, crackers

Mat for utility room, and one for the kitchen

2 brooms


I think she picked up a copy of the King Arthur Flour Cookbook to put under the tree for me-- I made sure I "didn't see it". Likewise with the two identical sets of mixing bowls she picked up, after asking me if I needed any, and then noting that my big brother could probably use some as well. :whistling:


I then went to Home Depot for the mats that go under rugs, as well as getting the stuff for putting in tiles where tiles are missing in the basement bathroom. Plus some extra tiles, for mistakes. And, since the things I put in buckets I actually put into mylar bags first, I picked up a few of their orange buckets and lids-- for holding things, but also for putting mylar bags of staples into.

I also picked up welcome mats-- one for outside, and a holiday one for just inside. Yay, protecting my hardwood floors!


For me, I consider all of this "prepping"-- rugs help insulate the house, holding even a little more heat in the winter. The tools for the tile work can be kept in the growing Stash of Useful Things. Bleach has a multitude of purposes. Sausage, nuts, cheese, crackers, and the beer in the fridge means that I've already got emergency rations should the apocalypse break out one day while I'm taking boxes over. Well, the diet coke, too. But beer and sausage are so. . . traditional . . .lol

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Been organizing our preps again, this time we sorted through our first aid and medicine cabinet - we have a lot we need to restock when funds are better. Took advantage of a gift card we were given to buy some #10 cans at Costco - I think I am doing to dehydrate the veggie ones tomorrow so I can make more room for other things.


We took a BIG step and have virtually cut out our use of disposable toilet paper - it's not for the weak, that's for sure. lol We keep a separate "trash" bin for them, and I wash them every 2 days or so with a load of rags. I'm still keeping a roll out for company, and for days that we might want to use it instead, but we've done really well. I picked up 2 packages of the 18 count wash clothes at WalMart, and we're using those alongside some flannel ones I cut up from receiving blankets that were cheap at a Goodwill. I also made some "wet wipes" using baby washcloths in a baby wipe tub we had lying around. I'm not going to say my husband is that happy with it, but he's going along with it so far. Since it's only the two of us, we're probably only saving about $10 a month, but it saves a lot of space for other preps! I'm still bumping heads with him on paper towels. I bought a couple of rolls thinking they would last a year, but he just goes through them so quickly cleaning things like the grill, etc. I think when we're out, I'm not going to replace them this time around and see how he panics. :whistling:

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