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Best Christmas ever

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I have always wanted an All American canner but have never been able to afford one. I have used my 20 year old and over 40 year old Mirro canners for the last 20 years and they have done a great job but I always wished I had a pressure gauge on them. I used to work at the factory where the Mirro canners were made (made in Brazil now) and they were quite popular in this area. But after all of the good things I had heard about the All American I thought it would be nice to upgrade someday and pass one of the Mirro's down to my daughter. Well, my wife knows the owner of Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry and stops by his office often on business. He always gives her a gift around Christmas time (Hanukah for him) We have gotten some very nice roasters and griddles and pans from him in the past. Well this year I told her to ask him if the All Americans were made here in town or overseas and he told her that they were made right here in the building she was in and asked her if she wanted one. Of course she said yes and then came home and asked me if I would mind if she saved it to give to me for Christmas, of course I didn't mind but now how do I match that with a gift back for her? I guess she gets her gift every day with good home made food and very low grocery bills. I guess I will have to dig out some pickles and salsa to send back to the very generous owner of WAF, that would be the least I could do. Free pickles and salsa for life maybe!

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Congrats, Jake I'm sure you will love it. I also have 2 older Mirros and wouldn't trade them for anything....except maybe an AA canner..........Pigz

When dream #2 happens, you will love the Excaliber

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Merry Christmas indeed!


About your wife...what is something she has always wanted? Maybe you can make one of her dreams come true? :wub:


She is always wishing for a box of money, and I don't think I have any of that for her. She is an insurance agent and works a lot, which is good because I have been laid of for over 6 months. So I try to help her as much as I can by doing her filing and taking pictures of house she insures and driving her around to appointments and classes. I think the driving is most importand because she is always on the phone and I don't like that when she is driving. I also do most of the laundry, all of the cooking and dishes, all of the gardening and canning, all of the yard work and chores with the animals, and a lot of housework. I think the one thing that she really wants for Christmas is a steam mop thing for doing the kitchen floor because my knees are shot and that is one job that she gets, so I will be trying to do some odd jobs for friends to save up for that.

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I sent an assortment of pickles and jelly and salsa as a gift to the guy I got the canner from. A couple days later his wife called to thank us and said they really enjoyed the pickles but didn't get a chance to try the other stuff yet, then about an hour after that he called from work and asked if I could bring him 5 more jars of pickles and that I could pick out some new cookware if I would like. Who knew someone could like pickles so much, I guess when you put up 100 or so jars of pickles a year for yourself and gifts to friends that you can take that homemade goodness for granted.

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