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Are you prepared for Christmas?

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Yes I am ready-the house is clean-the outside decorations are up-the tree is decorated,so is the mantle-gifts are all bought(except for 2 cookie sheets to go with a couple cookbooks) and now I get to go play in my sewing room! I don't bake my cookies or make the fudge until Christmas week,so how ready are the rest of you?

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Most of the cards sent out, most of the lights up, most of the presents are purchased or finished, most of the dainties are baked, most of the ornaments are finished and drying.

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Not even close...


I do have the tree up and just decorated the gingerbread house with the kids. Other than that, nothing is done. Yesterday, I ordered my son's B-day cake for Saturday. We have many birthdays and other things to celebrate in Dec. besides Christmas. It's a very busy month for us.

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Pretty much, yes. We are not getting a Christmas tree this year, we have the one decoration we are putting outside, I have some presents (but need many more) and already know what I'm doing for all the "extra" people like the post lady, milk man, teachers, neighbors, etc. We're visiting my brothers for Christmas, so they get to do the tree!

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I put up the big tree today, and the one in the boys room has been up for a week. I have mailed off most of my Christmas cards. I have bought most of my gifts, but have not wrapped any of them. Today was my first day of winter break so I will get started with the major decorating and baking this weekend.

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the tree is up, the presents mostly wrapped, some cooking trialed but no cards done. Guess that is what I will be working on this weekend. Still need to post DD's parcel to Cairns. Funny thing though - we have to post her a parcel but she wont post ours :) but will bring them down after the new year.

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I have the tree up thanks to the monsters. I have about 1/2 the gifts bought. I hit the yard sales hot and heavy this past summer (lots of great stuff). Nothing is wrapped yet and the baking is going to wait until the monsters are out of school on the 18th. I find it much easier this way as I hate to get started and then have to leave to pick them up from school. Plus it gives me more time to find more recipes to try out. Every year I try a couple of new recipes to see if they get added to the list. Some are a raging success and others are just terrible. LOL! But isn't that always the way.

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Put the tree up yesterday-outside! It would be schnauzer confetti inside. All ornaments hung (high up) on a garland inside. Cards are all sent-Our one present is a new comforter set which is hiding at a friends house til the appropriate time. Baking gets done on my days off as I feel up to it! So yes, I am as ready as I can be!

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I know I haven't been around much, but, there is a LOT going on here. Right now I have cookies in the oven, so can't stay on long.


No, and not sure when I will be. :( Cards no, they will be a thing to do next week. Decorating is not done, can't do a lot inside with stuff the way it is now. Will not get much done outside either, I have a feeling. This year has been hard and we are not thinking Christmas right now.


I have baked: Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Snickerdoodles, Salted Peanut Cookies and have Toffee Almond Sandies in the oven.


Will be back in soon, I hope. :)




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Ummm, well... I wrote the annual tacky form letter and mailedthe cards this week. And Trip harrassed me into ordering hubby's gift while he was here...and he took hubby out and made him shop for me and the kids, so at least we've sorta started. Thanks Trip.

When we went out to get a tree last weekend it was -10 with the wind blowing. We got about 5 miles up the canyon when we found a drift the truck wouldn't go through. So we came home and had hot cocoa without the tree... but a memory the kids will cherish for a few years. (The day Daddy got stuck- hehe)

Today I cleared the mantel and rearranged the furniture a little so we can start decorating over the weekend.

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All I've managed to do is some cards, a ribbon here and there and MIL insisted I get a 3' tree with lights.


Lady's Day Out, we made a couple batches of cookies which brightened my spirit. I'm really not in the mood for it this year.



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No, we do not decorate for Christmas. Normally my DH and I dont exchange gifts but this year my 85 bmw needed alot of work plus tires. My husband even through in a new stereo system for me. Thanks honey. We mnormally work the holidays but Im still out due to vertigo issues. So maybe Ill do some healthy baking for us. Good post.

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Tree is up and presents bought or ordered, and baking will start this Sun. My husband is already screaming for chex mix!

So so far I am ready,I always look forward to 26th thru the 31st. that is my time I only do what I want, no work just do what I want ,read ,sit watch movies and eat. I love it.

I love christmas, it is so special.

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Cards are still not done, but, I've baked more cookies and just have a batch of different bread in the oven now. It is one I've not done before, Apple Bread. :) I've not taken any pictures this year, so can't add them. Oh, I baked a batch of cookies this morning too.


The outside decorations are NOT up yet. Looks like they may not make it for a while if ever this year. :( Only the tree is up and decorated inside too, just haven't had the heart/time/want to, to do any more. Long story and will tell you sometime, maybe. :);):)


No, kitchen is NOT finished yet, so that is part of my problem. :(


So, the gifts are mostly bought, just have to get Oldpine something yet. Then, I have some wrapped and most not, so need to get busy there, as need to get them in the mail on Monday.


So, I have to make some candy to send too. See, I am sort of busy these days. :)





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HippieDad got crunched on the freeway coming home from work. Thank heavens for old vehicles actually made of steel !

He's down at the shop getting an estimate for the other guy's insurance company, so this morning I'm wrapping presents.

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How come Christmas comes on Dec. 25th every year, and it still sneaks up on me? lol

I'm not WAYYY behind, but not where I would really like to be. DH is working really long hours and his knee is still bothering him alot. So, the tree is still down in the basement, only decoration outside is the red bow I put up on the front door and a silk tree in a basket on the front porch. I did put up a Christmas wall hanging in DGS's bedroom and hung a stocking on his door, and hung a towel set in the hall bathroom. Last year we set a family record for being late in sending out our newsletter (went out in March). Really hope we don 't beat that record. (DH loves doing the newsletter and has no time to work on it right now, so who knows when it will go out). On the positive side: DH and our 2 DS's are in the kitchen making over 325 cappaletti's for Christmas Eve dinner. It's been a tradition of ours for a long time - lot of work but sooo good! I think my shopping is over except for a few gift cards. And something I'm doing for me, is an Advent devotional. It started on the first Sunday of Advent and goes till Christmas. It only takes 6 minutes/day, but the readings are wonderful and so is the brief quiet time with the Lord.

By the way, we wish you and your families a blessed Christmas, and a joyous and peace-filled 2010.

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This year is a lot better than last year, despite some problems with son (broken arm, and now having to change schools, and I will have to drive him) and my health. For presents each of the kids got a cell phone -- I consider them preps and here they have Cricket and it is really inexpensive. So they got phones for Christmas, and I painted the kids rooms...another Christmas present.


There are many things we want, and many things we need, but God has provided for us to have the things that are necessities.... which is the most imporatnat thing!


My firend Judy is sending me Christmas in a box for me... wrapped presents for me to have to open on Christmas!


Life is good.

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I had no idea what they were, MomM, so I Googled them... Look tasty.


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