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Since the whole nation seems to be getting at least a piece of this cold and wet weather...and it keeps coming at us in waves....I thought we could gather in prayer and encouragement for one another. Whether it's the rediculously frigid subzero of my Mt. regions or the very chilling rain of the SE area.....we and our animals are fighting weather that is more severe for us in this season. Our area does get this type of severity but not for long stretches and it's in January/February. I'm even more concerned for those of you in areas that are getting weather conditions that you rarely see and for which you normally do not have to prepare/endure. Please don't make any mistakes.





Since I am west of most of you, I get to experience it first :rolleyes: and I'll let you know what's coming.


Look out for vastly dropping temperatures again. We were at about 23 BELOW again last nite when I went to bed. I woke to HORRIFIC wind gusts. NOT chinook :( [for anyone reading Wagons Ho lol ] but the temprature HAD come up to about 8 BELOW. It's sunny and slowly warming....relatively. No additional snow but what has already fallen is certainly blowing all over. There will be drifting in areas that got more snow than we did. Our region can be SO different if you just go down the road a few miles. Really odd.


Particular prayer requests: DH has to work security job tonite from 4pm to midnight. He will be sitting in his vehicle with the motor running to keep warm and the windshield clear for viewing the construction site. Please pray for his safety from weather and malice.


I will be alone a couple days. Due to getting off so late, he returns to his office to sleep. We will be getting above zero likely, but not much, especially with the wind chill. I will be doing tonite's animal care alone. And will be here alone until ...really Thursday nite. [he'll stop here briefly to shower/change and then go to his other office. Thurs morning]


I AM used to /prepared for these weather conditions...enough to know how very dangerous they are. Subzero scares me. It leaves NO room for error. If you make a mistake, you have no time to correct the error or mishap.


Besides this factor, the electricity went off already this morning. Came right back on but ...in this wind, losing power is too easy. THAT is my main concern. Without power, we have no real heat in this cabin. Furnace/pellet stove both require electric. I have a MrHeater upstairs, a kerosene heater for pipes in the basement. These might save the plumbing but will not HEAT this place. I have sleeping bags and down comforters and a Big warm dog. I would also erect a dome tent inside my living room. [less space to warm up] And I could leave if I needed to. I have a phone that does not require electric [ground line...no cell here] I will keep the furnace running hotter than normal today [tank just topped off yesterday :cheer: ] and keep the warmth-carrying humidity high with boiling water on our [yes, unfortunately] electric stove.


AND I will call my 91 yr old friend who lives alone 8 miles from me, to check on her again this day.


Losing power really scares me and I will have to keep firmly in mind that God alone is in control. I am NOT relying on my local electric company. In HIM will I trust! :amen:




I will be praying for all of you in whatever weather circumstances you find yourselves. Stay safe, dear friends!!! :grouphug: Esp. midwest having the snow and wind today and that heading eastward.....



MtRider...up here in the Rockies, ...forecasting the weather trends coming your way... :shrug:

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I am adding my prayers for all of you, especially Mr.MtR that he take care in that vehicle with it running. Carbon monoxide is all too real in these instances.


We have had SNOW; 8 to 10 inches in our yard. It's beautiful with every single twig and fence wire covered with a cap of white but it's really hard on the animals and humans who have to be out in it. We even lost two wrought iron bird feeder shepherd's hooks. Bent too far over with the weight and broke right off. Never had that happen before.

The wind is just picking up and is supposed to give us blizzard conditions into the night. Our electricity is still on and if it goes out we are prepared.


Please, everyone, stay safe.





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Prayers out to everyone in this weather, especially to those who have to be out in it protecting and making the rest of us safe.


Here, a State of Emergency has been declared. National Guard has been called out to assist in areas. I haven't seen the latest numbers on the news, but earlier this morning they said we got 15 inches since 3pm yesterday, and it's still snowing. The wind is starting to pick up, and is supposed to get up to 30-40 mph through midnight creating blizzard like conditions. Tomorrow the temp is supposed to be below zero.


DH has been out plowing and salting since about 1am this morning. We are used to all the snow and cold up here, but it's been 6 years since we have gotten anything like this.


Everyone stay safe and warm.

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We have very little snow in my corner of Wyoming, maybe two or three inches. However, like Mt_Rider, we are experiencing temperatures in the 20 to 25 below category, too. Of course, it's always windy here, so the snow just blows around and around. lol


We haven't had any power supply problems as of yet. Something that did concern me was an article in this morning's newspaper. It was a plea from the power supply company urging us to cut down on our use of electricity, to ensure that we didn't overload the power grid by too much demand. In this type of cold, we need electricity more than ever. Many homes contain electric furnaces, it's dark earlier and we have very little sunshine during the day, therefore more lights are on. Many people have heaters for their vehicles that must be plugged in to insure being able to start the vehicle in these temps. The list goes on...


Anyway, we are secure, safe and prepared to adapt if needs be.

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I had it pretty good here in upstate NY , adirondacks. theres plenty of snow for this early, it was very cold last night but mid 30s today. I am praying everyone else stays safe. Ive got relatives in the Minn, IL, OH areas and they said it was below zero plus wind ontop of alot of snow. We got about 8 inches over night and morning hours. Started in about 3 AM here ( I was awake and checking the weatherbug program, it was amazing watching that storm progress). I am hoping MT Rider that you are all right and also your DH.

This was not in the almanac folks!, but media weather predictions are that we will have a colder , snowier winter even in my region and if this keeps up, its going to be a real challenging winter to get through for millions of people.

I saw some big predators tracks going up the hill on the snowy sidewalk today.... bear or cougar? I need to look in my tracking book, digging spots where they smelled something so I think it was bear, the claw marks were big too, real big. I thought, geez, nobody saw it, broad daylight , and it just ambled down , probably coming from the cemetary and walking the hill like its nobody's business..... but it was only minutes before I went up that hill, really and I mentioned it to some women who were walking a dog to watch out. I think it headed down to the big creek, but it converges only about 100 ft with the small one behind me then goes down to the river. So whatever it was, I was glad I didnt run into it directly. I decided I did not need to take my trash out til morning, lol. The wind wasnt bad here, but it might have been still singing up on the high peaks. I did decide to stay home and was glad, the snow plow guys were overworked and sloppy because of it, and sometimes mha has to drive half the county and I just felt it was best to hang out at home today anyway, besides I had packages come anyhow. The UPS guy looked at my bed hair when I opened the door, late morning , cause I slept in since I could, and he said if he wasnt working today, thats where he would have been, sleeping in his bed all nice and cozy.... and then he charges back outside after I signed. A good man.

I will add everyone else to my prayers , I am just fine and warm here. I still need to get the indoor lil buddy propane heater, Id be in poor shape for heat if the electric goes out too because it takes electricity to run the thermostat. I hope you are doing ok out there, everyone! Thanks for the warning on the grid.... but I am wondering if my river produced electricity is more stable and not dependent on external grid works... I just dont know, we dont seem to have any long outages , unless we get a big ice storm and that only happened once in about ten yrs for this area I am in. Its drier here, the snow, usually, too. ( Well it was wet and heavy this time, but later in winter its usually really dry powdery stuff. ) This is alot of snow for a first real storm, definitely.

A friend of mine in Pheonix said it was windy and was raining so much as it went through her area, she was just amazed. I see its really cold in alot of places and will drop again in temps here. But for me its been a nice experience. I spent time just doing chores and stuff today, glad I got my packages and managed to find a present for my son that might be very useful to him, for Christmas in Plattsburgh as I did get the chance to go up there yesterday. That was cool, to be able to have that opportunity.


I even found some small things that are great in an emergency, once they activate you can reheat them in hot water and keep them to warm your hands or feet if needed, a new kind of heating pad, that comes in different shapes and sizes. Got the one for neck and shoulders for my son and a couple small square ones for my fibro spots and boy they get hot! They stay hot for over an hour. They are good and sturdy too so I will keep the small ones with me in my BOB or my pockets.

So that was a terrific find! :D

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The day was sunny but WINDY yesterday. Had the furnace way up to keep the house warm...the severe wind goes right thru all the cracks in this older cabin. Glad for the bubblewrap and blankets over the windows. Brrrr. Hung a blanket over the front door cuz wind was blowing all the way to the couch. sheeesh. BUT...I had no trouble as I cared for the livestock. Stayed in house other than that.

It got down to about minus 10 last nite and by morning the wind is gone....so far. Sunny, not warming much yet. But I'm in bad shape. After 2 years of menopause....I'm dealing with cramping, etc this morning. :blink: DH got thru his job last nite fine. But has patients today. I'm weak, shaking and shocky. I may have to call someone for help. But...dunno who. I am severely bummed. What's up with *this*? Have an hour before I need to start and hope the temperature can get UP to ZERO. {are we done with winter yet?}


Thanks for your prayers

MtRider [...wondering what God is up to now........ aaiiieeee!]

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