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Birthday Cake


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For years, at our house, we bake a Birthday cake for Jesus, usually Christmas Eve morning. We take it to my in-laws house where we sing happy birthday and eat this instead of pie.


I have made a variety of cakes, and it has been a great way to keep Christ in Christmas. It taught my kids early on what the day is really about.

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Like you we dod this every year.

and have been for more the 50 years in my Family.

Funny thing is if we tell people we are having Birthday Cake on Christmas a lot of them ask who's Birthday is it? Then when we say Baby Jesus. they says - Oh i forgot he was born on this day?


So it works to remind people WHY we have Christmas and it is NOT all the gift buying and tons of money spent or Walmarts putting up stuff before Halloween this year!


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We've done this at times, but I'm going to make a concerted effort to do it again this year.


Seems like Christma Eve would be perfect as we read the Christmas Story and consider the REASON for the SEASON!


Thanks to the two of you for sharing your traditions, I'd love to make it one of my own. :hug3:

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