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Romans 9:28-29


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Heavenly Father,


Today is going to be a time pressed day, but I want to spend this time with You before I start this day.


This next week is going to be jam packed with Christmas and all. I will be driving a long ways away to spend the holiday with my family. I'll be leaving my farm in the care of 2 people, so I just ask that Your hand of protection will be over us, as we travel, and my animals while I'm gone.


As far as You and I go...


As I've been writing this prayer, I feel You laying something on my heart. I've been learning over the past couple of years what You mean when You say in Your Word:


For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Neither are your ways My ways," declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts.


So, I'm not going to jump to conclusions. I will however, enjoy the thought, because it is quite precious, and wait on You, my Heavenly Father, to see if You have more planned.


Bless this study today Father...root Your truths found here in Romans deep into my and our, hearts, so that we might grow into a more closer and intimate relationship with You.


I love You.


In Jesus Name I pray,



28. For He is bringing the matter to an end, and cutting it short in righteousness; Because a matter cut short will the Lord make in the earth.


29. And, as Isaiah hath said before, Except the Lord of Sabaoth had left us a seed, We had become as Sodom, and had been made like unto Gomorrah.


The rvbv writes, "The ways of God should be the study of the saints. He waits long, - He forbears - He is silent: then He suddenly puts into execution a rapidly executed purpose! Thus it was at the Flood, and in the destruction of Sodom, and afterwards of the Canaanites. Also now, for a long season, God has been letting the nations go on in comparative quiet, filling up the earth with much the largest population ever known; and despite their various persecutions the Jews have also been relatively secure from that Divine "indignation" which all students of Scripture know is yet to be brought to a terrible "end" upon them. The awful words of Ezekiel 20:35,36 are to be fulfilled - "cut short in righteousness." The expression there "the wilderness of the people," - where the Jews will have no national friend or refuge whatever, except Palestine; and Jehovah "entering into judgment" with them, "like as He entered into judgment with their fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt" (when He turned them back from Kadesh-barnea to die in the wilderness) - all this remains to be done, - and in "a short work."


The Remnant shall be saved [the majority having been slain in the Great Tribulation] for He is ending up the matter [of His dealing with Israel] and cutting it short [in the time of "Jacob's trouble" - the "forty-two months"; the "time, times, and a half"; - three and a half years, of Daniel's Seventieth Week] in righteousness, because a matter cut short will the Lord make on the earth.


Every student of Scripture should be familiar by this time with the general "mould of prophecy." Therefore we have boldly inserted in brackets the evident meaning here. It is the great crisis of prophecy here in view, the closing up not only of the times of the Gentiles, but of God's dispensational dealings with national Israel, the Remnant of whom - a "very small Remnant" - will be saved; preserved through the Great Tribulation to bless the earth after the Lord returns. Any reader of Scripture will be astonished, and deeply edified if he will take a concordance and study God's Word abou the Remnant. (See Genesis 45:7; Isaiah 1:9; 10:21,22; 11: 11,16; 46:3; Jer. 23:3; Ezek. 6:8; Amos 5:15, Mic. 2:12; 5:7,8; Zeph. 2:7,9; 3:13; Zech. 8:6,11,12.)


God is now letting matters run on in general, both among the Gentiles and Israel. This will shortly be utterly changed, even to what scientists call the "laws" of the powers of the heavens - and a short work will the Lord make upon the earth.


This involves, of course, that the most of the natural children of Israel will be cut off; that it will be only the elect Remnant who will be saved and share in the Millennial Kingdom; which, as the prophecies concerning the "Remnant" abundantly testify, that Remnant will enjoy. (See last 9 chapters of Ezekiel; Isa. 10:21,22; and Chapter 35; Jer. 31:1-14.)


Verse 29: Israel might object to the doctrine of "the Remnant," the "election of grace" by God; but the quotation in verse 29, from Isaiah 1:9 shows that if God had not intervened in sovereign grace, they would have all become as Sodom [in iniquity], and been made like unto Gomorrah [in their damnation]. It was sovereign goodness that saved any Israelites, - just as it is sovereign goodness that saves any Gentiles. (In these passages brought by the Spirit from the Old Testament and fitting present times precisely, we are again face to face with the marvels of God's inspiration. William Kelly well says: "What a witness of Divine truth, of indiscriminate grace, that the gospel, in itself unprecedented and wholly distinct both from what was seen under the Law and what will be when the Kingdom appears in power and glory, does nevertheless find its justification from words both of mercy and of judgment uttered hundreds of years before by the various servants God sent to declare His message to His people! But, as they blindly despised them and rejected His word then for idols, so now they fulfilled them yet more in the rejection of Christ and hatred of the grace which, refused by them, was ought and received by Gentiles, and thus yet more proved the word Divine, to the confusion of the unbelief which is as blind as it is proud and selfish" (Kelly, Notes on Romans, in oc).)


Thus it becomes plain (for Israel is but a sample of the human race) that opposition to the truth of Divine elective mercy arises from ignorance of or blindless to the utter sinfulness and wholly lost state, of mankind. All would go to perdition unless God in mercy intervened!"



Heavenly Father,


As I was typing out today's study, I couldn't get past the thought that there would have been no reason for us to have been born, if all we had at the end, was hell. It would have made life here on earth meaningless...a short span in life as we know it, only to have our souls spend eternity, lost and suffering tragically, forever. I mean, I understand that You created all that we know, including us. And I understand that the enemy lied and manipulated in the garden, and set out to d**m us forever. If that was where it stopped though, it just feels to me right now, that there would have been no reason to let humankind reproduce and populate this earth...for what? A few short years that ended with no meaning or purpose, only to suffer forever?


I get fleeting glimpses into Your heart when I think about that. How did You really feel when Adam and Eve fell in the garden? If I had to guess, I'd say You may have felt some anger at their disobedience...I'd say You probably felt wrath at the enemy who had lied to them. Did Your heart feel hurt that they had let You down? Did Your heart fill quickly with love and compassion for these fragile creatures You had created? Did You know, no matter how much it hurt You, that You had to met out consequences for their actions because You are bound by Your Word?


And did You perhaps 'go on a mission' to nullify the consequences to us, brought on by the enemy, by providing Your Son to suffer in our place on the Cross, thus once again, giving us an opportunity to have a relationship with You, just as You had planned from the start?


I dunno Father...You are God, and I cannot speak for You, but if we are made in Your image, then it wouldn't surprise me if You did feel a little of what I wrote above.


Regardless Father, can't You save more than a small Remnant? As I typed that out today, my heart was just cringing and filled with hurt and sadness. I know You are bound by Your Word, but Father, can You please increase that Remnant?


Thank You for saving me. Thank You that Your mercy is abundantly evident in my life. I just ask Father, that You will somehow take the mercy You've given me, and use it to touch those in my life that I love, so that they might know Your mercy too.


My eyes start to well up with tears for some reason and I feel the need to cry, when I sense Your peace and You saying "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"...


I trust You.


In Jesus Name I pray,

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