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Last Sunday of 2009


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Good Morning, Ya'll! :wave:


It's a beautiful morning here in Tennessee. :bouquet: Yes, it's a bit crisp but the sunshine is absolutely stunning. :bounce:


Our house was blessed with a nice Christmas with our families. Yesterday I spent with both of my sons while DH slept.(He works nights.) We were looking for used books and made a

great haul between the thrift shops and the local used book store. :cheer: Our library system was closed for the holiday weekend. :pout:


Today will be spent doing some minor house cleaning chores and laundry. I'm down in my lower back so I will be limited in my mobility. I have no idea what in the world I did to it.

Anyhoo, I hafta work this upcoming week so I will be resting this evening. It's time to find a new cross stitch project and today would be a great day to start it! :wink (2): DH mentioned going fishing this afternoon. I may go just to enjoy the outside.........


It's time to start thinking of the New Year and what it may bring. I know of some major changes that will be coming to my family this year. It's the unexpected things that really throw a ringer in life, huh? I do believe a positive attitude makes a major difference. I try every day to find the good. Some days can be very trying, though, huh? :happy0203:


Have a Blessed day!





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Good Morning to you too. :bouquet: Yesterday was beautiful here as well. Sun shining with the slight crispness in the air. It made me want to get outside, play in the leaves and go for a walk. Today looks to be about the same. I think I may go for a hike and head down to the thrift store, too.


I have been thinking about the New Year, also. This upcoming year is going to have many changes for my family, (I'm going through a separation right now) but I see many of the changes to be very positive and I look forward to them. I feel internal peace and joy as I look out onto the horizon. The sun is shining down on me and it keeps me warm, not only physically, but emotionally as well.


I pray that all of our Mrs. S family have a wonderful and Blessed year to come.





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