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My brothers called me last night. Mother collapsed in church yesterday and ended up in the hospital again.


They think it is a bad valve in her heart and will be doing tests today. I talked with her for a while and she sounded like she was in good spirits, but I could hear the concern in my brothers' voices. They promised to call me when they find out any more information.




Honestly, it set me back a little, it's been 3 years since FIL died on Christmas day, ["Not during the holidays!" "Please"]


I know she is in a very good hospital, with expert doctors. DH & MIL said they can fix things like that and she'll be OK. I am praying & hoping all will turn out fine.


Thank you for saying a prayer for her.






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Thank you all for your prayers.


In May she was diagnosed with a bad aorta valve and congestive heart failure. The new sonogram was inconclusive, then yesterday, they knocked her out and put in a micro camera to get a good look.


The Doctors said this morning, there is nothing wrong with her valve now! She has to lower her blood pressure and they think that will solve her problem of passing out. She also has to be on a monitor for a couple of weeks, but my brothers say they believe she will be fine.


Praise God for answered prayers! :cele:

It is a heavy load off my heart.


Thank you all, again.







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