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Red flags for an arrived crisis - Part 16

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All I can say is I was able to get to the store this month ( walmart) and stock up on some meat,which I canned. I am glad I have a last months rent thats paid already, in case the banks go on holiday. Just hoping I can get my next pay check on the 3rd, pay my rent and utilities and take the rest out in cash I think, if they stay good until then! thinking: at least I have my mommas gold jewelry if any bank holiday occurs and I can at least maybe stay til spring is more likely to be occuring.

I am not liking the stuff on Bernanke..... either way it goes, and I know the Wall St folks are dumping stocks, you saw the fall over 2% this week.... so just waiting for the rainy weather starting tomorrow and dealing with a possible flood here where I am in my town. Making sure things are in order to vamoose, and have enough food stuffs to fix , and all the things that can make camping out on a high spot better , if this dufus town did not open the shelter up in the county building. If I get past the rainy weather and a bank holiday occurs, I just want to get through it. I wonder how long it would take to fix such economic things like this???? To make American money that is sound enough, to replace the dollar if it comes to that?


At this point, what are the odds, I wonder. I am not going to panic, just do whats necessary and try not to worry. Different levels of plans are good, concerning such things, because it really depends on what is going on at any given time, as to how I react and do things to take care of myself. Kind of like the ripples in the pond when someone throws a big stone into the glass like surface. What all it affects , and what that affects, etc.....

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A shoe store thats been in one of the malls for years is closing. 27 folks were laid off at our Sams as part of WalMarts warehouse stores lay-off. I noticed we have a couple places they cleared and all to build town houses (one was done 2 yrs. ago) but there is NO houses.

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Red Diamond coffee in the 'brick' jumped up 30 cents last week, from $2.98 to $3.28. It had been at the lower price for a long time so this was a 10% jump (at Wal-Mart). Also, some types of frozen veggies I've gotten forever were not available either at WM or at Food Lion. My food preps were such that I was able to avoid grocery shopping for 2 weeks (good thing, since the weather was bad one weekend and I was sick the next!)


On the other hand, ammo case was much better stocked than I'd seen it since before Thanksgiving, but I'm not sure what all they had; the case is behind the counter, so it's hard to see and trying to find a clerk that works in that area is tough.

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I would be cautious paying rent ahead. Unless your landlord ownes the property outright and you're sure they are paying all taxes etc - YOU could be paid ahead on the rent and they could be behind on mortgage payments or taxes. Just something to conside. It might be to your advantage to keep the next month's rent money available, but not paid ahead. KWIM?

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The price of day-old chicks has greatly increased. What cost less than $2 last year is over $3 this year. Those hatching eggs on eBay are beginning to look like a pretty good deal.

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Ok its not a secret we are on food stamps, yeah it sucks, but we will get out of our hole. While on Food Stamps I have found that they make you re-apply every 6 months, I suppose this is to re-assess your situation, I was told this is mandentory. We went through one renewal and we had to go down to the office and be interviewed again to see if we qualified. I recieved another renewal in the mail and filled out the application and sent it off. I fully expected to recieve another letter telling me to come in and have another interview. Nope, they rubber stamped my approval and I am good for another 6 months. When I called to confirm, they said that they were so swamped that they are doing this now, that new applications are being interviewed on a group basis of 15 people at a time because they can not handle the volume of people applying. To top it off the governer laid off workers, so they are understaffed. I find this to be a big red flag, if they are this busy now, imagine when it gets worse! I noticed last time I was in the office that there were a lot of normal looking people, not just the typical people you would expect in the welfare office.


I am happy costco accepts food stamps though, I was able to replinish my pantry and I also got 2 5 gallon buckets of Lehi Roller mills wheat for $!4 each! yeah!

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I received this email from a friend who lives very near Bentonville (about 8 miles):


Having some economic trouble around here.


3 months ago Walmart laid off 400+ home office people

Then last week another 350 with 400-500 more soon.


About 1/3 of all products sold by Walmart are being eliminated from stores. Local Walmart stores are almost empty looking.You can no longer assume that Walmart has anything you need.


Vendors' products are not bought from vendors until the product is sold in the stores. In other words Walmart does not own any in store product, and only pays the vendor for the products when they are sold at retail. They typically delay paying vendors for up to 6 months.


Hundreds of vendors who live and office here will be gone soon. Walmart has decentralized purchasing and distribution to offices in Walmart locations all over the country and these vendors will have to vacate local office space and move some place else - wherever the buyer of their kind of product will be located. Kickbacks are still the driving force in their purchasing.

Walmart is eliminating their tire and lube departments because of huge insurance claims against them for screwing up tire sales.


And we will have hundreds of vacant office space here soon with probable bankruptcy of the building owners.

They all have local folks as office help and several hundreds of them will be out of jobs.


School administration predicted large student increases for next year, saying they would be needing more schools, but with all that the above stuff indicates, we may, in fact, be losing students who will be leaving town with their parents soon.

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Speaking of Walmart:


Walmart suffers first US sales decline




Walmart has suffered its first fall in quarterly sales at its US discount stores, underlining the challenges facing future growth in its home market as the economy recovers.


In the important holiday quarter ending on January 31, net sales at Walmart’s 3,400-plus US stores fell 0.5 per cent year-on-year to $71bn (€52bn). Comparable store sales declined 2 per cent. Customer traffic also fell.


The retailer blamed price deflation in food and electronics for lowering the overall value of its sales, as well as the impact of store refurbishment.


The decline contrasted with the strong sales and traffic growth during its first three quarters, as low prices attracted new budget-minded shoppers.


Tom Schoewe, chief financial officer, argued that the declines did not mean Walmart was losing some of the customers it had gained during the recession, saying the “modest decline” in traffic was “not in our mind an indication of trend”.


He highlighted the cautious mood of Walmart’s largely low-income shoppers, saying there was still a high level of anxiety over unemployment.


Click the link for the entire article (copyright laws)



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I read this and I can say I have noticed that walmart is doing away with a lot of their own brand of things---their brand of brownie mix is gone etc.

I even asked the manager he even said they are getting rid of a lot.

So now days I don't care what store you shop it will be different the next time you go.

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I was reading my Glenn Beck newsletter this morning, and it was very interesting...it was along this line of thought. He said that his sources are telling him that we're in a false recovery economically, and mid to late 2010 will probably find the nation declining toward economic collapse. The recession is not over. Not with "unexpected" spikes in jobless claims (jeez), constant layoffs, and mounting declines in property values. Our neighborhood got our property value statements last week, and I am not kidding -- people on our street were literally panicking, they were enraged, they were despondent. The economic atmosphere is truly frightening, and despite what Washington is saying, it's NOT getting any better. They must think we're stupid, blind and deaf. Maybe some Americans are, but at least we're not here on Mrs. S! Thank God for that.

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Our health insurance is through DH's employer. DH's employer is switching health insurance providers because the current insurance provider is increasing their rate by 46%. Yup, forty-six percent.


I know it is not a huge surprise because we all know health ins. costs were going to jump, but it's still a red flag to me.

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Walmart is currently in the process of restructuring nationally, again. I think this is the 3 time in 4 years, again management is being reduced and reorganized (and the options for store management staff is being limited). They are carrying less things and reducing the variety of things they carry (ours only carries 5 star yeast, now.)

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This is an alarmbell so weird, I could not have dreamt it up. Football, called soccer in the USA probably, is the sport nr 1 here.

Already a 120year + old club has gone bankrupt and a few others are about to topple. They lost sponsors, income, investments and quite a few are about to go under. This has never ever in anyone´s wildest dreams thought possible.

HFC Haarlem is bankrupt, BV Veendam nearly and many others.


Another one is too wild for words. A town in the south is either demanding 2% off all bills they must pay third parties or they pay only after 90 days! That´s the council demanding a discount for work a contractor has already done.

It´s illegal first of all but they stated they are out of money and waiting for the property taxes to be paid so they have cash again.


In my town about a third of shops stands empty. A lower percentage in the center of town but many more in small malls in the outskirts.

It´s an eery look.


People the age of my kids don´t go out anymore. too expensive to buy a drink in a pub.

Instead they gather at someone´s house and play boardgames or role games. Hurray as they always enjoyed doing so but now they just cannot afford going out.

They´re not complaining mind you but I always feel young people should have the chance to enjoy themselves. They do but are limited.




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Christy, at least they're in a safer environment, and if they get drunk playing Monopoly, they can't get arrested... ;) Usually... hehehe Safer and a LOT cheaper than what we did when I was in college! :rolleyes:


It is strange to see how many strip malls are almost totally empty, now. The frustrating thing is that in our town, there is TONS of empty space, yet the contractors are still building new strips!! It makes no sense to us.

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Developments and the build of new shopping sites has been halted completely here. As well as offices or large expensive apartment/condo's.

In fact, the migrant workers from various countries in Europe have mostly gone back. I spoke a lot of Germans in the area of our retreat who used to work in Holland. They're all sitting at home twiddling their thumbs now.


Lot of construction companies going bust.

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My cousin works for K&N shipping magnet, they have offices all over the world, She has been saying that orders are down, there is less goods being shipped over from China, a lot of their customers are choosing to leave goods at the docks in China as they can't afford to pay the shipping prices.


This will have a knock down experience and will affect all cut price stores especially dollar/pound shops which rely on cheap inports for there stocks.


She has also been told [internal chatter so I can't varify info] that there has been a lot of buisnessess gone bust this past 12 months in China especially sock, underware, shoe & toy manufacturers. Those with younger children may want to think of getting some extras in that department. Our local pound shop has less stock they no longer sell large candles. There is little in the underware isle and few socks of any size, the first aid department has shrunk and there is less personal hygeine products. This is not at just one store it is at six of them,


We have so many pubs closing down, once you could give directions by telling someone to turn right go past such and such pub keep on going down the street past 5 more pubs ect, Pubs were an institution and a land mark in the UK, but with rising costs people have realised between being able to buy cheap booze from the supermarket and the smoking ban where you can no longer smoke inside a public building they are better off staying at home.

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For the first time around here, I'm finally noticing it. I don't frequent Wally World, but ended up going there today to pick up a few things. Ever since they've been open, this Walmart has had those big center aisle displays between the food side and the clothing side. They usually have boxes of Doritos or Folger's or something. Today, all but two were gone. And the little shelving next to the "express" lines that sell candy and hand sanitizer - GONE! And the little tvs that had been next to the check outs - GONE! I asked the cashier why and she said that they weren't bringing in any extra money, so they decided to get rid of them. In other words, no one was buying from the little shelves.


Also noticed that a lot of shelves were bare and lots of produce bins were empty.

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We are in the midst of our own arrived crisis, but today is still a good day.


we had to list our house for short sale after my husband's latest paycut. It was a hard decision, but fortunately our state is one that does not hold the homeowner accountable for the balance between the short sale price and the amount owed, so thank goodness we won't have that hanging over our heads. Today we got an offer on the house, for the full price asked for it! Now we're praying that the bank accepts the offer without much fuss and that the process goes smoothly.


We never thought we'd be losing our house -- this was where we planned for our kids to grow up, the house we thought they'd remember when they were adults -- but in the big scheme of things, we're so very fortunate. My DH still has a job. Our kids will still have a roof over their heads, even if it IS in the form of a rented home...who really cares as long as they're taken care of? We still have food on the table. Praise God for all of that. Our personal crisis is losing our home, but our personal praise is that we still have SO much to be thankful for.


The world is scary and I'm just darn glad that it's not scarier for us personally righty now.

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Sending prayers out to you turlemomma.

Our house is up on the markety too, along with our construction business. Knowone can get loans for new construction so it's killed our business. I hope we are able to sell the house and get enough to at least have a smaller house payment next time round. I will be trying to get a transfer through the company I work for to were DH's Mom lives, she needs us and we need her, (Family).

Best wishes to all who are in the crunch,


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