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Good-bye 2009


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HELLO 2010 !!

From my family to yours Happy New Year...May 2010 be a year of peace, hope, joy...may your pantries be full, your gas tanks never empty and may your bank account always have money. Oh your troubles be few and enemies fewer.

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May your new year be filled with the richest of God's blessings.











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I came in to say, HAPPYNEWEAR20103.jpg to everyone here on Mrs. S. :)


I do hope you all have a great New Year and each day of 2010 is good for and to you. :)


We didn't go anyplace last night, and were in bed by 11:00.


I didn't sleep the best as I am still fighting this sinus problem and did a lot of coughing.


I want to thank each of you who have read the Mrs. S. News Letters I've posted. :)


We have close to 12 inches of snow, maybe more now. It has been nice the past few days, but, it sure gave us a good snow while it was snowing.




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I was returning home from TX yesterday, very last leg of my journey and was very tired and sore from the train ride and a blast of a visit with my son, DIL and all her family ( We had a terrific time). Well, I had a layover in a city south of me the night before last night and was in a very comfy nice hotel there,thinking, oh so nice and soft , I can stretch out for much needed rest..... its about 3 days of solid travel both ways, with weather delays, Arkansas was flooded badly... anyway, I Lay down to get some rest and had had a nice supper, well I woke up really fast because I was suddenly very ill , Id noted I had a cough developing.... well the stomach revolt hit me , was up constantly. This weakened me so badly I struggled to tote my luggage and me back the 3 blocks to the train station the next morning. I just managed to make it back to home yesterday, more by the skin of my teeth. My welcoming cat let me know he was annoyed I'd been gone so long --- he had torn the book covers off some books I had in a stack he managed to knock down, and well..... I realize my place is a mess.... so clutter clearing challenge has started a bit, but I am going to make sure I rest and recooperate. Im afraid to take more nyquil, as that may have been what upset the stomach, or its that crud flu or maybe the swine, I dont know, only time will tell.... body aches are alot less and Im slightly stronger feeling, so thats an improvement.... and despite feeling like crud still I will count my blessings and hope we can get some truly good things happening this year of 2010, corrections and stocking up, and hoping a miracle occurs instead of a dying dollar, but that would just be a classic resolution that never happens, somehow.... I just decided to focus as well as I could ( despite this rambling note) for the next year and I now know my son will assist me if they can, after their big white wedding in April to move to a better apartment, and that if the stuff hits the fan, I am welcome to do my walk out to Texas, DIL's mom is worried too. I told Sharon about mrs S and I hope she joins and starts learning about prepping.

It really was a great fun time over Christmas and the weekend. My DS and DIL took me out and got me a really nice outdoors jacket and a set of black underarmour long johns that wickaway and some boot socks ( prices were much better in TX, so was gas! ) Josh's inlaws are great folks. Definitely got that Texan stamp, and they were happy with me . Definitely would like it down there I think... so looking forward to that in the future.

They also got me the Quilt program I asked for, and now every one wants quilts, lol, at least for the kids and DIL and DS I guess. So, it will be a skill building year and maybe later I can start to capitalize on that and the knitting, and just stocking up and finishing the BOB equipment and doing more SIP stuff and working on some medical stuff that needs doing ( I dont trust TPTB about that stuff anymore and just need to make sure its done as soon as I can get it arranged). General maintenance stuff, lol, but then there could be some a bit heavier duty than that and I better get on the doc's list so I can get 'er done before they really clamp down,since I am on medicare and NY STATE is bad off with medicaid too.... the news reported last night, along with Calif.... and I have to rely on that other than very minor stuff like scrips from the VA. so, as my cough deepens..... lovely eh??? I will try to get my stomach back in order today with the BRAT diet.... I think I have enough strength to manage the hill to go get some 7up or ginger ale, and to keep doing little chores here today. Even though I dont feel good, I had a wonderful time and even the people I met on the train were great too. I think next time IM stopping at Hot Springs Arkansas and going to the spa for 24 hrs , lol.....

One note, security issue, if you travel by train and are an illegal , you will get caught. I watched a borderpatrol/customs agent at work on the run between Chicago and NY STATE. He was pretty nasty about it too. I can now see why many Americans complain, there was absolutely no reason to treat the Canadian young man the way he did, or the train employees either ( I saw an incident). None of them were any level of threat either. I know we had a christmas day aviation situation and that was partly why they were on the trains, but they didnt pull anyone off that fit THAT profile although there were several who could have... makes ya wonder sometimes.) The canadian had been in college and his student visa had not been renewed, he was going home already too... so now hes not ever going to be able to travel to the US after this. He was trying to get it renewed , I knew that. But this is going on, even on the trains these days. So make sure you have your ID, or they will flat arrest you, even if you were American, they will treat you as if you were not one. Other than that and not getting a real relaxed sleep every night, its alot of fun! I met some really great folks all along the way too.


And I noticed a vast improvement on how people entertain themselves sitting quietly for so long the further I got away from NY state and Chicago, less and less phone and texting ( bring ear plugs). You would be amazed at how alot of folks are truly concerned now about our nation, and I talked to alot of people that could have felt 'entitled' but they knew better and were striving individually, it was good to see. I also talked to some folks who were getting concerned about the domestic and coworkers who were getting really on edge and reccomended the book A Gift of Fear to one nice woman I had a long conversation with. I am sure she will find a copy and read it, and she understood about being alert and making that decision to survive a situation she did feel was very possible where she worked at, and understood it was that split second timing that could save her life and get her out of the way of any aggressive acts, would probably be what kept her from being the victim. People are definitely waking up, but those of us who are already prepping may have a better chance at surviving. Some folks really listened when I said to stock up in case the dollar goes down completely, and such... quiet little convos about it.... so that they could sit it out at home quietly and not get into the chaos that can erupt .... two years ago folks would just laugh it off, but not now. They are seeking tips now. So thats a good sign.


And I talked to Stephanie on Christmas day via the phone........ she DOES sound like Scarlet Ohara, only better! Such a sweet lady! ;)


So, although things were quite varied, it was a great experience and it gave me a chance to see the tone of things outside of my little world up here.

I was also glad to see that my son and his wife are an excellent match and that her family is so spirited and all working hard and good to each other. Very straightforward and done in a bantering way. It was so much fun. Some very special little kids, neices and nephews ( grandkids to DIL's parents). I was simply enveloped by them all. DIL's mom works for Marathon oil and they ship out all the food for the troops. Alexia just had a second tumor removed from her tiny head ( 5 yrs old), that was fist sized ( adult fist), for the second time but I think Gods got something special in mind for her, she was doing terrific! Santa even came. Another granddaughter is autistic but she is incredible in her ability with art... and music, I hope she can become a graphics artist someday or something in the realm of art, she did extraordinary things. I am learning alot more about the various spectrums of autism from many folks and I am glad I can understand it better. All in all it was an enriching trip in so many ways. I am blessed.

So, yes it is a Happy New Year and I think 2010 will be a huge year for many of us. We just need to keep on striving and doing the right things and I hope this is a year where we can turn around some of the really rough stuff. I see people taking on the effort to do that all across the country, so I think we have a good chance, even if its a long haul doing it for now.

So, I am off to do my chores.... with a smile on my face. :D




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While 2009 was the worst of years in some aspects, in others it was the BEST!


I am quietly happy here, and feel I know so many of you - some of you better than others. The support and caring of the others means more than they will ever know. God Bless you and yours my little feline friend.


May the best of 2009 be the worst of 2010!

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Funny part so far of 2010 is.................

we packed and froze some meat we got on sale and after rapping in white butcker paper I alway put on what kind of meat (sometimes where/who we got it from) and the date.


Well I had trouble writing the date as each time it just looked funny-


I am so used to see 06,07.08.09 that 10 just looks FUNNY!


I know its just me.

I told Lori it reminded me of 'binary code' from my past life. LOL


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