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Sore Muscle Rub Recipe

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Lots of aches and pains out there, so I thought this simple recipe might be helpful.


Arnica oils, creams and balms are used topically to treat sprains, bruises, and muscle pain. Do NOT use on broken skin.


Infuse dried arnica blossoms into jojoba oil. I recommend jojoba because it has a long shelf life, but I know several formulators that like to use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Use whichever oil and infusion method you prefer. (I believe Mother has posted instruction on oil infusions.)


50% beeswax

25% cocoa butter

25% arnica infused in oil


An example of this formula in ounces would be:

1 oz beeswax

.5 oz cocoa butter

.5 oz arnica infused in oil


Melt the ingredients together, add 10 drops per ounce of ginger essential oil and pour into lotion bar tubes, jars or molds.


These are less messy than salves, and they're easier to carry. Just rub them on the sore spot like a big crayon.


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