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Is this weird??


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My brother and sister in law had a catered party tonight that we were invited to. At the end of the night my sister in law was trying to give away food, b/c they wouldn't use the leftovers. So we took a big container of coleslaw. I promptly took it home and froze it for July 4th, when we usually have a family get together at our home. I'm not sure how much I got, but it filled up a gallon size freezer bag. I knew my SIL would think it was weird to do that, so I just said we'd be able to use it and didnt' go into details. She never saves food or anything, always throws away the excess, and thinks my Mom and I"s habit of thrift store shopping (and being so proud of the good deals we get) is weird. Don't get me wrong, she is a very nice person, but just doesn't get it. Luckily, my husband has learned I know what I'm doing in terms of getting a good deal and making the most of our money. So he just goes along with it!

So anyway, this seemed to me to be the perfectly logical thing to do..but does anyone disagree? Or does anyone have a better story of this sort of thing, to one up me with :D



PS..anyone freeze coleslaw? Does it taste fine once thawed?

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No idea how coleslaw behaves after being frozen.


But the good people in the village where our retreat is will hand out tupperware-style boxes of food after a party. Nothing is wasted, everyone gets a share to take home.

see, they've been through times where not much was in the cupboards or even on the table. Most don't throw food away and it is absolutely normal to either bring something to a party and/or leave with something.

The tupperware is a nice excuse to visit them again once the food is eaten :)

These folks know what hunger is, used to see a mandarin only at Christmas and often only eat what they managed to grow or breed. So wasting food is a no-no.


To me, perfectly normal. Been handing out leftovers after parties for ages with my family and friends.

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There is a frozen slaw recipe that is best when frozen for a while, but it uses a vinegar and sugar base. (scroll way down! http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20371 )


If it is creamy, I'm not sure how it might be. I've been told that mayonnaise will break down, but Miracle Whip does not. So it might depend on what is in it.


I wouldn't *COUNT* on it being ok when you want to use it. Have a back-up planned.




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It is wrong to waste so much food. I cannot imagine doing that, especially on a regular basis.

As for the coleslaw, if it is the mayo based kind it will be a watery mess, most likely.

I agree, don't rely on it being good and have a back up plan.


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I wouldn't freeze it until July. I don't know what the ingredients are but 7 months in a freezer doesn't appear to bode well for any type of coleslaw.


I don't know how big your family is but if the coleslaw is good, DH and myself could go through quite a bit of it in a week if it's tastey (we like coleslaw/cabbage) barring other side vegetables.


I know the temps are frigid across most of the states but maybe you could cook some BBQ Pork or Pork Ribs to go with it and save whatever side dishes/vegetables you have in your own freezer? What about Hot Dogs with Slaw and Chili? Can't say I've ever done that before but know alot of people that swear by it. Maybe a piece of Beef in a Crockpot with a side of slaw?


At any rate, I wouldn't freeze it for any significant length of time. I'd go for using it now. Just my 2¢ worth. :)

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I don't know where you are--but down here in the deep south--it is pretty common for everyone to take food home after a get together--I usually have paper plates on hand after a party to send stuff home with everyone

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