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Just to let y'all in on a little secret the past two days have been more real life than non real life. Yes I am loosing my hearing faster than we expected. So far it is just one ear. We are going to try a hearing aid but the doctor said there is no guarantees since the problem is background noise. My ear can't sort the two out. Needless to say I have had my world rocked this week. Oh and yes I did scare SF half to death I didn't hear him calling me and he couldn't find me.

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sorry to hear that news IRL, mo3b. :( Your story line about Aiden is pretty cool. And you've been bringing up some points about how it would affect someone living in primitive conditions. But it's not so great to meet these challenges in real life. I know some of the hearing difficulties are not helped by a hearing aid. I hope technology can assist in some way.


MtRider (((Mo3b)))

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Mother--thank you for the info on making cheese. I would have to use store bought milk. Would I buy whole milk, 2%, 1%, or etc.? I have never eaten homemade cheese and am very interested in making it. May I ask you what it taste like? I have eaten homemade butter. My grandma use to make it. Sometimes it was really "strong". I wish I had paid more attention to what she was doing. I could have learned so much.


My one regret is that I did not start a spiral notebook on the Wagon Ho adventure at the beginning. There has been so much information on here that will be very helpful. I am going to start back at the beginning. rereading it, writing down all of the wonderful ideas and tips that have been given. I love the new twists. I helps me to see in real life how we can really make it if the shtf. This has made me more hopeful, even though I know that it would be extremely hard to survive if things get really bad. This is when the Lord would HAVE TO be our source of strength. This has shown in the story as to how you all are depending on the Lord for protection, peace, and needs. Thank you all so much for going to the trouble, time, and effort to write this in order to help all of us. May God bless each and everyone of you.

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Cool! Thank you for the comments, AMartha. Feedback is helpful since this is new territory for us. It's been fun for all of us but it's always great to hear how it's affecting the readers. :)



I might take a moment to remind readers that


1)..... this is fiction so sometimes we veer off of our UNreality...stretching things a bit to get a storyline. OR we run out of knowledge on how we'd have to do it the primitive way and decide we "cheat" and use a modern way. The temptation is always there in UNreality. :laughkick:


2)..... that anything you read here [or elsewhere] obviously should be researched to make sure you understand any pitfalls or details in the procedures. We're often giving a brief overview so as not to bog down the storyline.


3) .....while the authors of this story have some amount of personal knowledge and experience, we are all STRETCHING to make this story of actually LIVING the primitive life. Something none of us have done to THIS extent. So we are putting together the pieces we do know---and doing a lot of research ourselves to verify our facts before posting or to just figure out how we'd need to solve the problem we have in Big Valley.




Just saying that we'd like to encourage everyone to do your own research as well, on any specific topic. I'm currently researching adobe cuz until Annarchy began with that in the story, I'd not fully realized how useful it might be. Now I want to know how it's really done. And have copies of that data in my binders. :D



If you find anything interesting while you research, let us know here in Comments. Some of you do that already and the writers find it helpful. :grouphug:



MtRider [...who is also thinking I haven't taken enough notes while WagonsHO/BigValley has been written..... {sigh} ]




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I wanted to say that I had a fun conversation with my mother last nite on the phone. Since I've been reading her parts of this since WagonsHO began, she's up to speed and has contributed ideas. Now that I've decided she and my dad are coming to Big Valley, she's getting more excited. She is a storyteller [says she doesn't call herself a writer but one who writes down the stories she has to tell...] and likely where I get my "storytelling".


So last nite I just asked her to list what she's packing in her wagons.... Well, they get to drive vehicles to the Rockn' J but still have to travel by wagon over the wilderness. She kept saying she was bringing LOTS of canned goods. I said, OK...which ones? And we began to make the list. Then she went on to list other types of things needed: garden seeds, fruit trees, other trees?, tools, radio equipment? [bringing two electronics experts with her. {If anyone can get reception [not transmit, for safety reasons} from that Valley, they can!], clothing, candles, etc. We ending up hanging up after midnight. After concluding that the wagon(s) were gonna be SO heavy! :D


While it's great to have such fun, she is also catching the prepping bug....In Real Life. And for that, I am grateful. After life on the farm all those years, it's not anything but going back to that mentality anyway. So stay tuned to see some of our new characters...MtRMom [with MtRDad dragged along. :lol: ]. Maybe she'll even write me something to post?



MtRider [...as usual,running out to milk, feed...IRL :wave: ]

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AMBH, You can make cheese out of any of those types of milk but the finished product will not necessarily be the same. I would suggest that you start with the Vinegar cheese as it is the easiest to make. It is a soft, but sometimes chewey, cheese, depending on the temps you use and the milk. Goats milk makes a much finer curd, cows milk a bit heavier. It's texture is somewhat between a cottage cheese and a cream cheese.


It's taste is different than what you are used to be good. We like it mixed with different herbs or spices and maybe a bit of Mayo and spread on crackers. I also use it to replace ricotta in various recipes, like lasagna. I use the left over whey in baking though it has an undertone of vinegar to it. It is great in baked goods that call for soda. Our dogs, cats, and poultry love it and it's good for them.


Here's one of my favorite sites to help you with pictures and etc. with step by step instructions (a bit different than mine at times) for a lot of different types of cheese.



If you try it, please let us know how it turned out. I'm glad you are enjoying our thread. Please keep your comments coming as that is encouragement for us to continue to do the research that it takes to understand the realities of living this lifestyle. I echo MtRider though. Read it with an eye to four things.. Possibilities, probabilities, and most of all IM-probabilities and IM-possibilities. All are in here.


Makes you think, doesn't it? :)


Good luck with the cheese.


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Ummmm, HAS anyone done this??? I started copy and pasting but it takes forever and I only have part of the first journey done....Is there a BETTER way? I'd hate to lose all the work we've put in to this. (since October 7th I believe) :o


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I've got it Mother from the beginning. The Prologue is 138 pages, the Bloopers is 351 pages, and the story is 1,110 pages. I copied the entire page which includes the posters info and signature line. These add a lot to the page count. This count is through today.






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You know, I've never hugged a worm before. You are a nice worm John. :cele:




By The Way our readership for the Big Valley is at it's highest if we use the views per page as a reference. It now has the most pages of all the sections and if it keeps going may top their readership as well. Great work Writers and Readers!

Edited by Mother
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Anyone wanting a copy of his/her own...

Open the page, then click 'Options'; 'Print this topic'.


Top left of your screen is 'File' then 'Save page as' then click 'Save' to put it on your hard drive.

(The background will be different depending on the skin you are using.)

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Ooh - Leahs like hugs, too!


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At first glance, I thought "It looks like my bread is ready to go into the oven so I better put this down and get busy. As usual, there's a lot to do today."


Said "It looks like my head is ready to go into the oven so I better put this down and get busy. As usual, there's a lot to do today."


:24: Must read more carefully... :24:

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:D Some days in writing this, Leah,,,,It's a wonder I DON'T write something like that. :24:


When I write two posts a day or skip a day I often forget what time of day it is or I mix my past and present tense up. All I keep thinking about is "what if I had to actually be DOING this instead of writing about it?" Considering that I have done most of what I write about I know exactly how difficult it really would be IRL.


Some of my posts reflect my thoughts on the dificculties of making sure that everything is thought out ahead of time and that it's started far enough ahead to accomplish something before it's needed, like the bread. There would be very few instant gratifications in the Valley. If we forgot to bring it along, we're going to have to make it. If we can't make it, we'll have to do without. That might spell life or death in some cases. Even though I sometimes take a bit of 'licence' with the list of what I brought along, I'm trying to stay within my intent at least. Sometimes though, it makes me wish I'd had a 'magic wagon' that I could just go to and pull out what I needed.


Leah, are you sure you don't want to come in with that wagon train? I'll let you put YOUR head in my oven if you like. It's a great way to dry your hair after a shampoo in the hot springs.. :whistling::lol:


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Mother, unless you want the place to really get a 'shake up' you don't want my crew!


We have several religions, differing political views and 'opposing' military preferences.

It's a big sprawling 'family' of relatives and friends who love and support each other.


Unless the opposing military are playing football, of course. :24:

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(((((Poor Quiltys))))...... HUSH, puppies! :tapfoot:




If there is anything I'm well practiced at, it's yelling that the dog to SHUT UP!




Ooooops, :blush: That's not good for Q's migraine. Shhhhhhhh, and don't laugh either, Q. that will hurt. I get migraine-quality sinus headaches and whoooooeeeee...not fun! :shakinghead:



Mt3b...that's the easy thing about the Dear Diary format. We can always catch up talking to our diaries. :)


LOL Leah. At least in UNrealty, we get to CHOSE which family makes it into the Valley. :whistling:


Wormie.....y'know, those numbers are staggering. :0327:


I wonder how many hours of typing they represent? :lol: No wonder I don't get anything done IRL. :laughkick: But then, this was started during the late fall and winter...when I have little energy to be up and about anyway. We can't promise this will still be a daily diary once springtime and gardens IRL start to call us..... :shrug:



MtRider [....hey, I think we're getting snow.......I was gonna plant more spinach today! :(;):o Is anyone else mixing up which season we're in {UN time and IRL time} due to typing here????? Or am I the only one who will need therapy when this is over.... :laughkick: ]

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Leah, There are a few in my family I am NOT bringing into the valley but I sure hate leaving ANY of them behind. The interesting thing is,,,I really do beleive that my family, as a whole, would make a great survival team.


Well, if we can't talk you into coming in, at least keep up your comments and suggestions. I LOVE them. :D


OHHH MtR, are you telling me we CAN'T plant Spinach now.....but but,,, I live in zone 5.... You want to move over :behindsofa: I think I need a seat there.


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