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Romans 10:4


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Heavenly Father,


There's a part of me that doesn't want to write out this prayer. The past couple of days have been difficult for me and I've been falling left and right. I've known all along though that I would have to talk about this...a part of me says "why me Lord?" and a part of me just feels its important to be open and honest in all things...


The fast for me was a very powerful experience and I'm so grateful to You for the things You opened my eyes to. Your truths sunk deep where I knew they needed to and I was looking forward to these changes You are making in my life. It feels good to get rid of things that that have weighed on me all these years. They were stumbling blocks and it wasn't until You shed the light of Your Truth that I was able to see them for what they are. You say in Your Word that "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge", and that is so true. I'm dependent on You though because unless You shed Your holy light in these areas, I remain in the dark.


But even then Father God, even with You light illuminating some of these truths, there's something inside of me that can screw even that up. This is what I don't want to talk about, this is what hurts because sometimes even when You open my eyes so that I can see, I can still turn around and try to go back to live in that darkness. It doesn't work though Father, so here I am, humbled, embarassed and hurting because I'm upset with myself for reacting to some things like I have.


After that encounter with You during my fast, I found myself feeling centered and standing firm. After a few days, 'things' started to happen that began to push my buttons. I found myself reacting to them a little bit and struggling to keep my position in Christ, but little by little I banished all thought processes and began to react on instinct like I have done all my life. It was as if I had come through that spiritual surgery You had performed, new in many ways, but as the buttons got pushed, I found myself running out behind Your 'hospital' per se, and digging through the garbage looking for the things You had removed. With an attitude problem and a little defiance...reacting out of my feelings being hurt a little bit, I began to try to patch those ugly things back onto myself, but thank You so much Father, it just wouldn't work.


How humiliating is that?...and why the heck did I start to even do that? It was reactionary and defensive and I watched with a broken heart as I attempted these things, knowing full well that when I feel threatened or vulnerable, my default is to take control.


As the rebellion began to grow inside of me, I'd tell You, "See? I can't be a good girl!". I can't be like other people (or at least how i perceive them)...I can't endure, I can't do it right, I can't I can't I can't. As I layed my facts before You, convinced that I was right, You spoke to my heart and said..."of course you can't be 'good'...but you can be forgiven and redeemed".


I'm still having a hard time absorbing that one Father...it strikes a chord deep inside. That is another one of Your simple, yet profound truths for my life. I can't be 'good' (whatever 'good' means) but I can be forgiven and I can be redeemed.


So, forgive me Father...my heart can't live in ignorance of that rebellion anymore. Through the power of Your Spirit, help me back up again, arms stretched wide, humble and trusting no matter what, in Your Son Jesus Christ. I can't keep that position on my own, so I don't know what else to do except to ask for Your help even there.


Oh, and Father? Bless my Christian friend who called me a few times yesterday. I didn't want her to call, I didn't want to talk to her...I was just in a very bad space and when I get there, I just want to crawl into a cave and hide for a while. But You sent her, like You do alot of times, and she began pulling my arm back outside. She's such a brat yanno Lord...she's as bad as me, when she's on a mission for You. So bless her Father, because as much as I want to SWAT her, my heart is touched she cared enough to be there for me.


I need You, that's quite obvious. It's also obvious that I still have much to learn. This 'flesh' in my life is very upsetting so do whatever You need to do to remove it...I obviously can't remove it myself.


Ok Father God, I shared what You laid on my heart. I don't like sharing how I've failed like this but I trust that You're having me do so for a reason. Perhaps there might be someone else who finds themselves in this discouraging position.


May todays study honor You, for You are my Heavenly Father and I love You.


In Jesus Name I pray,




4. For Christ is the end of the Law unto righteousness to every one that believeth.


Watchman Nee comments on the word "Christ is the end" and writes: "Christ came to fulfill the law (Matt. 5:17) that He might terminate the law and replace it (8:3-4). Thus, everyone who believes in Him receives God's righteousness, which is Christ Himself."


The rvbv writes, "There has been much discussion of the meaning of the word "end" here. Let us see if Scripture does not clear up this matter for us. When Christ died, He bore for Israel the curse of the Law, for they, and they alone, were under the Law. Divine Law, being broken, does not ask for future good conduct on the part of the infractor; but for his death, - and that only. Now Christ having died, all the claims of the Law against that nation which had been placed under law were completely met and ended. So that even Jews could now believe, and say, "I am dead to the Law!"


To him that believeth, therefore, Jew or Gentile, Christ, dead, buried, and risen, is the end of law for righteousness, - in the sense of law's disappearance from the scene! Law does not know, or take congnizance of believers! We read in Chapter Seven (verse 6) that those who had been under the Law were discharged from the Law, brought to nought, put out of business (katargeo), with respect to the Law! The Law has nothing to do with them, as regards righteousness.


The Scripture must be obeyed with the obedience of belief: "Ye are not under law [not under that principle] but under grace" (the contrary principle). "Ye are brought to nothing from Christ [literally, "put out of business from Christ" ], ye who would be justified by the Law; ye are fallen away from grace" (Gal. 5:4). Paul writes in Hebrews 7:18,19: "There is a disannulling of a foregoing commandment, because of its weakness and unprofitableness (for the Law made nothing perfect), and a bringing in thereupon of a 'better hope', through which we draw nigh unto God." Again, "Christ abolished in His flesh the enmity [between Jew and Gentile], even the Law of commandments contained in ordinances" (Eph. 2:15); again, speaking as a Hebrew believer, Paul says, "Christ blotted out the bond written in ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us: and He hath taken it out of the way, nailing it to the cross" (Col. 2:14).


If these Scriptures do not set forth a complete closing up of any believer's account toward the Law, or to the whole legal principle, I know nothing of the meaning of words.


The words Christ is the end of the Law, cannot mean Christ is the "fulfilment of what the law required." The Law required obedience to precepts - or death for disobedience. Now Christ died! If it be answered, that before He died He fulfilled the claims of the Law, kept it perfectly, and that this law-keeping of Christ was reckoned as over against the Israelite's breaking of the Law, then I ask, Why should Christ die? If the claims of the Law were met in Christ's earthly obedience, and if that earthly life of obedience is "reckoned to those who believe" the curse of the Law has been removed by "vicarious law-keeping." Why should Christ died?


Now this idea of Christ's keeping the Law for "us" (for they will include us among the Israelites! although the Law was not given us Gentiles), is a deadly heresy, no matter who teaches it. Paul tells us plainly how the curse of the Law was removed: "Christ redeemed us," (meaning Jewish believers), "from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us" (Gal. 3:13). And how He became a curse, is seen in Deuteronomy 21:23: "He that is hanged is accursed of God." It was on the cross, not by an "earthly life of obedience," that Christ bore the Law's curse!


There was no law given "which could make alive," Paul says; "otherwise righteousness would have been by it." Therefore those who speak of Christ as taking the place of fulfilling the Law for us, - as "the object at which the Law aimed" (Alford); or, "the fulfillment or accomplishment of the Law" (Calvin); give the Law an office that God did not give it. There is not in all Scripture a hint of the doctrine that Christ's earthly life - His obedience as a man under the Law, is "put to the account" of any sinner whatsoever! That obedience, which was perfect, was in order that He might "present Himself through the eternal Spirit without spot unto God," as a sin-offering. It also was in order to His sacrificial death, as "a course," for Israel.


The gospel does not begin for any sinner, Jew or Gentile, until the cross: "I delivered unto you first of all, that Christ died for our sins" (I Cor. 15:3).


And for those under the Law, that was the end (telos) of the law. The Law had not been given to Israel at the beginning as a nation. They came out of Egypt, delivered from Divine wrath by the shed blood of the passover; and from Egypt itself by the passage of the Red Sea; Jehovah being with them. God now to Elim with its "twelve wells of water and three score and ten palm trees": there the nation is encamped with their God. They have yet not been put under law at all. The Rock is smitten, giving them drink, and Manna, the bread of heaven, is given, all before Sinai!


Therefore we must believe God when He says in Romans 5:20: "The Law came in [not as an essential, but] as a circumstantial thing." (The Greek word, pareiselthe, "came in alongside," can mean nothing else.)


In Paul's explanation of God's dealing with Israel in 9:31-33; 10:5-10, and 11:5-6, the meaning of this word 'telos' "end", appears: that, when an Israelite believed on Christ he was as completely through with the Law for righteousness as if it had never been given. He had righteousness by another way!


The vast discussion among commentators concerning the expression "the end of the Law," would never have been, had it been recognized: 1. that God gave the Law only to Israel - as He said; 2. that it was a temporary thing, a "ministration of death," to reveal sin, and therefore the necessity of Christ's death; 3. that Christ having come, the day of the Law was over - it was "annulled" see Heb. 7:18.


It is because Reformed theology has kept us Gentiles under the Law - if not as a means of righeousness, then as "a rule of life," that all the trouble has arisen. The Law is no more a rule of life than it is a means of righteousness. Walking in the Spirit has now taken the place by walking by ordinances. God has another principle under which He has put his saints: "Ye are not under law, but, under grace!"."



Heavenly Father,


Lots to ponder here and absorb. But thank You for today's study...I needed to get back in the saddle with it.


Pour out Your Spirit Father, over all who read todays study, opening our eyes, that we might spiritual see, all You would have us see.


For Your glory, because You alone are God and I love You,


In Jesus Name I pray,

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Hmmmm..... most of this is not new to me. I've believed in this way. And yet that final paragraph:


It is because Reformed theology has kept us Gentiles under the Law - if not as a means of righteousness, then as "a rule of life," that all the trouble has arisen. The Law is no more a rule of life than it is a means of righteousness. Walking in the Spirit has now taken the place by walking by ordinances.


I have good devout friends who keep the parts of the Law by abstaining from pork [and secondarily, they believe it a good health practice. --- DH and I abstain from modern-processed chicken for the same health reason but, they eat that.. lol :shrug: ] and in the celebration of holidays, etc. But they simply say that it is something they feel personally called to do.


While God would not have decreed foolishness for His people in the Law,.....this idea presented that "it is no more a rule of life than it is a means of righteousness". But...that being because of the new way.... "walking in the Spirit has now taken the place of walking by ordinances"......


Part of me leaped to say YES to that statement. But oh my! It IS simpler, in a way, to live by rote allegiance to rules. Like a check list...yep, did this; abstained from that. [leaving out the fact that NO ONE can live up to the Law.....checklist notwithstanding.... ]


No, now we are living under RELATIONSHIP with God/Christ/Holy Spirit and.....better by far but also CHALLENGING. VERY personal....and very much a personal responsibility. We must chose to be in relationship so that we can communicate with the Holy Spirit so that we can hear the Yea or Nay of any situation.



Pondering such heavy personal responsibility and yet, it is a joy and a marvel too.



MtRider [..having no idea if any of these words say what I'm thinking.... :rolleyes::shrug: ]

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